Your Video Marketing Doesn’t Need to be Viral


“Viral” is perhaps the most overused words associated with video marketing. Everyone wants to go viral because everyone thinks that this is where the real money is.

While a viral video will probably make you a lot of money in display ads, you can’t say for sure that it helps increase your brand image or sales. It’s like trying to make a AAA blockbuster movie. Even those that follow the Hollywood formula and have an ensemble cast might fall on their face. This article will show you why video marketing doesn’t need to be viral, it needs to engage.

Engage the Viewer

The main thing that your video marketing needs to do is engage. Making a miscellaneous funny video might go viral for a short time, but will it be able to build your brand? Will it make people trust you? While there are some viral videos that have been able to really increase a business’s sales, the fact is that engaging videos are always the most dependable.

Video marketing is about making a series of videos. You can’t rely on one to lay the golden egg. You should make every video dependable, engaging and useful for your business. You can try making a viral video every now and then, but your main content should just try to engage.

Views are Earned, Not Granted

If you have tried video marketing before, then chances are that you probably didn’t have much success with your first video. This isn’t because the video is bad. It might actually be your best one. The fact is that most people don’t understand that they also need to market their video marketing.

Unless you are targeting an obscure keyword and there aren’t any competitors, you need to earn your views by doing some video optimizing. You need to build some links to your video, participate in conversations so that people will check out your profiles and videos and you need to leave comments so that people understand that you are an expert in your subject.

Video marketing is great, but you need to market your video as well if you want a massive number of views.

Likable, Yet Polarizing

If you want your videos to have a good viewership, then you need to be likable, yet polarizing. A good “line in the sand” type of video is good. For example, explain why your business, website or opinion is clearly better than your competitor’s.

These types of videos are very engaging because they clearly demonstrate why people should buy from you, and they also have the capability of going viral because people find them very interesting. Don’t be afraid to really let your opinions show because people like that.


Everyone is focusing on making a viral video with their video marketing, but this sets you up to fail. If you want an effective video, then focus on being engaging and earning views through optimizing and marketing. If you do this, then you will have a successful video that can bring in some new customers.