LeadSquared Review – A Marketing & Sales Automation Platform Made in India

LeadSquared is a marketing and sales automation platform which competes with platforms like Marketo and HubSpot. They have some interesting features that digital marketers can use. I had a chance to review their product recently and here goes my review.


LeadSquared has a lot of features but one of the features I couldn’t find readily available in other tools is their lead scoring system. You can increase or decrease the score of each of your leads based on their behaviour and this helps a lot in sales prioritization.

LeadSquared’s Lead Scoring System

LeadSquared has features like email autoresponders, landing pages and tracking different sources of leads. But the USP of LeadSquared is their lead scoring technology. When you create your LeadSquared account, you have to first customize your lead stages and lead scores.


By default the different lead stages are Prospect, Opportunity and Customer. You can add more lead stages and customize the names based on your business requirements.

Lead Scoring Criteria

Now that you have setup the different lead stages, you can start mapping the lead’s activities and the respective scores they get for each activity.

lead scoring based on activities

There are some standard scores already set but you can edit them and customize it.

If you want to give 10 points to a lead’s score if they have checked out your pricing page, such an activity can be automated. You just have to add a tracking code to the pages on your website so that the leads’ activities can be tracked accordingly.

Lead Details

You have the capability to look at every lead and their history of activities including the scoring.

For example, I sent an email to a test lead and as soon as the lead has opened the email, another one point has been added to the lead score for that activity.

lead details

This specific lead is at lead score 6 and if my history of conversions shows that only leads with a score of 10+ are likely to convert, then it is safe for the sales team to ignore this lead until the score reaches 10 or above.

Landing Pages

LeadSquared has some inbuilt landing pages which you can create and drive traffic to it to capture leads.

In my opinion landing pages are not the USP of LeadSquared. There are not enough templates and they cannot compete with other companies who are exclusively focusing on landing pages such as Unbounce.com or Instapage.com

landing pages

However they give you the option to upload your own HTML based landing pages. That solves the problem to some extent.

I prefer using landing pages on my own WordPress blog or a tool like Unbounce.com. Integration of such third party tools doesn’t seem straight forward and can get a bit tricky.

Auto Responders

Auto responders helps you create drip marketing campaigns. They have an inbuilt auto responder inside the system and it is supposed to get integrated with the existing lead scoring mechanism.

auto responders

However, there are other tools such as Aweber and MadMimi which are just email marketing tools and they are the best in what they do.

I have been using Aweber for my blog’s drip marketing campaigns and I wouldn’t want to shift to LeadSquared for the autoresponders.

Aweber has the industry’s best deliverability and I haven’t had a chance to compare it with LeadSquared yet. Also there doesn’t seem to be a way to integrate the lead scoring mechanism with a third party tool like Aweber.

Apps Marketplace

LeadSquared has an apps marketplace where there are a lot of third party apps available for integration.

For example, if you want to import the participants of your GoToWebinar, there is an app that will help you import your participants as leads into LeadSquared.

apps marketplace

New apps are being added from time to time and any third party app developer can add apps to their market place.

I hope to see integration apps for tools like Aweber, ActiveCampaign and Unbounce.com in this market place someday.

Plans and Pricing

Their plans are priced at a bit of a premium than other email marketing tools. Obviously they have more features than other tools in the market.

leadsquared pricing

For 5,000 contacts, their price is Rs.7,500 per month. In USD their charge is $125 for 5,000 contacts. If I want all the features that LeadSquared has, I would need to use a few tools together.

Alternatives: At Aweber I would be paying only $49 a month for 5,000 contacts. That completely takes care of drip marketing and email marketing. If I have to use Unbounce.com for landing pages, that’s another $49 a month.

For CRM, I would want to use Pipedrive and that’s $12/user per month. I can integrate them together using Zapier and that’s a few more dollars a month.

I would end up paying almost as much as I pay for LeadSquared but I would get the best landing page tool, the best email marketing tool and the best CRM there is.

Of course, I would miss the lead scoring and the All-in-one package of LeadSquared but right now LeadSquared is not the best in what it does when it comes to CRM, Landing Pages or Email.


I really like the way LeadSquared has tried to solve this problem of marketing and sales funnels but at this point the tool is not solid enough for me to make a shift.

I would recommend LeadSquared to drop landing pages, email and CRM and instead focus on a single USP – may be lead scoring.

If better integration options are available with the best tools in the market who are the leaders in what they do, that would be great for a marketer like me!

9 thoughts on “LeadSquared Review – A Marketing & Sales Automation Platform Made in India”

  1. I have seen the demo of LeadSquared before. They really got the lead scoring part right. But their other features are not the best in what they do and that is a stumbling block for migrating to LeadSquared.

    • Agreed. The cost of switching from other tools is high and the current set of features is not a motivation enough to do that.

  2. Hi Deepak, this is Meenu, writing on LeadSquared’s behalf. Thanks for reviewing LeadSquared. Glad that you like lead scoring feature.

    While I appreciate your review, I would like to add a few things that might help you understand why our customers have made this same switch that you are talking about – from multiple tools to LeadSquared.

    So, LeadSquared is modeled around customer use cases, and we have tried to keep it completely relevant to their needs. There are a few things about business requirements that we have kept in mind:

    1) Businesses generate leads from more than just online campaigns, so they need more than just landing pages for lead capture – they use sources like 3rd party websites (JustDial, MagicBricks, Sulekha, Yelp etc. depending on their industry). Then, they get inbound phone calls, they get leads in emails, they get leads from their website – say through chat. So, when we say lead capture automation, we mean all of this. So, we take away all the manual work of getting leads from these sources into the CRM, thus making the lead leakage 0.

    2) Businesses have a huge number of leads to manage, especially B2C, so not having a consolidated view of all the leads, lead activities, and reports can make it really difficult for any user to make any calculated decision.

    3) Switching systems again and again is not feasible when there are multiple users, and again, lots of leads.

    4) There’s disconnect between available intelligence in multiple tools – Marketing team would not have any idea about what’s the sales conversation that’s going on, and vice versa. So, LeadSquared gives a consolidated lead insights view.

    5) Businesses need more users than one: For an individual user, the cost of 3 or 4 systems together might seem all right, but businesses need more than one user. So, the costs can really shoot up, in addition to all this extra work needed.

    6) Businesses need consolidated reporting: Because sales activities, conversations and lead capture is happening in the same platform, you can tie the revenue back to your most profitable campaign and sources. You can also tie the revenue back to your sales people, so you know who’s performing better.

    7) B2C businesses need more than just email for nurturing: So, we have SMS nurturing available as well. Real estate, education, and other consumer businesses find great value in that.

    These are just a few of the things that are important.

    Also, the GoToWebinar connector that you mentioned – people can do more than just push their webinar leads into LeadSquared. They can use LeadSquared landing pages to capture the webinar leads (instead of the GoToWebinar sign up page), and capture the webinar activities in LeadSquared as well.

    So, I would say we are more than just landing pages, email marketing, and lead scoring. 🙂

    I hope this gives you a better understanding of why our customers are using it, and even switching from Zoho/(Any CRM), MailChimp/Aweber, and Unbounce combo. Also, we have a Lite Plan for individual users or businesses with lesser requirements. You can give that a try as well.

    We are also working on some cool new features that will be released this year end. So, stay tuned for that. 🙂

    Thanks again for the review;

    • Hi Meenu,

      I can agree with most of the points you made. I am in fact sacrificing not having a single tool for everything when I am using other tools in combination.

      However, I would like to see a more robust landing page tool and autoresponder tool from LeadSquared.

      Also more integrations with, say for example payment gateways like Instamojo would make LeadSquared offering stronger.

  3. Hi Deepak,

    It was a deeply analysed review and it shows your depth of knowledge in online marketing subjects.

    All the best.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    Isnt the scoring system similiar to the valuation system which is used to be done in Google Analytics where every particular task done we get valued as per the amount designated for each function. As per in the article is the tracking code similar to GA tracking code and placed on our website .

    • Ketan, Google analytics will track how many people but will not track individual leads. So GA cannot be used for lead scoring.


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