Speaker @ 24ADP Digital Marketing Conference, Pune

A while back I announced in this blog that I will be attending 24ADP digital marketing conference in Pune. I was not just an attendee but a speaker this time! I spoke on the topic of ‘Marketing Sales and Automation’. The audience engagement was good and I made new friends.

24adp-deepak kanakaraju

The other speaker sessions and panel discussions exceeded expectations. I met Abhishek from Redbus, Hrishikesh from Zomato, Arun from Trak.in, Suresh from Telibrahma, Jitendra from BloggersIdeas.com and Aishwin Vikhona from Global Websoft.

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24ADP – Pune’s First Digital Marketing Conference (6-7 June 2015)

24ADP, Pune’s first digital marketing conference is happening on June 6th & 7th. This conference is organized by Pune Digital Marketers.


The conference will have speakers who are prominent digital marketers. This includes people from LinkedIn, Sokrati and Zomato. According to 24ADP, here’s what they are offering:

The conference will be held on the 6th (Saturday) and 7th (Sunday) of June 2015. Each day will have speaker sessions and panels that will give the insights of some of the prominent digital marketers.

The outcome will be an event stretched across two days with each day 12 hour session of insightful and engaging conversations based on knowledge sharing. This is the first time Pune will be hosting a forum of this kind and will give Punekars a strong platform to communicate.

Here’s a glimpse of the key speakers you will find at 24ADP.

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How to Get Free Search Engine Traffic with Content Pawns

The internet is full of advice about content marketing and SEO. And if you have been reading about content marketing, you would have come across the words ‘Content is King’. Yes, content is king and is the sole generator of human attention as I have explained in the post about evolution of content marketing.

Most of the advice about good content is leaning towards writing large, in-depth pieces of content that would attract backlinks and long term traffic. Expert like Neil Patel constantly practice and preach writing in-depth content that is mostly 2,000 words or more.

In my experience, long pieces of content perform well. The top three best performing pages (in terms of reader engagement) on my blog are very long in-depth articles.

But there is a huge problem with creating such content. It is extremely difficult to write thought provoking, action inspiring 2,000 word articles.

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How Golden Ratio Typography Increased My Blog’s Readership by 45.72%

How do you decide the font, line spacing and the content width for your blog or website content? If you were like me, you probably went ahead with what you thought was the best for your users. And more often that not, the choice represents our own tastes when choosing such elements for our content properties.

the golden ratio

It is time to stop guessing and start taking decisions based on mathematic and scientific principles. Let me introduce you to golden ratio typography. Before we get into what is golden ratio and golden ratio typography, let me first show you the results I got after implementing this typography on my blog.

How Golden Ratio Typography Helped This Blog

I changed my blog’s typography on December 22nd 2014 to golden ratio. I have compared the 30 days before and after this change. According to Google Analytics, my readership has improved by 45.72%.

golden ratio improvement

I have taken time spent on the site as the core indicator of readership. Since the content in my blog is more comfortable to read, people are spending more time on the site.

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The Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Programs in India

Best Digital Marketing courses in India

You can become a digital marketing expert without the need for courses and training programs. However you could feel that going through a proper digital marketing course or training program is better for you, you are right. A good training program will give you learning structure, mentorship and the opportunity to network with like-minded people. So if you want to attend a training program on digital marketing, you are welcome to do so. But make sure that you also follow the steps in this article so that you can get hands-on experience in this field. When it comes to digital marketing training, some …

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