I am Starting a Digital Marketing Agency and Here’s Why

Recently I announced on my Facebook page that I am going to start a digital marketing agency. Some of my friends were not sure why I am doing it because I make a LOT of revenue from the sales of my courses already. Not everyone wants to start a digital marketing agency because it involves meetings with clients, following up with payments, having a physical office space and having employees who work full time in the company.

As bloggers, many people choose to live the laptop lifestyle. They sell information and tools online, have a huge email list and prefer to have the freedom of travel. I do have such desires, no doubt in it. But, I don’t think I will be a successful blogger and trainer in the digital marketing space if I keep travelling and keep selling information products.

I might make enough revenue to fund my travels and purchases, but success is not always defined by the amount of money that one makes. I define success as the amount of value that I create in the market and the money that I make is a side-effect of the value I create. If I scale value creation, revenue and profits will scale automatically.

When I started selling courses on my blog towards the end of 2016, I was working as a digital marketing manager at Razorpay. Before that I worked for Practo, Instamojo, Exotel and Theorem. It is this work experience that made me an expert in digital marketing and it helped me start a teaching business.

In the past few months, I have been mostly focused on teaching and doing digital marketing for my own blog. But I believe that if I keep doing teaching and don’t focus much on execution, I will lose my edge.

Starting an agency and having clients will help me stay updated on the latest digital marketing techniques spanning across various categories of businesses in the Enterprise, B2B and B2C space. I need to serve clients, execute digital marketing campaigns for them and deliver value for them. If I don’t do that, I won’t be the top digital marketer in India.

Working with clients will also give me case studies that I can share with my students and they will be the best of the best. Most of the training companies today just focus on training and they do not focus on client services. That makes them outdated very fast.

They pick up case studies that are freely available on the web and they serve it to their students. There is no massive value creation in their programs and they charge too high for the training services that they deliver.

What I have done so far in the training space is already a disruption. Most of my students agree that my courses are the best value for money in the market today and many have said my Rs.2,000 course is better than a Rs.50,000 course sold by marquee names in the market.

But I am not gonna stop here. I am going to make sure that my courses provide 100x value of what it charges and that can be done only when I practice what I preach.

I am going to focus a big % of my energy on the services part and that will make sure that my training courses are the best in the market in terms of unique concepts, value for money and down to earth.

I’ve named the agency as Pixel Track. And I am starting this with a co-founder whose name is yet to be made public. He is a long time friend and has played a key role in my entry into the digital marketing space.

I’ve already started having meetings with multi-million dollar companies about my services. Thanks to the connections I’ve built over the years. Years of blogging, personal branding and networking is helping me convert clients faster and easier.

I agree that it may not be the same for you if you are starting an agency from scratch, but there is no reason you can’t start working on your personal brand and expand your network. Start today. Start now.

The journey that I am going to embark on is not going to be easy. Client meetings are going to be challenging. Managing a team of people is going to create a mix of emotions and anxiety.

I will be working 2x hard because I will have clients on one hand and students for my courses on the other hand. But if I want to make the best digital marketing company in India both for services and training – this is the only way.

I call it the Elon Musk mode. What Elon is doing in terms of cars and solar energy is something only he can do. Tesla wouldn’t be Tesla without electric cars + solar energy combined.

So,Β Musk Mode ON.Β 

Irrespective of what I end up gaining from this journey, one thing is for sure – I will end up creating MASSIVE value for other in the journey. I would have helped my clients, provided job opportunities for people who work with me and I would use all the experience and expertise to create the best quality training materials the country has ever seen.

A big thank you to all my blog readers, students who have bought my courses, and my family for supporting me in this journey. I would need your wishes and blessing to move forward with blazing speed on this new venture πŸ™‚

Deepak Kanakaraju


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143 thoughts on “I am Starting a Digital Marketing Agency and Here’s Why”

  1. Hi Deepak
    Was following you since 2015-mid. An amazing growth. Purchased all your courses so far.
    The Step you have now taken is really a challenging one.
    ATB for your Musk Mode πŸ™‚

    • I don’t think so. The market is too big and everyone can co-exist. People who learn the courses from me will also learn more from the experience that I get by running the agency!

      • Very true Deepak sir .Though I hav’nt done any of your courses but following you for last 2 months and found you and your decisions right at every edge it was made.All the best for your new project.” DEEPAK KANKARAJU” it’s not just a name it’s a brand go create it.

      • Exactly True Deepak you have already created value & now you will bring value for money in client segment as well. so Best of luck for your journey. we wish to be part of your this wonderful journey.

      • I did wonder, just like ‘Anonymous’ above, if you would someday have someone use your information to start a parallel business and therefore become your competitor. But that was when I first read about your plans. But now that I’ve understood what these plans entail and why you feel the need to do them, I’m impressed. I’ve been following you for close to a year now and I don’t know many that would provide such vast quantities of gold nuggets – all for free. I’ve come a long way since I was first introduced to the world of digital marketing with Deepak Kanakaraju. Congrats and I’m sure you’re going to do an excellent job of it, like everything you’ve done thus far.

  2. It is great to see you evolve Deepak and you surely are an inspiration. I deeply admire your energy levels and the grit to help you follow a life of your dreams.

  3. A great initiative by you sir. One person can change the world.Sir, if you venture succeeds (which is most probable) , you would have upped the standards of digital marketing in INDIA and provide twice the value currently. Others are bound to follow and Digital Marketing in India would reach the next level.

    All The Very Best Deepak Sir.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    Congratulations for your new journey. Need people like you in the market. I am also Digital Marketing Consultant Based in Navi Mumbai. Have 10+ years experience & have founded my agency last year. I am working Single-handedly now & have 3 clients who are SMB’s & Startups.

    Having said that I am also looking for candidates with good knowledge in Digital Marketing who can work for me as freelancers, but not able to find here in-spite of they having done Digital Marketing courses.

    People here need to get the right education which I think is missing. Hope you can contribute to that.

    Vishal Vanwari

    • Hi Vishal, You’re concerned about the right thing. Students having interest in digital marketing wants to learn everything in one goal. They don’t want to start with one channel. They want to learn seo,smo, ppc in one go which is simply impossible.

      As a digital marketer, I have started my learning with Social media then slowly to seo and then to lead generation. Long journey of 7+ years.

      And Deepak is doing something which is much needed in Indian market today from the digital marketing prospective. Always with you Deepak. In out field It’s very important that we should stay updated on the latest digital marketing techniques spanning across various niche.

      It’s a great learning as always! God Bless & Keep up the good work. I am follwoing you completely πŸ˜‰

      Suresh Chaudhary
      Twitter – @Sureshed07

  5. Hi Deepak,
    Congrats on starting your new journey and my best wishes for the same. The reason to start an agency to practice what you preach is really appreciatable.
    Eager to hear more about your journey.

  6. I hv an ecom website, i want to promote it, free promotion is available on social media by means of sharing, i want to learn best promotion techniques, though I started initially with your free video digital marking course but due to work didnt follow much, after sales, i wish to do self emarketing as well…kindly guide

    and best wishes for your new venture…

  7. Hello Sir,

    Agree with you that Personal branding is necessary to gain loyal customer for any business. I just like your way to handle both agency and course for your student or upcoming student to share some practical knowledge. Thanks for your kind support and best wishes for your new venture.

  8. Deepak sir,

    There is no doubt that this new endeavour will help to reach you a new height & will mark a giant milestone in digital marketing industry.

    The kind of approach you have towards your blog reader’s growth is appreciatable, you are a open book, share each & everything with us, which is helping India to become a progressive market in digital world.

    You have achieved so much, still you remain so humble

    A big thank you
    & wish you all the best for your success

  9. Hi,
    I found your post very helpful not only to be a successful blogger, but also to be a successful businessperson. You’ve said it all, value creation! Same in all businesses likewise.
    Though I’m not a blogger yet but I still have passion for it either for just humanitarian services or an alternative stream of income to what I’m already doing, until then, haha..
    I have a question,
    I am into real estate and investment in Nigeria, how do think blogging can help me?
    And can make advantage of digital marketing to magnet investors from all over the globe? Cos internet as lost credibility in terms of trust and all that.
    Anticipating your positive response.

  10. That is what I call a “Great Move”

    Welcome in the Industry again Deepak. In my corporate cluster I always encourage entrepreneurs to step out and play for big one. It is not about money but VALUE.

    As you proved over the years, I am satisfied that it will be a great step towards upcoming REVOLUTION for India.

    With best wishes!!!


  11. Woohoo. All the best for your endeavour. You have taught us good skills for very less in exchange.i hope if you can share some of Ur expirences too. Good luck.

  12. Hello Deepak, Nice one !

    Please I’m interested in your digital marketing training kit. I’m in Nigeria. I’d really love to build a career in Digital Marketing. How can I get your materials? Thanks

  13. I am sure new journey would be challenging for you but I am also sure you will have tons of work at hand because of your expertise. Make sure you charge your client good money and not much of discounts like your courses, hehhe. Thanks Sir for all knowledge you have rained us with. All the best!

  14. Wow! This is great news! I can’t deny that I have immensely benefited from your online digital training! In fact, you are setting a footstep to follow! Congrats! Keep the wheel rolling sir!

  15. Deepak!

    I think you should rename your blog from Digital Deepak to Amazing Deepak or, Awesome Deepak.

    No really. You deserve it.

    I’ve watched so many Videos Courses on different topics. But none could satisfy me as yours.

    I’ve purchased most of your courses and they’re amazing.

    Good Luck, Deepak!

    P.S.: You’ve recently fixed a personal branding issue of mine. Since I’ve a Long Name, I was having some design issues for my Business Card. Your name “Deepak K.” on your Business Card, has give me my solution. Thanks again. That’s why, I said you as “Amazing One”.

  16. Dear Deepak

    At the outset , wish you all the best for Pixeltrack, I have no doubts you will excel in this venture too. In case you need any support in Pune , I can help in my spare time. Feel free to get in touch. I have been a participant of your free course and Blogging course too.

  17. Hi Deepak ,

    Congrats for the new initiative . I have just moved to digital space from Print . Have enroleld myself to the 100 day blogging course . If you are keen , we can do tie up in New Delhi for Sales and Business Development .

  18. Deepak, I don’t think you are the best in digital marketing in training or consulting. I have seen course what you teach in your website. but the same course is on udemy which are more precise and more detailed, costs around 450rs per course. I don’t feel any different and your course is incomplete. Since most of your audience doesn’t know Udemy website you are surviving.
    They give a better course than you are, stop showing off. There is a better digital marketer than you.

    You post so many things in your group right
    Publish this I dare you

  19. Hi Deepak
    All the Very Best for the new venture, looking forward to availing your services in the near futurs.

  20. Congratulations!!!!
    Deepak on your daring move.

    It seems you are now on right track by listening your inner calling in heavy successful noise as successful digital marketing expert☺️.

    You will reach a totally unique Top height in india by following your inner calling and living on purpose before “PROFIT” attitude.

    It will be interesting to follow you towards your multi-millionaire journey as real digital expert in india.


  21. Congratulations for your decision to start a digital marketing agency. I am sure, with your vast experience, you will scale new heights.

  22. Your blog has been an inspiration for me to finally get started with my blog. Really appreciate your decision to launch the agency and the motive behind it.. Hope to see you cover paid ads more often in future..

    All the best Deepak..

  23. First of all Congratulations Sir, I am new in this field and working as digital Marketing Specialist in a startup from last 9 months. I want to work under you to learn more things in it.

  24. As someone who has been following your work for years and as a student proudly evangelizing your course(s), I am beyond thrilled and excited for you to embark on this journey, Deepak!

    I know, for sure, that you will create massive value in this space! I am looking forward to learning from your experience as I am sure you will generously impart your lessons to each one of us.

    It gives me great pride to call you my virtual mentor and watch you make such great progress with each passing year. My heart-felt congratulations and best wishes for you and the entire team of Pixel Track. Good luck with this endeavor!

    As always, thank you for adding so much value with your content and thoughtfulness. It is greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

  25. Hi sir even I started an agency called glowtech. I learnt a lot of things from your 100 days blogging course. Thanks for that and please Gide us in feature as well.

  26. Working on live B2B and B2C projects gives a different kind of satisfaction and experience. Training + Ops(DM projects in your case) is one of the best and fruitful career combinations, one can aspire for. Way to go!

  27. Hi,

    Congratulation. I have been following you, I am also into this field not in creating part but in Business development..Good Luck for your future endeavor.

  28. I learnt digital marketing through your blogs sir.
    You are a great inspiration to many young bloggers.
    I would like to wish you all the luck for all your future ventures sir and keep inspiring people like me.
    Thank you

  29. Sir,
    I have started following you since Feb 2017 and believe me you have given me a direction in my career path. I am also doing a Digital marketing course from a renowned institute online but the learning and support that I am getting from your free courses and the paid one too is just incomparable. I follow you rigorously and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great work and support that you are providing me and the society as a whole.

  30. Whatever I know about Digital Marketing today is only because of You the Respect I’m gaining around by ur pesence in terms of guidance is incredible.Love to be a Part of Your Agency in Future…..✌

    I’m ready to quit my MBA program if you say yes,that much ur program inspired me ….

    All The Best ☺✌

  31. Hi Deepak, many congratulations for the new venture. May God be with you.

    Can you also create a course wherein others can also learn about starting a digital marketing agency or may be a franchisee model catering to clenets from different cities.

  32. Hi Deepakji,

    Would u also giving service to small business or to only the million dollars business… If yes… V r too small to be called a company just two people… Will require u r assistance…

    Chetan Kondewar

  33. Hi Deepak,

    I am not a regular reader of this blog but I use to visit it time and again when I spare time for reading different blogs. I am really glad to note that you are starting a Digital Marketing agency. Good luck with your new venture.

    Have a great time running the agency and continuing your training. I agree that is the best way. People like Matthewwoodward do the same. He runs an agency and share all his experience in the form of case studies and long form content on his blog.

    Thanks once again

    Reji Stephenson

  34. Congrats on your venture and thanks so far for the value you’ve added to the digital space. I am also working on running a digital marketing agency but I need a guide to follow so I can minimize some pitfalls I may encounter.
    Thank you.

  35. you have proved you can do miracles in teaching ,and already you have a excellent market of teaching as a blogger .
    now you want to try with agency ,but stopping the existing business
    and planing something new is not a good deal

    i would advice to take booth and move on
    Parveez Ahmed

  36. Congratulations Deepak on your new venture! Just with the training videos you posted, I learnt some digital marketing, started a website at free of cost. Now, I am looking to pursue digital marketing course and to turn a complete digital marketer. Need your help!!

  37. Hi Deepak,

    Your step required lot of courage and you have that, I wish you all success to you and all the best.

    G. Chandra Babu.

  38. Hi Deepak,

    I am learning digital Marketing through your course and it is very engaging and has lot of clarity. I wish you all the best in your future endeavour and I am sure you will succeed in it.

    Please also share the challenges being faced in finding clients and managing the office/employees.

  39. Congratulations Mr. Deepak!

    I am really proud of you. I hope to replicate your giant strides here in Nigeria.

    I have been your fan since 2016, but I have always had I challenge. I have never been able to purchase your courses except for the 100 day blogging because of my inability to pay in rupees.

    Currently there is a 3 in one course – adword, facebook marketing and SEO-I am greatly interested in but regrettable I can’t buy it.

    Nevertheless, I wish you success in you new venture.


  40. Congratulations Deepak Sir for your new beginning. Whenever I get any difficulties/doubt in digital marketing related thing, I always take reference of your blog to clear it. It will be my pleasure, if I can get any opportunity to work with you in your new startup.

  41. Hello Deepak,

    This is Abhijeet one of your online student. Thanks a lot for enlightening me with knowledge of digital marketing. Your blogs , videos help me a lot to learn more about futures booming industry.

    You choose right decision. Because without practical knowledge we can’t explain a thing more easily. And if you can’t explain a thing more easily maybe you can’t understand it properly.
    Once again Congrats. Kudos.

  42. Your all blogs are fine and I learn from all blogs but it was challenging for you and it was great decision by you to start venture.
    All the best sir,and if I get a chance to meet you I will definitely.

  43. Hi deepak anna,
    I am following from 2017 only.I am taking you as a role model for me.I am having many doubt in making money from blog anna.yennaku English LA solla theriyala.yennaku onnum puriyala.
    Thank you anna.
    Keep on growing.

  44. This is an awesome one, best of things in your excursion, and I cherish that you think in an unexpected way. Wished I could have an individual contact with you.

  45. @Deepak – I would say you’re doing a great job by educating many of the people free of cost with the videos and articles that you have on YouTube as well as BLOG and the real-time experience shared on your FB group. I’m following you from past few months and also have recommended some people who really need to learn things about DM to your FB group “Learn Digital Marketing”.

    You’re hard-work and focus towards DM have helped many of the people achieve success in this field whether it’s individual blogs or business websites.

    I wish you the best for your new venture!

  46. hi Deepak sir

    Your 100dbc is no doubted is the best course in India as of now. From you we are not only learning the digital marketing, we are learning the professional manner too.

    Every day connecting with new people and a lot of helpful content is circulated in the community .

  47. Hello Deepak,

    I’ve been following you since few months. I have some questions, hope you will answer me.

    I have been working as a Freelance Web designer, I hunt for projects on online marketplaces like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com. But now a days client’s are asking for work on very low rates and it has become very tough to get projects as competition is growing rapidly.

    I want to reduce my dependency on this marketplace and find a new different way, let me know how can digital marketing help me grow my business.


  48. a great thing is going to happen, it will be a rewarding thing to get services from you, and learn to create our own DM agency or franchise of yours in coming months.

    At first, I need to apply digital marketing techniques and tools for my own site and blogs and get desired results so I can approach others to deliver it to them for their business and sites, in better way confidently and professionally.

  49. Mr.Deepak you are unique in several ways.I fervently wish and pray for your success.I have nibbled many roles . Could not articulate to attain commanding heights in any one.
    Now I’m in a Healthcare organisation. I’m spareheading skilling initiatives. I’m desperate to create an aura around me as a personal invincible BRAND.
    In this endeavour I’ve meditated upon the various options around “Digital Marketing”
    Really fortunate to have stumbled upon you and your stormy professional efforts.
    Thanks a lot. I’LL KEEP EXPLORING

  50. Hi Sir,
    I recently started following you and I am very much satisfied with the videos and articles provided by you.
    And I’m looking forward to learn a lot with you.
    And I also want to give you the best wishes for your future initiatives and plans.
    All the best.

  51. I enjoy every bit of your write up. Good to know you’re venturing into a higher ground in the world of digital marketing, that’s a very good one. And is going to be an opportunity for us your readers/followers to have a better experience/knowledge of digital marketing.
    My best wishes for you in this new and very challenging dilmention you’re about to enter. Congratulations in advance.

  52. Very congratulations for your new agency. I have been following your content from past two years and have recently completed Nanodegree in digital marketing from Udacity.
    I will start learning from small scale and taking up projects to get hands on experience in digital marketing ,maybe then after 2 years i can apply to Pixel Track .You are a amazing mentor for everyone in India.
    Best wishes Deepak Sir !!

  53. Hi,
    I only got interested in DM by reading your blog posts. It gives me a huge confidence to have you as my mentor still trying to continually evolve. All success to your venture. Do keep sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  54. Hello Deepak !
    I’m following your blog for the past couple of months and it really easy to follow up your tutorial lessons.I’m so glad to hear about your upcoming DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY & wish to be a great success.

  55. Hi Deepak,
    I am your student from past one year, I was trying to understand the basics of web design for creating my company website, I came across your free digital marketing course. This course gave me all the basic information for designing website, it helped me to get my website (www.rhythmicimage.com) designed from a web designer.Thank you, Deepak for the Digital marketing course. Now I am your 100 days blogging course student. I was very hesitant to write a blog, because of this course and the motivation of batch mates and you, I started blogging with confidence and my blog is http://www.imageforbestyou.com. I also purchased Google AdWords, FB ad, and seo mastery course. your courses are worth more than the money we pay as course fee. Thanks Deepak for all the amazing courses.
    All the best for your new venture “Pixel track”

  56. Sir,
    I to wanna learn digital marketing .
    In market to give this training they are asking about 50-60k.but I read urs bolg and I want to learn digital marketing. I want to work in digital marketing platform . So please help and guide.
    I’m from Nepal.and want to do some startup related to digital marketing in Nepal.

    Thank you

  57. Congratulations for your new journey. Need people like you in the market. I am also Digital Marketing Consultant Based in Navi Mumbai. Have 10+ years experience & have founded my agency last year. I am working Single-handedly now & have 3 clients who are SMB’s & Startups.

    Having said that I am also looking for candidates with good knowledge in Digital Marketing who can work for me as freelancers, but not able to find here in-spite of they having done Digital Marketing courses.

    People here need to get the right education which I think is missing. Hope you can contribute to that.

    Sanjay Shinde
    Please send me contact no for further
    Detail and quiries

  58. Dear Deepak,
    Hi, Great to hear from you, there is no doubt that this new endeavor will help to reach you a new height & will mark a giant milestone in digital marketing industry. All the best for your endeavor. You have taught us good skills for very less in exchange.i hope if you can share some of your experiences too. Good luck.

  59. hi Deepak,

    I am my advertising background having worked for more than a decade in the industry as client servicing. I had just quit from an ad agency which was handed over to my partner, which i had found and run for 5 years before i exited in April this year to find opportunities in digital marketing.

    I had been following your digital marketing free courses and gained lot of knowledge. Presently i am working with my friend who is running in digital marketing business.

    Let me know if you consider me as one among helping hands to take forward your new venture.


  60. Hi, Deepak

    Following you and your progress from
    2016 end.. the ideas and lessons made me go more deep into this…
    Thanks for sharing this post..
    And it is definet that this project Pixel Track will bring success

  61. Oh! Started Agency? Pixel Track.
    Great!! Happy to hear:)
    I feel proud to be your student.
    Eagerly waiting for further hiring process emails. Hope I will meet you soon πŸ™‚

  62. I really appreciate your dream and i eagerly look forward to contributing my quota to this dream by the privileged to work with you from Nigeria.

  63. Hey Deepak,

    I believe you made a right decision by starting your own agency. I am really impressed with your thought of giving priority to what value you will add to your client rather than how much you will earn from it. I have bought few of your courses and found it so valuable. Your courses offer teachings at execution level which generally no one offers. If I apply Osterwalder’s value map on your training courses then the outcome is ‘Value offered is much higher than the price, a trainee pays for your courses’. And, I am sure that you will succeed to repeat the same with the PixelTrack.

  64. An excellent idea and I know it will turn out brilliantly, you gave me an insight to what Digital marketing is all about and grew my love for social media.

  65. Congrats on your venture. You have taken a bold & right step forward. You have to co-exist in vitual & most important real world,meeting people physically.

    Wish you sucess in both.

  66. Congrats on your venture. You have taken a bold & right step forward. You have to co-exist in virtual & most important real world,meeting people physically.

    Wish you sucess in both.

  67. Best wishes for Pixel Track. Your vision statement is transparent, focused and futuristic. The country is poised for a major leap into digital era, where digital marketing will play a key role. It is already there. Your efforts will be a boon for the learners.

  68. Really great initiative. The digital agency is a fit business modal type because currently many small businesses find trouble in doing their marketing and development while their product is a hit but because of not having proper skills to understand and work in the digital space they fail in making their product a hit. Digital agency has specialized people which is why it can offer good standard services at affordable prices.

  69. Hi sir
    i am planing to start Digital marketing agency in indore MP
    so for that i need your help can you help me to setup and grow my

  70. I learnt digital marketing through your blogs sir.
    You are a great inspiration to many young bloggers.
    I would like to wish you all the luck for all your future ventures sir and keep inspiring people like me.
    Thank you.


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