Give And You Will Get 10X Back

Give And You Will Get 10X Back

As humans, we always have a mindset of scarcity. We are really not to blame because our ancestors had to hunt for food. If I gave you the food I had then I would have less food to eat. If I take from you, then I would have more. Through evolution, that’s what out brains have come to believe. It was true until the 19th century.

When humans started farming, we had food in abundance for the first time. This meant that all the human beings in the tribe weren’t busy hunting for food all the time.

The productivity of food production through farming gave us extra time in our hands. We invented language, then the written language and many technologies to make our life easier along the way.

Today most of us have enough food to last for the rest of our lives even if we do not work anymore. We are in an information and knowledge economy where technology and human comfort levels would go up as we share more information with each other.

There is no need to be in the scarcity mindset anymore because if I help you with intangible things like teaching you what I know, connecting you with other people and guiding you when you need guidance, I actually do not lose anything.

In February 2018, we did our first grand digital marketing event called HighTraffic Summit. We invited speakers who were our competition. We did not hesitate that they would take away our customers.

In fact, having tough competition pushes us to create better products at a cheaper cost. It forces us to focus on value innovation and create the best product that wins the market.

When we invited other people in the industry to our event, our goodwill in the industry went up. People started reciprocating the favour. They started calling us as speakers to their events.

By the act of inviting 5 speakers from our competition for our event, we got more than 5 speaker invitations in return. This helped us be known in the market and get a branding value 10x more than what we could have got by not sharing our audience with others.

The market is too big and the world is too large for one player to eat up the market. There are certain markets where one or two market leaders end up taking the majority share of the pie, however in the markets involving creative work like games, music, movies and publications, there can never be one person who can capture majority of the marketshare.

When people collaborate with each other, they are not taking away from each other. They are growing the size of the market to such a high degree that even after splitting the marketshare, each one ends up with a larger portion than the size they would have had trying to play solo.

What goes around comes around. If you have a mindset of scarcity and try to take things from others, you will end up with scarcity.

If you have a mindset of abundance and help other people as if you had unlimited time, energy and money – you will end up with so much abundance that giving becomes a way of life. You will never run out because for every coin that you throw into the well, you are getting 10x back.

Getting out of the scarcity mindset is easier said than done. It comes with practice and not something you can learn overnight.  If you want to have the abundance mindset, start with small acts of abundance.

If you think you have some secret ideas and business plans, try sharing it with others. I have shared so many of my business ideas with other like minded people and no one have ever stolen my idea to start their own venture. People are busy and they don’t have the time to pursue someone else’s dream.

In fact, as I shared my ideas more, people started giving feedback about my plans and helped me refine my idea. They also took me seriously and we have deep conversations. They play the devil’s advocate which I can never do because my business idea is my baby. It is difficult to find flaws within your idea, but others can.

If you are in business, and if you have the resources that can help other people doing business, share your resources.

For example, if you have an office and a conference room and if someone wants to use your conference room for conducting a meet-up or a small event, share it with them. They will give it back ten fold someday. Also, if you know someone who can help you, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can give back to them someday.

When someone in the abundance mindset meets someone who needs help, they will not hesitate to help them when they can feel the sense of abundance in the receiver. The giver knows that the receiver will give 10x back in the future.

Once you get into the mindset of abundance, creating wealth becomes extremely easy. It becomes a way of life.

You might not be able to grow your assets 10x by yourself. But you can get access to 10x more assets by sharing your asset with 10 people who have different assets of their own.

Now 10 people have access to 10 different assets which they never had before. It is foolish for one person to try to buy all the 10 assets for themselves.

You cannot have abundance for yourself when others don’t have enough. Abundance by definition is having enough for everyone that no one needs to take things away from each other.

When you have an apple and give it to someone, you lose the apple and they gain the apple. If you have an idea and share it with others, you have an idea and they also have an idea.

So share things that you will not lose when your are sharing. Do it without without hesitation. The world is too big and most of the people are good people who will reciprocate.

As you start giving, you are making investments for future returns, without an expectation for returns. When it comes back to you, you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s a fun and profitable game to play.

As you start giving out in small portions, you will start seeing the returns.

When you see returns, you will be encouraged to give more. You will create abundance for yourself and the world.

“There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Greed is having abundance for yourself at the cost of others. No matter how much you have, you will always feel that you don’t have enough.

But why try to create wealth for yourself when you might be having a hidden power within you to create wealth for everyone.

Greed is not a good thing. But abundance is. Lack of greed does not lead to scarcity. Lack of greed leads to abundance.

You will live a rich life, when you do things that help grow other’s wealth.

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