How to Pay for Facebook Ads in India (Payment Options)

I have seen this question come up more than a few times. How can you pay for Facebook ads in India? What are the payment options available?

fb ads india payment

I use Facebook ads to drive traffic to my websites and generate leads. I am using PayPal to pay Facebook. There is a billing agreement on my PayPal account which allows Facebook to charge my credit card via PayPal automatically from time to time.

Within PayPal, I have to have an active credit card or debit card that works internationally. Indian PayPal accounts doesn’t work with bank accounts and cannot hold balance in their accounts. (Blame RBI for making it difficult!)


Apart from PayPal, you can pay via credit card, debit card or coupons. Facebook ad coupons are pretty much non-existent right now.

facebook payment options in india

If you have any luck finding Facebook coupons, then you can just add the code and a credit will be applied to your account. But as far as I know, Facebook has stopped giving away coupons.

Can You Use an Indian Debit Card to Pay?

Not all Indian debit cards can be used online. Some cards work and others don’t. From what I have heard so far, Axis Bank and ICICI bank debit cards can be used online internationally without any problems.

One of my friend has an Axis bank debit card and he pays for Hosting, Facebook Ads, Email marketing tools and more in USD. As soon as the charge is done on the card, his account gets debited with the corresponding exchange rate. Right now, $10 is Rs.661.

There will be an additional 2% to 3.5% charge for currency conversion which is unavoidable even with credit cards.

Credit Cards Against a Deposit

Credit cards are the easiest way to pay online. They also come with some security and protection against fraud which is not available with debit cards.

If the bank doesn’t issue you a credit card, you can get something called an Easy Credit Card which is issued to you against a fixed deposit that you make with the bank.

Different banks go with different names, but the basic idea is that: you can make a fixed deposit for a certain amount, say Rs.25,000 and they will issue you a credit card with a spending limit of Rs.20,000.

You will get a credit card even without a credit score or credit history because the deposit is the bank’s security if you don’t pay your credit card bills. You can liquidate the deposit only if you close your credit card account.

I know that this facility is available with Axis Bank, SBI and HDFC Bank. Not sure about other banks.

Credit Limits and Charging Frequency in FB Ads

Facebook will charge you on a periodic basis. Earlier they used to charge me once in a few weeks. At that time my spending was very low.

The last charge from Facebook for me was $250. After that they have increased the threshold to $500 and 30 days. They will charge me whenever I reach $500 or in 30 days – which ever comes first.

facebook payment options

The longer you use Facebook ads and the more you spend, they trust you more and give you more credit before charging. All the charges are postpaid, not prepaid. But you can also prepay your account if you want.

You can see that for my account, I can have a credit limit upto $750. In the next billing cycle, they will not charge me until I accrue $750 in dues.

credit limit for facebook

If you are a Facebook advertiser in India, this article pretty much clears all payment related questions for you. If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi Deepak how did you get a PayPal account for Facebook when Indian PayPal are not accepted. If u have a foreign PayPal account how do you get one?

    • Indian PayPal accounts can be opened and used without problems. You can add your credit card and send payments. You can receive payments to your PayPal ID and it will be transferred to your bank account. However you cannot hold balance in PayPal and/or cannot add money to your paypal from your bank account.

      • Hi this is Anutosh Mukherjee from kolkata (India). I have a sbi master card (debit card),which is valid only in India. And not working for facebook advert. Do u have any solution through PayPal? Plz help

  2. Its like you get a bill after the end of a certain period. You get a credit line when you spend a certain amount of money (upwards of 10k $) on Facebook for three consecutive months.

  3. Hi Deepak,

    Well, and great post about online facebook marketing and billing. often, I facing that problem to verify the paypal account, because many Indian banks not allowed PayPal verification. ICICI bank provides an opportunity to Indian net user’s to transaction and verification online merchant services across the globe.

    Shoaib Akram

  4. Hey deepak,
    Thanks for the info but today i tried creating an ad campaign on facebook and the only option they showed for payment was of credit card.I tried to configure if we could add other methods like paypal/debit card but couldn’t find any.Has facebook changed its payment policy in india or is there a way to link paypal/debit to your fb payment options?

  5. hello Deepak,
    I am going to create my first facebook ad. and i will use my icici bank debit card. then how facebook will charge me prepaid or postpaid ? because i am creating first time facebook ad.

    • hey there,
      you wrote in Credit Limits and Charging Frequency in FB Ads section [But you can also prepay your account if you want.] then How can i prepay in my ad account?

  6. Correction ….
    Dear Deepak, let me know IDBI “Debit card” is support for Facebook Ads Payment/any other online payment. Plz reply…

  7. Hi Deepak,

    I am trying to promote my page on Facebook. But on payments method it is only showing option of NetBanking. How can i add money from my debit card. Each time i click ADD MONEY. it shows netbanking option only…. Plz suggest..

  8. Hello Deepak,

    I try add a new payment method for Facebook Ads account.
    But facebook declined my Indian Bank VISA credit card.
    May I know the reason?

  9. Rather than blaming RBI, I would blame Facebook team for not giving us netbanking option like Google Adwords, are they not willing to give us better choice in local options, because in India have an credit card is an optional not necessity!
    I am going to tweet fb on this issue now!

  10. I am unable to get my author image on wordpress blog even adding an plugin to it, sorry if this is not the right platform because this article is on facebook payments Deepak!

  11. Hi Deepak,

    I am a beginner in Facebook Advertising, I want to create ads for test purpose what will be the minimum charges that facebook deducts for an ads .. how should i move forward testing ads..

  12. I am doing some ads in facebook on an individual basis for a client of mine. Does this attract service tax if the amount cross 10 lakhs rupees?

  13. i have a facebook fanpage in india …and al time i disable in my advert account ..i used payment option likre icici debit card and paytm but all time i diesable without reason…
    please help mewhat should i do ?

    thank u

  14. Sir,
    I want to know that facebook accept to ICICI Coral Debit Card for Ads.
    or i go with Axis easy credit card other option with deposit to 25000/- FD in Bank.

  15. Hi sir/mam
    I am new to apply the Facebook payment method..what use of that payment method..?how much money pay to this advertising…?how much amount will be return..this earn money from Facebook..? please help me

  16. Hi, does Facebook ad payment by credit card also go through the 2-factor authentication? Without this I am uncertain about disclosing the CVV online.

  17. Facebook just debits our bank account by giving debit card number and cvc only… No password for authentication?… This is scary.. How does a bank allow this to happen


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