Entrepreneurship is About Contribution

Entrepreneurship is About Contribution

Many people become entrepreneurs because they want to escape their 9-5 jobs, be their own boss and have more financial freedom. They are all good goals and the perks of entrepreneurship. But if someone gets into entrepreneurship with the sole purpose of its benefits, that person will not be successful.

Most of the entrepreneurs in the world who have succeeded financially did so because financial success was not their primary goal. They made their money because they solved a problem. They filled a gap in the market. They contributed to the world. Their money is good money, not dirty money. They made their wealth by contribution and not by taking it from other people.

Of course, I am not asking you do to a charity. If you are only focused on contribution and ignoring your personal needs for success, that might not be good either. Let’s not go to either extremes and let’s find a balance.

Have your personal life success in mind, but also mind that without genuinely contributing to the world, you can never succeed. And don’t think you don’t want to contribute. Everyone has a gift and you need to work long and hard to find what your gift is. Once you find your gift, you will have immense pleasure in contributing to the world.

I have my own personal success goals, but I am also genuinely interested in changing the face of online education. Right now I am mostly in the digital marketing training market, but in the long term, my dream is to put a dent in the online education space by executing my unique ideas in this domain. I’ve discovered that my gift is teaching.

There is a lot of hard work involved in being an entrepreneur. Building a successful business is 100x more difficult than raising a human child. And it takes 1-2 decades to build a business that can stand on its own.

Many people who only focus on their personal success cannot stand the test of entrepreneurship. They will always be looking at the results they are getting and disappointment will make them quit.

I have been trying to succeed in my business for the past 10 years but I am not yet tired. I am yet to achieve success in a big way, and I will continue working for another 10-20 years before success materialises itself.

I am able to work hard because I love my work, I love contributing and I love to see the impact I am making on the world. My digital marketing courses have helped 1000s of people and they have learned the subject because of me.

So your goal is to find your balance. Be genuinely passionate about your field and contribution to others and the rest will fall in place. Success will manifest itself when you deserve it and when you are ready for it.