Content Marketing: The Why and The How

Content Marketing: The Why and The How

It’s the right time to leverage content marketing. And it’s the right time to become a content marketer or content writer.

No, I’m not pulling it out of thin air. That’s what data is saying.

Let’s look at a few of them.

  • According to Forbes, content is the #1 marketing trend to budget for in 2019
  • According to CMI research, 57% of B2C marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase.
  • According to the same research, half of the B2B marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase.
  • According to Target Magazine, almost 1/3rd of the marketing budget is invested in content marketing, and 1/3rd of it will be spent on content creation.
  • Textual content like blogs and articles are where most of the budget will be spent, and video is catching up in 2nd place.
  • According to Social Media Today, 78% of consumers say that personally, relevant content increases their purchase intent.
  • And according to the recent SEMRush study, content marketing is the most required skill in India.

Because content marketing works.

  • Content drives 6X more conversions than traditional advertising and costs 62% less than that.
  • Compared to paid search, content marketing gets you 3X more leads for every dollar spent.
  • Content offers long-term ROI with one out of 10 blog posts are compounding and generating more organic traffic over time.
  • 95% of the buyers use content as the trust factor when evaluating a company and its offerings.

And if you are finding it hard to believe, here’s something for you.

Coca-Cola spends more money on content creation that it does on TV ads.

How’s that for proof that content marketing works?

Content marketing not only works but drives online marketing.

Without content, it’s impossible to do online marketing.

Do you want to rank on the top of the search engine results and get more out of your SEO efforts?

You need good content.

Do you want low-cost clicks and high conversions from your PPC campaigns?

You need better ad copies and persuading landing pages = you need good content.

Do you want to get more shares, comments, likes and rock your social media campaigns?

You need great content.

Do you want to build a better relationship with your audience through email?

You need content.

Do you want to build a brand and position yourself as an expert?

You need content

Do you want to generate more leads?

You need content.

Do you want to convert leads into customers?

You need content.

Content is required at every step of marketing.

Content is a must for SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing to work.

Content marketing not only works for businesses, but it also works for you too.

Because to succeed in content marketing, they need content writers and content marketers.

If you are a content marketer or content writer, you are in demand.

And if you are someone who wants to leverage this trend, it’s an excellent time to become a content writer or content marketer.

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So, how to leverage content marketing?

Here’s my WWWWH approach to create and manage successful content marketing campaigns.

#1 Why

It starts with WHY

Why do you want to do content marketing?

What goals do you want to achieve through content marketing?

You need to answer them first.

#2 Who

Then it comes who.

Who is your target audience?

Who’ll buy your products or services?

What problems do they have?

How can you solve their problem through content marketing?

Think about it and come up with answers.

Also, find who your competitors are?

Or who are the influencers exist in your niche?

Do the research and take notes.

The “why” and the “who” will set the foundation and direction to your content marketing.

#3 What

Now you need to find what’s working and what’s not existing.

It starts with research.

What content is already existing?

What types of content does your audience consume?

What’s the content does the influencers and competitors publish?

How do they solve your audience’s problems?

That’s what you need to research and learn.

Because that’ll tell you what content you should create.

That’ll give you content ideas.

#4 Where

Then you need to understand where to put or promote your content.

Where does your audience hang out and spend their time?

Where do they discuss their problems and seek guidance?

Where do they connect with their peers or similar people?

Which social networks do they use?

Once you understand this, you’ll know how to reach your audience and where to focus your content marketing efforts.

#5 How

The final step is measuring and optimizing your content performance.

How does your content perform?

How many visitors does it attract?

How many leads did you get?

How many conversions did you get?

How many likes, comments, and shares you got?

Does it work or not?

Are you getting returns for your efforts or not?

You need to measure all and optimize your content accordingly.

That’s it.

You got the most straightforward approach to effective content marketing.

If you are new to content marketing, it might sound a lot.

You might feel overwhelming.

No worries.

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Content marketing is the present and future.

It’s essential for your online marketing success.

And according to Seth Godin, it’s the only marketing left.

Don’t delay any further.

Start leveraging content marketing today.

The Content Marketing Mastery program is here to help you.