Why I am not Digital Deepak

I talk a lot about personal branding.

I encourage people to build a personal brand.

But there is a risk.

Building a personal brand without realizing that you are building and reinforcing a myth and an illusion can be an extremely dangerous exercise.

It boosts your ego.

Until you realize it.

As you keep building your personal brand, it can become difficult to get out of that brand that you have created for yourself.

You can get trapped inside it.

You will start thinking that you are your personal brand. And then you will start doing foolish things.

I almost got trapped inside “Digital Deepak”.

I say I’m Digital Deepak…

But am “I” Digital Deepak?

Whatever you perceive as “me” is the perception I have built and the image I’ve created for myself.

An image as a Digital Marketing expert.

As someone who speaks at conferences. As someone who blogs. As someone who travels in a private jet.

As someone who has two dogs. As someone who is an author of a book. As someone who posts pictures of his luxurious life on social media.

I make you believe in “Digital Deepak” through my activities.

But in truth, in reality, in objective terms…

“I” am not the brand I have built…

I am not Digital Deepak.

It’s a perception.

An illusion.

For a long time, I used to think I am “Digital Deepak” until I realized, it’s just a myth I have reinforced over the years. And there was nothing more liberating than that.

I would like to remind myself, and you, that “Digital Deepak” is a figment of my imagination. I am the father of this brand. I gave birth to it. It’s my kid. But it’s not me.

To understand that “Digital Deepak” is a myth, a brand, consider this possibility.

Tomorrow I can become a “Data Deepak” talking about data science.

And I can build a personal brand as a Data Science expert. Launch courses on Data Science. Have conferences on Data science. Deep Data Summit maybe?

Then what would happen to “Digital Deepak”?

All of a sudden you will realize that the brand “Digital Deepak” is a myth that I believed in, that you believed in, and one that many other people believed in.

A myth that I have relentlessly reinforced over the years. A brand that doesn’t exist in the real world. It only exists in the imaginative world.

If I choose to, I can destroy this brand.

Or if I choose to, I can make it live forever.

Digital Deepak would still exist as a brand for the new people who have not heard of “Data Deepak”.

For the new subscribers who still sign up for my free course and get it delivered via email, they would still believe in “Digital Deepak” and continue to get emails from “me” or a digital version of me. A “Digital” Deepak.

I will continue to spend money on ads, build my email list, send automated emails, sell from landing pages, reinvest the revenue into ads, without being actively involved in it. (Maybe I won’t do live webinars). But the brand can exist forever.

And if I appoint people to take care of it, it can exist even after I die! What a better way to leave a legacy. My ghost in your machine.

The digital version of me will take care of it.

Then is it me that’s sending the emails?

There is no me. Just a perception of me. An illusion of me.

If I can become “Data Deepak” one other day and make sure “Digital Deepak” continues to work… then it is clear as daylight on why all this is an illusion.

A brand exists only in the shared imagination of many people.

If only I believe in it, it’s within me and doesn’t become a brand. If only you believe in it, it’s within you and it’s not a brand. But if all of us believe in it, it becomes a “brand”.

To understand branding… let’s take, for example, the most powerful brand in the world…

Apple is a brand.

But Apple is not the logo.

It’s not the iPhone. It’s not Steve Jobs. It’s not the people who work in it. It’s not it’s office. It’s not it’s factories.

If Apple changes its logo, to god forbid, even an “orange” and calls itself Apple, the brand Apple will not cease to exist.

If all iPhones are destroyed one day, the brand Apple will not cease to exist. They can make more of it. Apple is not its founder and did not cease to exist when Steve Jobs passed away. It will not cease if all the people who worked there right now left and found other jobs. Apple can hire more people.

Apple is not its office. It will not cease to exist if they get a new headquarters on the moon.

Then what is “Apple”? What is it in its truest form?

It’s a myth that all of us believe in.

A shared myth. An inter-subjective imagined order.

That’s what you call a brand.

Similarly “Digital Deepak” is a myth, a brand.

Just because it is a personal brand it doesn’t mean that it is me.

Calling myself “Digital Deepak” and not by my original name has been the best decision I have made because it led me to the path of realizing the nature of my true self.

What I think of “myself” is an image that I have built.

That’s what we call ego.

Digital Deepak is ego by design. A personal brand is an ego.

Many people wonder why I am not disturbed when someone talks negatively about me on social media. And they are surprised because some of the comments are very hurtful.

I am unfazed because I do not believe that I am Digital Deepak.

They are not talking about me. They are talking about the brand I’ve built. By design.

What they are trying to put down is a perception of me. A myth that I have created.

It doesn’t hurt me because it is not me.

Now here’s the best part…

This has led me to understand that my ego, in the real world, is also a myth.

An illusion.

My ego is a personal brand in itself.

Forget Digital Deepak.

Think about the “Deepak”.

The “me”, which I thought of, and you think of, as “Deepak” is also a myth.

It exists in the shared imagination of my parents, girlfriend, friends, enemies, relatives, teachers, students, and anyone else whose life I have touched, in a positive or a negative way.

Deepak is not my name, not my body, not my gender, not my profession, not my nationality, not my caste.

Then who is this “Deepak”?

It’s a myth in the shared imagination of all the people I have come across.

That’s my ego.

If I am not hurt by anyone who comments negatively on “Digital Deepak” because it’s a figment of my imagination, a myth, an illusion…

Then I shouldn’t be hurt by anyone who comments negatively about “Deepak” either.

Because “Deepak” is also a brand.

Just a personal brand, for other close people in my life.

Not me.

“Deepak” is something that the world around me created.

My parents did not give birth to “Deepak”.

My parents just gave birth to a baby boy.

I was not even named until I was a year old.

After I was named, I didn’t even know my name was “Deepak” for probably another two to three years.

I was taught to say my name is “Deepak” when people asked my name. I didn’t even choose this name myself.

Then as I grew up, I started realizing that my name is “Deepak” and I was born in India (my nationality).

I am a son to my parents, I am a cousin to other kids, I am a student of a specific school, and I belong to a certain caste.

I have a specific purpose in my life (to do engineering and become an engineer), I am supposed to marry, have kids, get a house, pay EMI for it, be afraid of losing my job, take shit from my boss, get stuck in traffic, be a father, change those smelly diapers, grow old and die as a dignified man. Seriously?

F*ck all that.

Deepak is just a brand that the world around me has tried to build… and tries to manipulate me into living up to those expectations.

In reality, I am a ghost, riding a skeleton, on a rock called earth floating aimlessly in space.

This ghost before coming into this body was independent of nationality, race, gender, and all kinds of identity that has been applied to me after I took birth on this planet.

I came here out of sheer curiosity to experience life in this time-space reality.

I just wanted to know what’s going on this planet called earth. And before I knew it the people of this planet made me their version of human by making me believe that I am the same as my ego.

I am not Digital Deepak.

I am not Deepak.

I don’t have a nationality.

I don’t have gender.

I am not a CEO.

I am not an entrepreneur.

I am not a blogger.

I am not an admin of a Facebook group.

I am not an email marketer.

I am not a son.

I am not a father.

I am not a boyfriend.

I am not a boss.

I am not a colleague.

I am not an Indian.

I am “not”.

That’s what “I” really am.

Now take a moment and go think about who “You” are.

Think about your “Personal Brand”.

Your EGO.

And realize how much you are trapped inside this myth.

And how it is destroying your peace of mind. Your bliss.

Animals do not have an ego. They just exist. And they exist blissfully.

People should behave like animals. We usually say that in a negative way but what’s better than living like an animal, with no ego, without past or present. Just, in, the moment.

What you are until now becomes your ego’s past. What you will become in the future becomes your ego’s future. Who you truly are, you exist only, in, this moment. Everything else is an illusion.

If you are seeing other people based on their past and their future you are not seeing them. You are seeing their ego.

You introduce yourself to others based on your past and your future, you are not introducing yourself, but your ego. Your personal brand. An image of who you are.

You are projecting your self-image into the world and become paranoid about how that image is perceived. Celebrate when that image gets a boost. Cry when that image is hurt.

Grow up. It’s just an image of you, you idiot. Why do you care?

Your ego, your image about yourself, is coming in the way of you experiencing your life on this planet. Without judgment.

Live without judgment.

Don’t judge “Others”. Don’t let other people judge “You”.

“Others” is a myth.

“You” are a myth.

Real enlightened artists (Like A.R.Rahman) reject and cringe at any praise or award that is given to them because of this very reason.

Every time you praise them they put an effort not to end up believing that they are the same as their ego. And in the long term, most artists like to live a private life away from the ego-driven world.

You hesitate to build your personal brand because you are afraid that by building a personal brand, you are building yourself.


You are not building yourself when you are building your personal brand.

You are just building a brand. A myth. And the brand is not you. So why do you hesitate?

Once you realize this truth, it becomes damn easy to build a personal brand as I’ve done.

What people usually call “ego” is the personal brand they have among their friends, family, and social circle. Everyone has a personal brand whether they realize it or not.

Just because you don’t blog and don’t speak at conferences, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a personal brand.

All of us have egos and that’s the personal brand.

You are already playing the personal branding game. If you wear clothes, have a Facebook profile, and have a name, you have a personal brand.

It is called a self “image” because duh, it’s an image.

Your “personality” is your self-image.

Your ego. Your personal brand.

Wear it like a cloth on top of you but don’t become that.

Realize this. Let that sink in.

And go build an amazing personal brand.

This myth called “You” has been created more by other people and less by yourself.

When you build a personal brand for yourself, it is the greatest exercise you can do in terms of changing and overcoming the myths others have created for “You”.

You create “You” the way you want it and permanently alter the labels and perceptions that the world has given for you.

It’s an act of rebellion to build a strong personal brand. There is nothing more bad-ass than that. Be a rebel.

There is nothing more spiritual than to build your ego in a grand way with a deliberate intention while still staying an arm’s length away from it.

Practice social distancing with your own ego.

Your ego is your art.

Your ego is your brand.

Build your ego but don’t get attached to it.

You can build a personal brand and you can destroy it whenever you want to.

Like an artist with a blank canvas, leave your mark on this world.

People are looking forward to inspiration and leadership.

Someday, you might get a new canvas (#thatwasdeep).

Don’t thank me.

If you thank “me”, who are you really thanking?

There is no “Me”.

You are welcome.

“Digital” Deepak

163 thoughts on “Why I am not Digital Deepak”

  1. Deepak ( or Nothing),
    Your Insight for today is amazing, like you. Can’t agree more to what you have experienced.

    In Landmark Forum, they make you experience that “Life is empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless because it is empty and meaningless”

    And you have discovered this on your own. Lots and lots of love for this reflection.

    • Gold plate is actually a void when u go deeper and deeper inside it.assumption when u consider urself very tiny ….it’s a concept of material science subject

    • This is deep and spiritual.. you have outspoken like a spiritual guru and I loved this blog reading it fully you see its my ego speaking out, that i read it full

  2. Very nice Article deepak sir, i think spirituality is the only thing remain to taught to your audience. it is very necessary today to realize “who we are” also youngsters in India really need to understand spirituality. I Think You Are at right path now. Please go ahead and start teaching us more about spirituality.

  3. Well and clear fact about brand with example.
    Your blog explains the subject in detailed and simplest way.
    Good to read. Fantastic.

  4. Amazing post Deepak! This is deep stuff. Yes, we are nothing but part and parcels of higher consciousness. We are not this body, but the spirit soul – which is never born, never dies, always eternal! Our true identity “sva-rupa” is this!

    • Dear Deepak & Rajsekhar

      Wow!! Some words are out Really!!! At last we are realizing now a days the ME & SOUL !!
      Thanks for expressions nicely!!

      Loves You Both Rajsekar & Deepak !!

      I m not putting any prepositions TODAY!!


  5. Reading what you have written, looks like you have realised you are just but a soul in a body. That’s amazing . Yes we are here in a new body for the experience of the soul. Very well explained sir.

  6. Hi Deepak,

    Not very sure who brought that realisation in you. But its a realisation of what one is. You are not the label which you are attached to or called. No matter how big or small your business is – you are branding yourself for livelihood. As long as you stay detached from your creation, it is fine. You very much must tend to it, give your best for its growth but your core always remains independent of your creation, titles and your external achievements. Do read Nisargadatta Maharaj’s “I AM THAT”.


  7. Sir,
    Well said and very beautifully articulated about yourself.
    And to add in it, in Hindi “Deepak” means giving light taking away the darkness in an around,and so you do the same to all of us irrespective of caste , creed , colour, age and Nationality. ” Deepak ” in itself does not have ego and he continuously gives light till the oil is there.
    So it our job to put oil and you show us the Light.
    God bless.

    • Wow. This is an amazing perception. Deep , somewhat true. I think as you said, it is personal and as I read through, I began asking myself these questions. Why am I disturbed by what People think of me, what they expect from me? Why wouldn’t I do what I believe is good for me?

  8. We always enjoy your articles its inspired a lot by reading your articles day by day. So please accept my thanks and congrats for success of your latest series. We hope, you should published more better articles like ever before

  9. That was deep AF. Such a fresh perspective. Being so caught up in the different manipulated projections of one’s self, we lose ourselves. Where can I read more about this way of thinking?

  10. Mind blowing!

    It’s true that we are non existent and what others perceive of us or what we perceive of ourselves creates our identity.

    Thanks for making us present to it.


  11. Intense stuff. The Virus definitely is in the path of liberating many as it has given enough time to explore the SELF, which is nothing other than THAT.

  12. EGO – which is always a part of us. But, we tend to forget in the illusion of life with our daily activities. To realise it, we need time and practice. No doubt, this is a well written article, this brings us to starting point of the long journey we have to take. Just words and thinking will not free us from our EGO. It’s the constant remembrance and practise which matters the most. Otherwise, lot of books are written on these things. If it was that easy, the first book or article which you have read would have gotten you out of yourself. Thanks to no “Me” to bringing in such a good insight in the midst of the pandemic and in the platform where people come to nurture their knowledge in this rock called Earth.

  13. Well Said, it really a fact but the point is, its also no easy to do the same as from starting as said after 3 years of birth, we are believing as people are saying and if we want to change this mindset, it will definitely take some time.
    At the same time, these articles really help and motivates people to change the mindset altogether.
    As Rome was not built in a day, it will definitely take time but it will be successfully done in the coming time.
    Thanx for the perfect blog.

  14. Wow, this is deeper than deep…
    “There is nothing more spiritual than to build your ego in a grand way with a deliberate intention while still staying an arm’s length away from it.” Very very few people understand this concept. It’s that deep! Although, there probably are many human beings who knowingly or unknowingly do live by this precept.

  15. Today around at 2 am, midnight in fact, I took a selfie video sharing a review on my Internship experience with you.

    How much ever I tried to shorten it, it came to 5 minutes. When I shown it to my son, he asked me,

    “Amma… you were using DIGITAL DEEPAK term sharing your views till you went to Bangalore and met Deepak. Later on you started saying DEEPAK KANAKARAJU. Why?”

    I too didn’t notice it till he pointed it out. It just happened.

    Now after reading this, I realized, your brand stuck hard in my mind till I met you in person for the first time.

    Once I started communicating with you, you became Deepak Kanakaraju. Maybe, my comfort level with you changed.

    Some people around you simply call you, ” Deepak”, “Anna”, “Buddy”, or something else. Because, for them, you are not Digital Deepak. They don’t even care what Digital Marketing is. You are more of an Average Human to them.

    This write-up of yours is the deepest from your soul it seems. Wonderfully composed – is too small to appreciate your ideology.

    Bowing my head with respect – you deserve it for every word you have been sharing with us to spread knowledge, inspiration and motivation! ‍♀️

    Keep inspiring us!

    • Well said. This all sounds like swami Vivekananda’s and Sri Ramakrishna paramhansa Swami.
      When I was Married to Dr.Dinesh Baliga who in himself is a Brand
      He always used to say I am not Dinesh ,it is just a name
      All the above said lines are parables recited by my husband all these years who experience out of body in 1985 realised this powerful truth till today selflessly serving humanity not for name,fame but being human is the greatest mission on earth.

  16. Very Nice article sir, I am clear about the personal brand.
    I am attending the webinars for this lockdown period. I have started a blog on guitar as I am a guitarist the 1st thing comes in my mind when I have seen you on Tedx.

  17. Hello Sir ..
    Best Article …
    Amazing Blind Blowing …
    Sir U had opened our Eyes by this article .. it’s really useful nd great thinking ..
    We won’t thank you… We thank you ourself because we r lucky to have u in our life..
    It has become Clear about Personal Brand…
    Always I had enjoyed Ur Webinar Nd article.. you are the Gret Man . Digital Deepak..

  18. I don’t have any words of Appreciation to what you have said. I take a lot of guts and keeping in mind what you have built can fall apart. I feel that keeping all these things in mind you have definitely left a mark in every person’s mind and heart. God Bless you and will definitely meet you someday somewhere. Till then Keep Blogging and do whatever your heart tells you to.

  19. Its a nice take on the who we are all….

    Personal brand is the via media to find the purpose in what we are, want, and need….

    But it make sense to talk all this when we have gone through the journey.

    The reality is achieved Goals define who we are and not what we tried to…

    Keep Inspiring and cheers….

  20. Its damn deep.

    Exactly one month back…i was talking to my wife, I am sure, deepak will soon get into data science as he is great with data’s & all.
    And look, someone owns datadeepak.com

    Looking forward to see this happening.
    Its always lovely to learn business from you.

    Briliant post.

  21. Frankly speaking, I want to say a lot about this article. But by the end of this, I am totally out of words. Totally awakening and eye opening.

  22. A beautiful masterpiece on EGO. As I am new to writing but hesitate always. But at this time after reading your blog I feel I have to start and this is the best time. I always think that everyone has to maintain his/her EGO, as EGO comes in many forms like knowledge ,power, money and many more. And if they don’t people becomes wild and behave like animals . Also EGO comes with fear of harming the image and that’s y they behave sober to maintain their EGO.
    By the way love to read and enlighten.


  23. I like the way you expressed your true self, as I can see you speak from your heart in words… I know nothing about Personal Branding, DM, etc….I am a novice….for me PB is not about not an Ego…it’s about leverage, influence (not just persuade to sell stuffs) an Engineer, Doctor, Actor, Marketing Expert, Service providers, Consultant, Social activist influencing others life in a better way with thier PB…..As you rightly articulated it’s not about how others seeing you as a brand, it’s your trueself how you can positively impact others life over oneself Ego…..I loved it your thoughts….

  24. I was supposed to read it yesterday. But read it today in the morning. Lot of things i noticed now which earlier we never used to. The thoughts are so deep that only a person who has a very good heart and thoughts can only think off. I really respect this kind of thought and sir you are really an awesome person. Though i met you once with Harlien on road but didn’t get chance to interact with you. I am just hoping to meet you soon.I donot want to meet you because you are my mentor in Digital Marketing. I want to meet you as you are an awesome person by heart. Thats where i can learn something from you.

  25. We are a supreme soul.if anyone whenever maybe its home maybe its office maybe in road maybe its friend hurt us and doing bad behave with us we all are feeling angry because of we dont know who am I???we thaougt he or she abused me but its not true he abuse this body also impact on mind thatswhy mind is feeling angry on him.but we dont know who am i?actually tha fact is he ar she not behave like this his or her thought body mind behave like this because he dont know who he is?if we know our identity is not related with my name frame brand money our identity is we are a supreme soul ony everyone is a supreme soul only so if he or she behave on me like this this is not actually he or she also its not impacted actually me its impacted this body which is just our costume we are wearing.
    Om shanti

  26. I would like to remind myself, and you, that “Digital Deepak” is a figment of my imagination. I am the father of this brand. I gave birth to it. It’s my kid. But it’s not me.
    sir I liked this very much
    I am a intern of batch 3 , I am waiting to be guided by you

  27. It’s an informative article! you delineated everything about personal branding, and what others think about ourselves.

    Sir, I have started a new website and published my first article, as I got so much good information and inspired by your life.

    I am putting my website link below

  28. Sir,its really deep and awesome .I have realised myself what i should do now,you are really amazing.Inspired.

  29. Amazing Deepak Sir,

    Proudly, We can say digital deepak.

    Knowing yourself has extraordinary prestige in our culture. It has been framed as quite literally the meaning of life.

    When we speak about self-Knowledge we’re alluding to a particular kind of knowledge – Generally of an emotional or psychological kind. There are a million things you could potentially know about yourself.
    ## Actually, that was deepest than deeper..

    Thanks for making us present to it….

  30. Thanks for writing such a spiritual & inspirational blog; we are so busy in our lives we think ourself very pitty in this world with compare to big brands.
    We all have a Brand inside but our ego is so big or small will not able to see those things.
    I just wonder how good would be the world if we live our life without an ego; there wouldn’t be any haterism.nobody is big no small no religion.
    Keep writing

  31. #thatwasdeep I totally agree with what u said and meant. It’s like an eye opening . It’s like when u truly face the reality . Wonderful thought !

  32. I’ve heard you talk about “the ghost in the machine” but this really takes it to a “deep” new level.

    Till half way through the article my brain is still saying this is Digital Deepak
    Up until the path that you said if you die and still emails go out, then suddenly, I was like holy moly. A brand is a myth, it’s an illusion.

    So what is next? Digital Deepak? Data Deepak? Divine Deepak?

    Yes, and like others it took my 2 sittings and I had to really re-read it to fully consume this.

    This coming from someone like you DD who is a frequent trender on twitter, millions of page views, jet setter, and so many business requests, making money in sleep, you are one authentic & down to earth humble guy.

    Gaurav Guru

    Or am I Gaurav Gurbaxani, dang im confused now.

  33. A post that touched more deep after a long time. I think, everyone of us is neither born a winner nor a loser. We are just what we make of ourselves in life that we live in.

    Creating a personal brand to the next level takes courage, hardwork and determination which you have achieved doing all of it.

    Reaching out to people, serving them with ‘services’ and helping them to reach their goals and objectives in businesses, can be or must be the ultimate goal of your company. This is what we believe at “Digiraj Solutions”, our Web&DM startup.
    Building a brand and a big company can come as a side product or result, the process of working ahead to serve people with the best and the businesses we helped to achieve their goals will always come first.

    Thank you sir… for this awesome post.

  34. i have been blessed to have got few spiritual insights unknowingly & unwantedly very early in life and then have been more unfortunate to have chosen the social over spiritual for 2 decades now….but now when i try define my experiences in words…i see 2 different paths (which merge eventually as there is only one) we humans (intellectual energies) have in this time & space dimension….spiritual path & social path – u have beautifully unwrapped ur experiences of social processes and have eagerly hopped on to spiritual process…more eternal joy is your now !!…upanishads & vedas the knowledge we need to bring to our education system asap…as tech only can give physical comfort & convenience …the true wel being comes with spiritual education

  35. The word ‘Personal Brand’ itself means you are creating a Brand out of yourself.
    Trying to form an image of yourself in other peoples mind.
    In short you are marketing yourself.
    You will be saying and writing things that your brand demands. Its not necessary you believe in those.
    After a while it may happen that you as a person and as a brand start merging together and become inseparable.
    It just takes something the present crisis to separate yourself from the brand you have created.
    And you feel totally vulnerable when that happens.
    Because the society has known you for a certain brand. You live and breathe that brand.
    And one fine day when the brand you have developed just crumbles and what remains is only you the ‘PERSON’ without the ‘BRAND’.

  36. After reading this post I feel like someone has read my mind and put it in words .Often when I take my son for evening play I see lot of animals there and I think how lucky this animals are . hv no tension nothing .they are njoying n living their life.why human is one living on earth which has n number of targets in life to prove themselves.whatever you do ,but mind is only peacefull till we are in meditation state.once that overs , everything starts in mind. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

    Great post sir ,
    thanks for it.

  37. I love the way you compared it with animal living and finally identified as a soul not as digital Deepak. great idea for happy and blissfull living as a soul.

  38. For everyone, one day or the other day, a self-realization deepens into the heart and explore their identity. This is the law of nature. Nature always tries to give us an opportunity to sublime our ego, tendencies, Character, and identity.

          It is always protecting us, guiding us by our inner voice, so that no harm to any species on the earth. If we follow/adopt this, then we will lead meaningful chapters in our lives ever.

    This is significant that you are in a spiritual path and practice, or try to practice the principles. It is just beginning. When you practice under “samartha” Guru, or spiritual guidance, the more enlightenment, values, the real purpose of spiritual life starts enlightens you.

     It is really a good article with side-lining the imaginary identities enforced upon us or by us or by owning us.

    Thank you Deepak, for giving me an opportunity here to share my thoughts which came out from my heart.

  39. I am really confused… should I call you a digital guru or spiritual guru?
    However, it is a great effort from your part to come up with this article at this
    time of negativity & helping people to cleanse & reboot themselves with right
    dose of Indian spirituality.

    Love & Respect…

  40. Sir,
    I am very happy to join this session and to read this description.
    You are the best.
    You have taught me all about digit marketing. It is a very good idea to build a brand.
    Following it, I can also become digital.

  41. What a great insight. Mind blowing. May be today is the new beginning of the brand in me. Thanks so much

  42. Hi Deepak,

    Just i read your article. I frankly says atleast 4 or 5 time to read your article to understood fully.Why suddenly you have wrote this article about branding.
    Normally every human being is like to identify by others by some name, it is common(name given to us by our parents). Once we grow and want to establish our position in the community, we started to create our brand name and want everyone to call us in the brand name only. Once we popular , we become addict this name and loose our originality of our own. We are working hard contineously to keep the brand name and spending our entire life. After some time when we realise the mistake , by the time we crossed most of our life time. This is the reality.

  43. Good Article Sir,

    That is :
    Your Attitude + Your Commitment = Your Excellence.

    That is :
    Digital Deepak + Data Deepak =
    Artificial intelligence Deepak.

  44. Hi “Data Deepak”,

    After reading this beautifully articulated write up, I was thrilled and it was really an eye opener for all of us.

    You, correlated spirituality and personal branding so well that after reading this peace, I really think of getting enlightened.

    Hari Om

  45. Hello Deepak,

    This article makes to think deeper about the life. Which gives real knowledge about life, soul and ego. And also taught to live life as it is, and also makes fearless for doing anything and go out of your comfort zone.

  46. Deep thoughts, Glad you are still so rooted and so humble. Hope you carry it all along…. Keep shining !

  47. Hi Deepak,

    Great! This is simply a touching, mind-blowing and thought-provoking write-up.

    I entirely agree with you that, in the pursuit of achieving success in this outside materialistic world, we should not lose sight of our individuality or personality.

    I believe, while trying to achieve external goals in life, we should simultaneously venture to find out our inner happiness also, viz., the happiness within us. Because, ultimately, the inner happiness achieved by us would outweigh the external materialistic wealth that we might have achieved.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and well-articulated artilce on this blog.

  48. Hi Deepak
    This is a good introspection. Infact a deeper subject of discussion body, soul, conscience, image, impression and tags which people have known you for your famous deeds
    Now you need to live by the laurels you created, add further feathers to your cap like you cited – Data Deepak, Data Science Deepak. So you brand adds further like DD, D2D, D3D because you are have not become stagnant, you have progress, explored more areas to gain expertise, gave more insights on neighbouring topics and overlapping subjects that make your brand name elaborated as times pass by.
    Ofcourse there are always people having opinions, though all opinions should be heard, what to be acted upon lies totally on you as you know your path.
    Hence great subject. We have to keep creating this and march on for things and roads not taken.

  49. Dear Deepak a great article, congratulations.
    Your article shows the way of not being carried away in the name,fame,money, power equation. The realization that Personal Brand is our own creation and is ultimately an intangible entity. However one should also take into consideration , the motivating power of building a personal identity/brand. Without it there is no fire to achieve greater heights, and the society does not make progress.

    My personal opinion is that a good personal brand should be considered like a Luxury car, which has the basic ability of transportation, and more importantly a status symbol, a celebration of success, but it should not define you.

  50. Deepak jee., Really great reflective article to read & made us stumped to think one moment – who I am…to be..

  51. Sir,your thought is always best & motivetional but every time we not thought the same thing ,we should be changed our thought on our situation & time.

    Here you said your identity is your ego,so you suggested to think like a free birds or animals but is it possible always?
    I think this is not easy always because if human has no identity they have no value in life.everything we not make or creat which I mean rule & regulation ,sometime we must follow the rule,the regulation & duties & actualy it”s good for us.so I think if I always live like animals without identity I lost myself in the crowds of people because every person have a particular identity,without identity they should not alive,like a mad man who”s have no identity. I think our thought must changeable according to the time & ego must be dengerous for ourselves,so always we should be remember that our name,fame not for our ego it”s our spirit which always happy and inspired ourselves that we always do best for all & we will make ourselves for the best.personality & ego which is absolutely difference from eachother,personality make person but ego destroy the person who is not understand the difference between of both he or she must fall down in their life.

    Your identity make your personality that you are a good or bad person & brand name is always support of people to choose the best because people are always not know which is best,so they search the best thing & one who was useing it”s product he or she feedback of this & many people aware & follow the brand.so that”s like good people & bad people we identify by their identity such as brand name & animals are all best in their species so they should not need their personal identity like man.we can identify only their particular species easily & we can understand so easily that each to among of them but man is different,we cann”t identify them by this type of method,so we have need a perticular identity for survive in life.

    This is my opinion & thought.

  52. Wonderful thought. There is void feeling after reading it but in the end it gives to stand up by one’s game. Yeah, it is the true philosophy.

  53. This is a pretty interesting perspective to explore. Often, we are immersed in the brand we create and forget people around us have something unique to offer too. Only, they are contributing in a different way. Doesn’t mean we have to think high of ourselves. Well explained thought, Deepak! 🙂

    Exciting stuff.

  54. Hello Deepak Sir

    Deep thoughts.

    Sometimes, it feels good to sit alone and see deep inside and analyze what you have done, why you have done, and all.

    Thanks for sharing your story
    Amit Garg

  55. I am totally agreed with Sudeep, I am also confused should I call you a marketer or spiritual guru. This is really a great article. Moreover, I shared so many of your super articles with my students which helps them to understand the concepts of marketing.

  56. Really inspiring…..This made me to realize myself and dept understanding my hidden potential and will try to bring the best out of myself…
    Thank you so much sir..

  57. Very interesting blog written Deepak sir. I really loved it
    Your thoughts are mind-blowing and we all really want to take more inspiration from you.well explained really !!!! we can only build our brand and we can ruin it.

  58. This made “my (my inner soul)” day. Thank “you”(your inner soul) so much. I’m 25 now! and from the past 5 years, I have thought of starting a youtube channel on digital marketing, but due to many reasons, I couldn’t make it.

    This made me realize that no reason can stop us from doing whatever we thought to do!! It just takes ‘thought of action’. This is great advice for people like me. Will start my personal branding journey soon… 🙂

  59. Oh my god. This is such an AWE-SOME article. One of a kind that I’ve read till right now. *AMAZING* is the only word i could use to describe. Thank you for such a clear picture of it.
    My Regards.

  60. oh man! It’s really self motivation! I want to be like me deepak,

    Looking forward to your intern batch 3 from next week as I have joined!

  61. Hello Deepak, I hope you are doing great. Wish you all the success.

    Here is what my concern is:

    You might be digital Deepak, but that does not mean that you can’t reply to messages or emails. I have registered for one of your seminars on “Personal Branding” and it was mentioned that the same will be recorded and shared with participants who can’t join the session.

    I have emailed you, messaged you but not a single reply from you? What kind of Personal Branding is this?

  62. Very nicely explained. Amazingly kept out perception of “I Am” and explored that we are in relation with “I”.

  63. Here I Thank you Deepak Kanakraju and no to the Digital Deepak. Thank you for reminding me about me as a person and not a brand. Brand is a high tree which is sometimes too high and its shadow does not fall on us. But the people and their relations with us is like a mango tree which is not too far and everyone can taste it.

  64. Very much impressed.. actually I don’t have any interest on digital marketing..but I have a small doubt that is what is digital marketing?then when I google it ..displays the brand Deepak ..so I started to some articles in your blog ..am very interested and impressed the way your thinking…with love….

  65. An eye-opening blog. Something that I m taking from this blog.
    *Be like an animal, Don’t worry about your past or future. Just live in the present.
    * Everything is Myth, Your name, your brand
    * It’s not you, It’s your Ego.
    *Don’t hesitate to build your personal brand, because it’s not you. It’s just an illusion
    *Practice social distancing with your own ego.

  66. I am ‘NOT’!!! well said, boss!

    its a fact that we human beings get so occupied with our ego that we miss out on reality. the article is an amazing eye-opener and everyone should read it and self introspect.
    well, now I am off to finding myself – the real me!

    kudos to you my friend!

  67. the ghost in a skeleton part put on this rock was good analogy. but this “rock” is not roaming aimless.

    Good presentation, free style – just the way I make it and like it.

  68. you are the right choice for people follow you, because you not only empowering them in terms of digital marketing but also leading them to their destination with your guidance.

  69. Yes, the brand we create is particularly nothing but our imagination as simple as that.

    But it is upto our thought process that how we should perceive the things!!! If a person is trying to showcase that he is famous in the world and everybody knows him, then he may be wrong at that time. It is the perception only that we create in our surroundings.

    And I am very much motivated by your words . Personally speaking, You are a story teller and all should know you because of the perception you create in the hands of people. I agree truly that ego is reflecting in the terms of personal branding. And nobody is expert in showcasing the talents what they have . The stronger the brand is, the more the audience will love your products.

    That matters a lot , because you already create a positive perception among the audience.

    It takes time to build the own plot but you believe in yourself.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an appealing story

  70. It was really informative and engaging.

    I think, a brand is a mask that we all hold. We all can select which type, colour, category or anything that we want to build this mask. One can easily put it on and take it off from the face.

    In inside we may be weak or strong, or handsome but only the mask is shown outside to the world. This mask is actually our brand.

    But, there are also personalities who are real with their mask, who are strong as they are like their brand. I recommend make the brand real as you.

  71. That was another masterpiece by the ghost riding the skeleton on earth named deepak by the society.
    But the good thing is that u r parallely motivating to build the personal brand and teaching us to remain detached from the ego.

  72. I got this from your Digital Version’s email then I opened and seeing so long article I just moved back again. Than again on tweet once I saw then thought ok I will read it later. Then I never turned back but yes Headline made such mark in my mind and thoughts, I thought will read today but due to some circumstances or my lazyness again failed to read. But yes after joining batch 5 internship and watching 1st week’s video, I realised why really I am not successful till date. But yes I started working on my Version 2.0 and read this article in one go. Belive me that video and many statements of that video again and again eco within me, whenever my lizard brain try to pull me back but learnings from your week 1 video again pushes me to version 2.0. I made a plan to buy books recommend by you from my next income insted of planning on other expenses.

    About why I am not Digital Deepak. This article was really very insightful and inspiring but yes with Digital/ Data Deepak fir me your imprint is Spritual Deepak or Deepak Guru for me.

    Thanks to you for bringing changes in me or I am still working on it and definitely will put all efforts to be my own 2.0 with the end of this internship.

  73. For me the best part was,

    “We all are not even born with our names, even our names are given by other people and we called ourselves by that rented name”

    Sir you are at a best level of spirituality.

    I am glad to have you as my mentor.

    There is lot to learn from you sir.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  74. This was really one of my most intriguing reads!! Thanks Deepak Sir for this wonderful perspective and thought provoking take on How one’s ego or his/her personality is a personal brand. Simply Great!

  75. Hi Deepak Sir,

    This is really an eye-opening article. You have forced me to change my perspective towards life, brand, and personal brand. One of the best article I have ever read.

  76. Wow, I mean Just Wow !!

    We do have so many things going in our subconscious mind and to bring that out is best.
    Great Perspective!! How to put your Ego aside & Rather than Thinking if that is right or wrong may be to take action!!
    things to look upon.
    Ego, Wisdom, Perspective, Personal Brand,

  77. Being insightful is what makes a person stand out of the crowd. Deepak sir your deep insight and understanding is well expressed through this article.

    The brand is your creation and you cannot be your own creation.

    So let your creation do wonders and be open to the critics as you must agree that you can become better* but not perfect.

  78. Being insightful is what makes a person stand out of the crowd. Deepak sir your deep insight and understanding is well expressed through this article.

    The brand is your creation and you cannot be your own creation.

    So let your creation do wonders and be open to the critics as you must agree that you can become better* but not perfect.

  79. I never thought like that your personal brand is your ego which you have created for yourself .

    Its actually changing my thought to re-think who are you and what you have created about u .

    Its a really amazing article which i have just read .

    I could stop to read this long article.

    Wonderful Deepak kanakaraju its for your and your thoughts not for your ego or brand .

  80. Very well articulated and very insightful blog Deepak Sir, I just love the way you have explained this deep topic. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing wisdom with us.

  81. The best spiritual article which touches the soul…
    We just moving around in our imaginative world. We know, one day we will die, then after this brand will also be gone.
    According to Lord Krishna’s most teachable slokas from Bhagwat Gita is

    nainam chhindanti shastraani nainam dahati paavakah.
    na chainam kledayantyaapo na shoshayati maarutah .

    The body can be destroyed. but our soul can never be destroyed.

  82. Hi Deepak
    From batch 12, just here after the success mindset video. ” The insight you have provided has just blown my mind, man, love the part where you said we have lost sense of what to fear and what not to fear”, really clarified my mental clutter.

  83. Awesome experience reading it. This is something similar to what I believed as illusion – ” मायाजाल” . Once we realize this truth, it will free us from the negativity around us.

  84. Your thoughts impressed me. It reminds me studying ADVAIT SIDDHANT.. which tells who we are in this world. These material things are just illusions.
    It gives insight what one should think about before building a brand… Many thanks for share your thoughts… Mind refreshing… God bless you….

  85. I know where it is coming from.
    A deep understanding of life.
    This is what i have been practicing from past 2 years , after i did my inner engineering.
    Deepak i am blessed to be under guidance of such understanding team.

  86. The best line I like is “In reality, I am a ghost, riding a skeleton, on a rock called earth floating aimlessly in space.”

  87. hardly i read for 30 to 40 sec’s any book or newspaper articles. but your blogs have some kind of attention literally i red your all blog.

  88. Hi Deepak,
    Well-compiled and very close to my heart. This kind of attitude building is very much necessary for present generations becuse they must know how to be down to earth.

    Thanks and Regards.
    Dr. Madhusudhana Rao Cuddapah.

  89. The way you presented “The Ego” so that your community members understand it with deep conviction was truly amazing. As I kept reading the article, one question kept swirling inside my head- ” Why should I build my personal brand (ego) because I know I am not that!”

    Your explanation at the end was not just mind-blowing but soul-blowing sir. There are things which you understand and there are things only few can make others understand.

    To know that you are not your ego is one thing, but to experience that you are not your ego is something. By building a personal brand with the knowledge that you are not your personal brand (ego), you come to a greater understanding of what is the objective truth.

    Thank you sir for letting us know about this article in the week-1 video of DDIP.

    Proud member of DD Meta( DDIP Batch-16)

  90. Really a THOUGHT CHANGER.
    The way the perspective of myth and ego is explained is really challenging to think what we really are?
    The thing for which we all are creating a fuss was in reality Nothing.
    Thank you for such great explanation and providing a new perspective towards thing.

  91. Hi Deepak (Not DD)
    I went through this blog in two session just to make sure I don’t loose the flavor or the meaning. This in depth metaphoric content if a reading delight and great intellectual insight. The articulation of the finer aspect is the subject of my Brand is different from me is marvelous. It is great wisdom as well. This should go a long way in positioning ourselves and our Brands.

    Yes, I also acknowledge that I am yet to read an article/ blog that has such deep thoughts and wisdom.


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