Why AI Can't Replace Emotional Labor

Why AI Can't Replace Emotional Labor

There is one thing that took a lot of time for me to learn in my digital marketing journey.

That one thing is: digital marketing is NOT about the technology, the platforms, or the devices.

Digital marketing is all about the people.

One can know all about Facebook Ads, analytics, email marketing tools, and so on, but if they do not know who they are talking to or why, they will not be able to communicate the right things.

Right now this email I am writing to you makes sense to you because I have a clear idea of who you are and what you look forward to reading from my newsletter.

The understanding of my audience (and you) did not come from sitting in a room and thinking about it. It has come from interacting with people like you as much as possible.

That's why I have always done meetups, and offline events, and many times I talk to my audience personally on zoom calls and in phone calls.

When I talk to my audience directly, I get to know them on a personal and deeper level, their aspirations, frustrations, desires, and their need for a mentor.

Many of my subscribers have told me that they feel like I am talking directly to them (do you feel like I am talking directly to you?)

That's because I have a very clear idea about who you are. That idea has come from talking to a lot of people.

End of the day, it is the people-to-people connection that matters. Digital marketing is just a medium to reach those people.

Many people forget that. They just keep working on the computer, going through all the technical stuff, implementing some of them, and shielding themselves from having real conversations with real people.

Then they get frustrated about why no one is reading their emails, blog posts, and newsletters. They post some videos on YouTube and they find out that no one is watching their videos. That's because they have no idea who they are talking to.

The real connection is made between two people through the medium called the internet. The internet is just that, a medium. Technologies will come and go, and platforms will come and go, but the need for connection between two people will never go away.

That's why AI cannot replace this. AI can give you all the data and information but it cannot give you the connection.

You are reading this because by reading this you are creating a better connection with me and while I am writing this I am creating a better connection with you.

The need for a human-to-human connection will never go away.

  • Initially, machines replaced physical labor.
  • Now machines are replacing intellectual labor too.
  • But machines can never replace emotional labor.

If you come to an offline event like a summit or attend one of our mastermind events for AlphaClub, the kind of fun and learning you will have cannot be done by AI.

Emotional labor is the last frontier that AI cannot touch because no matter how intelligent AI is you want a relationship with people, not a computer.

One can have all the information and all the comfort in the world but one will still be longing for connection and emotional depth in the relationship with humans.

AI can make our lives better by taking up a lot of boring tasks and that gives us more time to build connections with humans.

The world will become more productive and efficient because of AI and machines, and what will we do with the rest of the time?

We are going to have fun and for fun, you need other humans, not robots.

So if you don't know where to start, then do this:

  • Make connections on social media platforms, but connect with them on phone
  • Meet people at conferences and meetups, build your connection
  • If you have a community, do zoom meetings and talk to people

The more you do this, the better idea you will get about the world around you and what people want, the better you will be able to serve them.

Remember the most important thing: your earnings are directly linked to the amount of quality conversations you have with people. And the quality of your conversations will depend on how well you know them.

If you have read this email until here, I would say this was a quality conversations between you and me.

Did this email make sense?

Reply to this email and let me know.

Deepak Kanakaraju