Harish Desai – Intern 07

About: I am a graduate civil engineer with 20 years of practical experience in the field. In 2008, I started content writing on a freelance basis. I worked for 12 years as a freelance content writer. I wrote content on various niches. Now, I have taken up an HR franchisee from GuruKrupa Placements and I will be working for them as a freelancer. I have taken their franchisee. I plan to leverage my experience to earn money from the assignments GuruKrupa placements give me. I have bought their franchisee for Rs 10,000/- for two years. I will be working for them as a freelance HR consultant for two years.

As a civil engineer, I have worked for employers in a managerial position mainly as manager contracts and billing or manager contracts. I also worked as a project coordinator and in administration for my employers. I also worked as a junior design engineer in designing buildings. I have also worked as a customer service agent for a BPO.
My freelance experience covers my content writing experience for twelve years. During this time, I have written articles, press releases, testimonials, blogs, web content, product descriptions, travel itineraries, etc. As a freelancer, I have also done data entry work.

Experience with Internship: When I heard my first webinar of Deepak Kanakaraju, I was floored. Just like him, I also wanted to use my laptop and mouse to earn money. As a civil engineer, I did not wish to work at the site. I wanted to work in an office. Digital Marketing allowed me to do that.

The internship started on 25th February 2020 and it was an excellent experience. I learned how to write a sales copy, sell an educational product(something that I hadn’t done before). I still have goosebumps when I am asked to do the selling. However, now the hesitation or the reluctance to do sales has evaporated.

Moreover, during my internship, I learned how to create Facebook Ads and Google Ads. I learned how to decide my customer avatar. I also learned how to use Word Press website to run my blog and make my website. I also learned theoretical topics.

From among the various topics, I liked how to create my own blog and how to promote it. Like Digital Deepak, I too would like to propagate my blog and get assignments for myself. Since I joined the internship, I have discovered a new medium to propagate my content pieces. This was www.medium.com.
All in all the digital marketing internship was a great experience. I made many friends and learned a new subject. I learned how to collaborate with friends and colleagues to create something beautiful. The guidance given by my peers who belonged to the 1st batch of the internship was also invaluable.

Goals: My goal is to serve as an employee in digital marketing at Pixel Track. I know it is a very far-fetched idea, but I would like to try. I want to work in the SEO department in Pixel Track. I have high regards for Digital Deepak, who taught me what an internship was, He also taught me how to study digital marketing. I have yet to implement the teachings that my teacher taught me. I could not get myself to do it earlier because I was nervous as to whether I will be able to earn back my money paid for an internship from Digital Deepak.

Luckily for me, I earned back the money for doing my assignments from him. I also dream of working with Pixel Track as a remote employee. I would like to work for Pixel Track creating digital marketing campaigns. However, I know there is still a long way to go for me to make this a reality. It may also not come true. However, I would like to try my best to get an employee status with Pixel Track. I had set a goal for myself in the internship that I want to earn a bonus from at least one assignment. That goal did not materialize because I did not come in the top 100.

However, of my two dreams, I would now like to fulfill my second dream of working as an employee for Pixel Track.

Areas of Expertise:

  • SEO

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