Accept Credit Card Payments Online in India at 0% Transaction Fee

Accept Credit Card Payments Online in India at 0% Transaction Fee

If you are wondering how to accept credit card payments online in India for your business or even personal needs, your search ends here. Until Instamojo, accepting online payments in India was cumbersome.

Accept credit card payments online

There were no good PayPal alternatives and the only method that we used to transfer payments was netbanking, IMPS, checks or RTGS. Now with Instamojo you can start collect netbanking, credit card or debit card payments online at 0% fees (for a limited time).

The usual transaction fee is 1.9% + service tax, but if you sign up through this link, you will get the first 50 transactions for free. And you have the opportunity to earn another 950 free transactions by referring other people to use Instamojo.

How much do you save end of the day? Let’s say your average transaction value is Rs.5,000. In a normal day if you are using Instamojo, you would pay around 2.166% fee including service taxes. That’s 108.30 in fees.

For 1,000 transactions, its Rs.1,08,300! If you average transaction fee is Rs.10,000 you will save more than Rs.2 Lakhs in fees.

accept credit cards online

Instamojo is the easiest payment gateway in India which will help you get started within 48 hours. There are no setup or maintenance fees to worry about. Once you sign up, all you need to do is complete the KYC process and upload your bank statement and PAN card.


And with a feature called Instapay, you can collect payments for any purpose using just your username. You can read the complete Instapay review here.

Payout Time

As soon as someone makes a payment to you, you will get that money to your bank account in 3 working days.

You have to update your bank account details when you setup your Instamojo account. You need to enter your account number, account name and IFSC code. This can also be changed later if necessary.


For example, if you get a payment on a Monday, you will get the amount to your bank account on Thursday.

Sales & Customers Dashboard

They have a beautiful dashboard where you can see details about your customers and their contact information. You will also be able to request refunds or partial refunds to specific customers. If you want to send them a quick email, you can do that too from this place!

sales dashboard

If you want to download all the information into a CSV file, it’s just a click away. Once you export the file, all the customer’s details collected during the payment will be included in the file.

I usually export all these details and upload the emails to my email marketing tool so that I can send bulk email to my customers. It is 10x easier to sell to your existing customers that it is to acquire a new customer.

MailChimp offers free email marketing up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month which should be more than enough if you are just starting out.

I believe Instamojo will release a feature in the near future which will allow you to add email IDs of people to the email marketing client of your choice via API. As of now you have to manually upload your emails periodically.

The AppStore

Instamojo’s app store has a lot of interesting apps such as instant SMS, custom social pay message and Sales Affiliates which makes your selling process easier. With the added advantage of adding affiliates to your products, you will be able to sell more through partners.


They will be adding more apps in the coming months. One of the apps I am looking forward to is the recurring payments app which helps you collect monthly recurring payments from your customers.

Since you are not allowed to charge your customer’s credit card without two-factor authentication in India, Instamojo will send reminders to your customers for recurring payments according to the frequency that you have set. This feature would be really great for people who provide services with recurring payments.

Payment Page Analytics

Instamojo also provides you analytics for your payment pages. With this you can start tracking how many people end up visiting your payment pages. Payment pages are hosted at Instamojo. However if you don’t want payment pages, you can have remote checkout buttons on your website.

instamojo analytics

The analytics is an experimental feature and there could be some errors. In the future, I hope Instamojo would launch features to integrate split testing into the payment pages and track the conversions accordingly.

Instapay – Collect Payments Using Username

The payment pages that you create in Instamojo are for specific services and products with a fixed fee. However if you want to get a one time payment from someone you can use Instapay.


With Instapay you can receive personal or business related payments. Anyone paying you can pay via Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking. And if you sign up with the free transactions offer, you can get 100% of the payment to your bank account. You can also check out my full review of Instapay here.


As a small business owner, blogger or a freelancer, your payment problems are solved. Collecting payments via credit card online in India has never been easier than this. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up for Instamojo!