Publish a Book and Grow Rich without Gerry Robert – A Guide to Self Publish Your Book

I just came back from Gerry Robert’s Publish a Book and Grow Rich Bootcamp. It was an intense weekend with a lot of learning and networking. In this post I am giving a review of his weekend seminar and a preview of his $35,000 Instant Author Program! You will learn why you don’t need such a pricey guided publishing program to become an author and how you can self publish a book in a much better way at a fraction of the budget.

Gerry-RobertGerry Robert’s idea about book publishing is about how you can publish a book, become a published author and then benefit from the authority and credibility that comes from publishing a book. It’s more about personal branding than making money from actually selling the book.

When you are a published author, people see you in a different way, their first impression towards you will be different. They trust you more (sub-consciously).  A book helps you to get media and press attention thus helping you expand your personal brand.

This works very well if you want to become a speaker, trainer and/or consultant. This also helps you in negotiation and winning client projects.

The things that you will gain after you become an author will be much more than what you expect or imagine it to be. You will get a lot of pleasant surprises. Gerry Robert shows a lot of examples of how people’s lives changed after they became authors. That motivation was priceless to me.

One of the most read articles I have published in is how to brand yourself as an expert through content marketing. Gerry’s tips on personal branding is very much in sync with my own ideas. While I focus on blogging, his focus is on book publishing. I am sure that when you combine the two it is going to be even more effective.

After listening to his ideas I am convinced that I should publish a book as well. I have even come up with the title and started working on it. Its going to be The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing.

The biggest paradigm shift that you get from a seminar like this is that publishing a book is not as hard as it seems. If you can create a proper outline, you can write a book in 40-50 hours! Yes, I have explained about the system in this post. And you need not wait for a publisher to pick you up. You can self publish your book!

There are three major steps in publishing a book:

  1. Deciding to Publish a Book: Understanding Benefits, Motivating Yourself, Defining the purpose of Publishing a Book, Choosing the topic for your book.
  2. Writing: Creating the outline, Writing your book either yourself, through a ghost writer or a combination of the two.
  3. Publishing & Marketing: Printing, Releasing it in Online Stores & Other Channels, Pushing your book.

In his weekend bootcamp he covers mostly point 1 and 2. If you attend his program, it is almost impossible not to get motivated to write a book and publish it. He also tells you about the 40 hour book writing system (explained below). Then he presents his $35,000 Instant Author Program where you can partner with him to publish your book. I will tell you how you can get all the services without spending $35,000.

gerry-robert bootcamp

Key Takeaways from Gerry Robert’s Bootcamp

I am giving away the juice of whatever I learned from the weekend seminar. However this cannot be a replacement to his seminar. You would miss a whole lot of humour and opportunity to network with interesting people.

1. Benefits of Publishing a Book

Before you decide to publish a book you need to come up with a why. Else you will not be motivated to write. Remember that we are not talking about novels or recipe books here. The focus is on how to and guide books in specific niches where you do business in. Here are the benefits of becoming a published author:

book publishing

  • Personal Branding: A book is like an ad for your personal brand – but it doesn’t look like an ad. It’s like an enhanced resume.
  • Authority: When people see you as a published author of a book, you get instant credibility and authority. Only experts publish books. If you publish a book then you are perceived as an expert.
  • It’s Content Marketing: Every digital marketer knows that one of the best ways in digital marketing to attract traffic is content marketing. A book is nothing but content.
  • No One Throws Away a Book: When you go to a networking event and give out business cards or brochures, they usually find its way to the trash (I am sure you too have thrown away stuff like that!), but a book is never thrown away. When you gift a book to someone who you want to do business with, the book stays with them permanently. Its like re-marketing at no cost!
  • Speaker Opportunities: A book can help you get speaking engagements. A book is a solid proof that you are an expert on a subject.
  • Get Your Dream Job: In new and upcoming fields (example, digital marketing), companies are looking to hire experts. If you are an author, its a clear signal that you know your field. Your chances of getting your dream job goes up dramatically when you are an author.
  • Get Into Ivy League Universities: Universities are looking for “intelligent” people to join their program. They want to put the best minds into one room. I don’t think Ivy League business schools and universities receive a lot of applications with a book! Imagine the possibilities!
  • Small Book is Enough: A book that you want to publish to market yourself need not be a very large book. It can be as small as 100 pages and 1 cm thick. Such books cost less than $1 to print.
  • Easier Business Transactions: You can send an autographed copy of your book to someone who you are about to do business with. It breaks the ice and makes the negotiations easier.
  • Press & Media Coverage: Reporters are always looking for comments and citations from experts. And who are perceived as experts in today’s knowledge economy? Authors! It is very easy to get media and press attention when you are an author.
  • The Best Investment: Publishing a good book costs time and money. But its the best investment you can make for your personal brand and your company. It increases your earning potential and opens the doors to new opportunities.

Misconceptions & Myths About Publishing a Book

What stops people from actually publishing a book are these myths. Here are some essential myth busters:

  • Myth: I am not qualified to write a book 
    Reality: Anyone can write a book. You need not be an expert to write a book. But once you write a book you are perceived as an Expert!
  • Myth: I need to get a publisher approval and have to deal with agents
    Reality: No one needs to wait for a publisher to pick them up. Self publishing and Digital printing has grown leaps and bounds. In fact it is better to self publish a book than go with a traditional publisher.
  • Myth: It takes a long time to write a book. I may have to quit my job and work on it for 6 months!
    Reality: You can continue with your routine and take out 15-30 minutes a day to write your book. You can finish writing a book in 40 hours. (Method explained below).
  • Myth: If I am going to publish a book, it has to be perfect, 500+ page, without a single spelling mistake, revolutionary.
    Reality: If you want to change the world with your book, try it. But for most of us, we just need a book to add to our profile and brand ourselves as experts. And there is nothing wrong with that. Thousands of people authors are already doing it.
  • Myth: It costs a lot of money to publish a book
    Reality: You can publish a book and market it with a shoestring budget of $1,000 or less. Self publishing is very common nowadays and there are plenty of services to support you.

2. How to Write a Book in 40 Hours

The biggest challenge in becoming an author of a book is writing the book itself. Many people think that you need to take out 6 months to 1 year of your life to write a book. It need not be that way. When you understand this system, you can finish writing a book in 2-3 months by working in your free time. My best recommendation would be to write 30 minutes every morning.

write a book in 40 hours

When you think about books, they are just answers to questions on people’s minds. So it makes sense to start with the questions.

The framework or outline of the book is created using a lot of questions. If you create approximately 300-400 questions on your topic, you can answer each question in 5-10 minute chunks and your book is done!

Here’s the way to go about it:

  • Come up with 15 topics on your subject. Pick 10 topics out of it and sequence it. These 10 are your main chapters of your book.
  • Come up with 15-20 subtopics for each chapter. Eliminate a few and finalize on 10-15 subtopics in sequence for each chapter.
  • Come up with 3-5 questions on each subtopic. You can put this all in an excel sheet. You can also find out what people are asking for in these areas by looking at websites like, related forums and Yahoo answers.

Now that your set of questions is ready. All you need to do now is answer these questions. You can also include questions which you do not know the answer to. All you need to do is do some research to find out the answer. In the research process you also learn about it (an expert in the making!).

For example, one of my chapters in my book would be content marketing. The sub topic could be blogging. One of the questions in the sub topic could be: What is the best platform for blogging and why?

Now it is very easy to write a 100-200 word answer for this question from my experience. I could write about why WordPress is the best blogging platform and how to install WordPress on your domain. This can be done in 5-15 minutes whenever I have time. May be just before leaving to office. May be in the lunch break etc.

With this system of having an outline and writing answers in chunks, one can finish a book in 40 hours. Just because you are finishing it fast doesn’t mean you are compromising on the quality of the material. This is the most natural way to write a How to / Guide book.

Gerry Robert cannot help you with writing your book. You have to plan it and write it yourself because no one knows your audience and subject better than you do.

You can just do the most important thing – come up with the questions matrix. Then you can hire a ghost writer to finish the book. You can give him/her guidance on how to come up with the answers and you can edit a few of them yourself. By doing partial out sourcing you can write the book in less than 20 hours. Alternatively you can write a few chapters yourself and other chapters can be written by someone else.

Gerry Robert’s program Publish a book and grow rich mostly helps is getting your book published and moving it. And that’s what his Instant Author Program (IAP) is all about.

3. Publishing & Marketing

Before you write a book you need the motivation and purpose to write your book. We have covered that in point No.1. Once you have decided to write your book, the hardest part of it is to actually write the book. We have covered how to finish writing your book in point No.2. Now let’s get into the most important part of the process…

Publishing and Marketing Your Book

You need to publish your book and market it. Here are the steps involved in the entire process.

Publishing Process

  1. Design a Book Cover
  2. Proof Read and Edit the Book
  3. Edit layout inside the book and get the output format ready according to publication requirements – for print, for Kindle ebook, for Apple iBook etc.
  4. Get ISBN number
  5. Print & Release the book in Print, Kindle Platform, Apple iBooks, Partner with Online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart. It should become ready for sale and anyone should be able to order your book and get it.

Marketing Process

As Gerry Robert puts it – getting the books is easy, getting rid of it is the difficult part. Once you plan, write and publish your book you think most of your work is done. You may have 2,000 copies in your hand. But how will you get rid of them? How will you sell it?

Here are some of the steps involved in marketing your book:

  1. Get reviews and testimonials from other authors. This you can showcase in the book cover in the second edition or next print cycle of the book.
  2. Get customer reviews on online stores such as Amazon & Flipkart.
  3. Promote your book through social media, blogging, advertising, reviews on other sites and so on.
  4. Develop marketing collaterals such as digital and physical banners.
  5. Do a book launch event.
  6. Partner with other blogs, websites and events to promote your book.
  7. Redirect book readers to your personal website or blog and collect their email IDs. You can intimate them through email when you launch your next book.

Once you sell 1,000 copies of your book you can put a splash on your book cover design advertising the fact that you have sold so much – social proof works wonders in converting prospects into customers.

I have explained the marketing process in detail in the last part of this post. But before we get into it, let’s preview Gerry’s Instant Author Program and let’s see if it is really worth that much!

The $35,000 Instant Author Program – Preview & Low Cost Alternatives

Yes you read it right. Gerry Robert charges $35,000 for his Instant Author Program where he helps with publishing and marketing your book. I will show you why his program is over priced and how you can get better services for a much lower cost. In some cases 1/10th of the cost he is charging 🙂

instant author program

Here’s a breakdown of what is he offering in his instant author program. The program is a combination of mentorship, education, training and services.


In his deliverables, his services (marked in red boxes above) include:

  • Cover design – $2500
  • Inside layout – $1250
  • Editing – $1250
  • Marketing collaterals – $2050
  • eBook version – $475
  • HD Book Trailer – $1500
  • Ads and Media Kits – $750
  • Social Media Setup – $750
  • Design and Host Squeeze Page – $500

Total: $11,025!

And you have to limit your book to 112 pages and a paperback. 🙁

I will give you cheaper and better alternatives to the above services which gives you more control with your book. You will save a lot of money and also you can publish 150-200 pages and get a hard bound version.

The other set of services that he offers (displayed above) are mostly related to guidance, education and mentorship. I would leave it to you whether you value it at $23,975 ($35,000 – $11,025 Services)! I personally believe that it is not worth that much and that money can be invested in promoting your book, getting better designs, hiring a ghost writer etc. Yes, you will get some huge discounts from Gerry when you attend his seminar but still the price is not justified.

Disclaimer: If you think that Gerry program is worth it, you can go ahead. Some of his services are in fact priceless. Like he claims that he can sell ads for you using his connections & He can get you reviews and testimonials from famous authors. I will let you make the decision. My post is mostly focused for people who cannot or would not want to spend that much but still want to get most of the benefits from book publishing.

Publishing Your Book – A Step by Step Guide

First we will look at the steps involved in publishing your book. Then we will get into marketing it. Here are the steps involved in the publishing process.

1. Make a Great Cover Design for Your Book

Cover design is one of the most important parts of your book. I would recommend that you start the entire process with the cover design. Even if your book has great content, the cover makes the first impression. You HAVE TO invest some money in good cover design.  Here are a list of online services who will do cover designs for you.


  • –  If you are really looking for a premium book cover design, will be your ultimate destination. They conduct design contests where a lot of people submit entries to your book. You can choose the winning entry and that person gets the prize money. You can announce contests starting from $299 and for such a price you get 40+ design entries. The better you communicate your expectations to the designer, the better your design will be. You can check for previous contests and entries. I am sure you will be amazed by the quality of their work. This is 1/8 the cost of Gerry’s pricing! And here’s the best part – if you don’t like any of the designs, you can get a 100% refund! The contest will be cancelled and no one will win.
  • – This is for you if you are just testing your book and really want a design on a micro budget. Here you can find plenty of freelancers and small companies who are ready to design a book cover for you for $5 (Rs.300) ! Just go their website and search for “book cover” and you will get plenty of results.
  • – is an online freelancing network where plenty of freelancers are ready to assist you on your projects. You have to post a project there with a price and freelancers including small businesses will bid for your project. You can get book cover designs anywhere from $50 to $500. You will be able to review the past works of the bidders and choose one according to your expectations. Here’s an example:

book cover designer

(Update: I noticed that even Gerry Robert has used to get his book covers designed instead of relying on his own designers! He got the cover for his most important book for just $299 CAD. That’s less than $250 USD. That’s 1/10th of what Gerry is charging for cover design in his program!

If his designers are the best, why does he use 99designs at 1/10th of the price that he is charging for his IAP program students?

gerry robert 99design

You can check his listings on 99designs here and here. (After a few weeks of publishing this article, they have removed public visibility of the listing on 99designs).

At his profile shows that he has created 64 contests in 99designs so far. There is a chance that he uses 99designs to get covers designed for his clients and charges a premium on that. He doesn’t mention 99designs even once in his training programs).

Once you get the cover design done, you can start publishing your book cover in your social media and blogs. You can get the cover design done even before you start writing your book!

You can mention that you are the author of this upcoming book. You can also build an email list and send free copies of your books to the first 100 people who register. You can just charge them for ‘shipping & handling’ and give away your book for free. They will help you spread the message and help you become more popular.

2. Layout, Editing & Proof Reading

You have to decide on the dimensions of the book you are going to publish. I have decided that I am going to come up with a book that will be 5 x 8 inches (Width x Height). This is the most common dimension offered by many print-on-demand publication companies such as CreateSpace and Lighting Source.

If you have images, equations and tables, editing is going to be complex and hence the person doing the work is going to charge you more. In Gerry Robert’s Instant Author Program, Editing & Layout is marked at a value of $2500. You can get these services at a far lesser price at freelancing websites such as

3. Get ISBN Number & Barcode

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is very important when publishing a book. ISBN is mandatory if you want your book to reach academic institutions and libraries. Though you are not looking for such a reach, an ISBN helps you look professional and not just any author who just put together a book in his free time. ISBN is not necessary if you are publishing only an online version on Kindle, iBooks or any other online platform.

There are a few websites who have published the process for getting an ISBN number in India but none of them is very clear and there are a lot of missing information. For now, I guess the best way would be to get the ISBN issued by one of the self publishing houses mentioned in the next part of this post.

Also remember that you need to get separate ISBN numbers for paperback and hard bound versions of the book.

Once you get your ISBN number you can get the bar code for the ISBN from . You can include this bar code in the book cover design. An ISBN usually goes at the bottom right corner in the back side of the book.

More often than not, your publishing company will include this in the print and you wouldn’t need to incorporate it in the design. Just make sure to leave a free space in the corner for the ISBN number to go there. Here’s an example:

isbn number

4. Printing & Releasing Your Book

There are many services in India and USA that will print your book on demand. The most standard size for printing is 5 x 8 inches. You can go with a paperback edition or a hard bound edition. I would recommend that you have both with you.

Hard bound books cost more to print but if you are pricing your book in the range of $25 to $30, a hard bound book helps you get that premium feel when holding the book. For purposes such as giving away free copies of your book, you can opt for the paper back edition.

Self publishing houses in India


The above names are the ones I came up during my research. Out of them seems to have a very transparent business model and they can also help you in getting your book in and I will be publishing a detailed comparison and review of all the above services in my future posts after I experience their services.

International Self-publishing Houses

Here are some of the print on demand self publishing services outside India. If you are in India and want to use their service, remember that the books will be shipped from the US and you or anyone who orders your book will incur huge shipping costs. Mostly, more than the cost of the book itself.

  • (An Amazon Company).

You should also release your books in ebook format. For example, Kindle and iBooks are two major platforms that you shouldn’t miss. You can find guides on how to release your book on Kindle all over the web and I too would be publishing one shortly.

Converting your manuscript into .mobi (Kindle format) can be done for as low as $5 on and their service is of perfect quality. You wouldn’t need to spend more than that for conversion into different ebook formats. Gerry values it at $475! I can convert 95 books for that price 🙂

Marketing Your Book – An Overview

The topic of marketing is so huge that I can write a book about marketing your book and that wouldn’t be enough. Marketing is an infinite topic because it deals with the psychology of the human mind – and the human mind is infinite!

Marketing has more to do with the strategies than tactics. Tactics come and go but strategies remain. If you focus on learning the tactics, those tactics will expire with time. If you learn the strategies, you can come up with new tactics of your own. Teaching you all the possible ideas on how to market your book is beyond the scope of this article.

What I have tried to do here is give you a basic framework and a few ideas about pushing your book into the market. There is nothing called marketing it too much. The more you market it, the better because it reaches more people and brings with the all the benefits including monetary gain 🙂

Whether it is selling a product, service or a book – marketing is not something that can be outsourced to an external organisation. There are many people who would sell their marketing services but they wouldn’t even be scratching the surface. Marketing is something that you have to do yourself and it starts from choosing what topic you want to write about, who will be the people reading your book, cover design and more.

Here are a few ideas which would act as a starter to your marketing campaign:

  • Reviews: Reviews and testimonials are an important part of any marketing campaign. When you get reviews from experts/authority it becomes even more powerful. People try to shortcut their way into decisions based on other’s actions (humans are sheep?). If others have read the book and found it useful, people will buy without hesitation. Try to get testimonials from other authors and experts in your field and showcase it on your book. When the product is released in online stores, try to get 4-5 star ratings and reviews from friends & family. (I don’t recommend fake reviews!)
  • Social Media Marketing: The first place to promote your book almost for free is your own network. You can push your book in your network via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Some of the people in your network will be buying your book and giving you reviews and testimonials.
  • Blogging & Email Marketing: If you own a blog, it makes sense to showcase your book (or upcoming book!). If you have an email list, promote it there. You can also build an email list by informing people about your upcoming book and promising them free copies when the book is launched.
  • Paid Advertising: Depending on your budget, you can opt for paid advertising on social media, other’s websites or offline channels. If your book is on a specific topic, you can advertise on Google AdWords in such a way that your book is shown when people search for specific keywords on Google.

As I already said, marketing is a very large topic and I can’t cover everything here. I will be coming up with a post specifically about techniques to market your book and perhaps a book on book marketing.


I hope you have got a pretty good idea about why to write a book, how to write and how to publish it. A book project takes up a lot of physical, emotional and mental resources and publishing a book is an achievement in itself.

Do not try to publish a perfect book – you will never end up finishing it. Publish a book and then make it perfect – it is easier that way. Since self publishing has become so common, you can publish the first version of your book, get 200 copies out and then publish a perfect-er second version 🙂

You have got all the information that you would need from this post. You have got the why, the what and the how. There is no reason for you not to become a published author. If this post inspired you to write a book and you publish it, contact me and I will feature your book on my blog at no cost! I may even publish a review of it and send it to my 1000+ email subscribers.


P.S. If you had enough will power and patience to read until this sentence (this is the longest post I have ever written on this blog till date!) I am sure you will be able to write a book and publish it as well. All the best!

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    Most of the other speakers that were there, were also doing the same thing, guys like Andy Harrington, Brendon Burchard, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, T Harv Eker and the list goes on

    They lure people into the seminar by offering a free event to see a number of different speakers who will help you change your life etc.

    However, every speaker is selling you another seminar to attend like the one you visited with Gerry, at that seminar you are then being sold the product, for $35,000 at that, even if Gerry got 100 customers to pay that from the 90 or so seminars he conducts a year, he has netted around $3.5million.

    Add this to the same level of seminars that every other speaker is selling and you are talking, almost $100 million being taken from vulnerable people around the world who think they can better their life somehow but all they are doing is lining up their pockets.

    I am a speaker myself, I refuse to conduct seminars where people get conned into other seminars to part with money.

    These guys are all trained highly in NLP which is playing on people’s fears, so you have my respect that you have noted clearly on this post how it can be done just for next to nothing, just from the fact people doing the research online.

    I myself will be conducting seminars soon, however there will be probably a flat charge of around $295 for every person to attend. However they will not be sold anything, they will be taught by some of the best speakers in the world for 2 days of learning, the money generated being paid to hire the best in the world speakers.

    The seminars that are conducted by Gerry or anyone at Success Resources are all about network marketing, each speaker passes on their email database to the other and you are just bombarded with so many emails on their sales strategy under the pretense of how it will improve your life.

    I wish more people would take notice of that but sadly it won’t happen anytime soon, they will milk the cash for as long as they can until the public figure out what they are all about.

    Many thanks for the article, would love to keep in touch with you and hopefully we can both add value to people’s lives around the world with our posts and books.

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    • You cannot sell it directly. But if you print your books using or NotionPress, they will list your books in Flipkart and Amazon.

  9. What if register myself as a seller on flipkart or i contact any other existing seller to sell my book, will it be possible in that case?

    • I am not sure about that. I wouldn’t recommend it because it is a lengthy process that an author doesn’t need to go through. Also you don’t want to do the shipments right?

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  11. This is great info. I also appreciated the Reply posted by Tahir Ali. I have attended a T Harv Eker weekend.

    Deepak, I need to set up a blog. And I need to follow your blog. Let’s connect.

  12. Deepak, A great article which I have read through to the end – and plan reading again. I have just completed a book “Our Heritage Revisited: A glimpse into ancient Indian texts”. This us basically a primer for the novice on which our Hindu texts are and a little perspective on each of the books . develoments. Thereafter starts the religious aspect covering ten of our major Upanishads. The cover design, layout etc. are all self-done, the book printed and free books given/being given amongst my circle – coincidentally almost exactly following what you have suggested. Would you be interested in reviewing my book?

    The next step of going commercial is to start so kindle etc. are in my mind. I shall be going through your excellent post again. Thanks.

  13. I read your article and I am writing for major publication but I am wondering if it is possible or beneficial to write a small book for self publication. If it will get my name out more in the industry, a bit more recognition when going to publishing houses.
    However, is your guide only for ‘How to guides?’ Would this system work for other books as well?

    Thank You,

  14. Deepak,
    I came across your article through looking into Gerry Robert’s Bootcamp. I really appreciate what you said in your article.

    I have just published a book through Xulon Press called “Built to Last: How to Build an Effective, Disciple-Making Church with Love and Patience.” Would you mind to put my book in your blog? You can also put my Video trailer link in hour blog if you don’t mind. You can take a look at my video trailer from Youtube. Just search for: Xulon Press, Built to Last, by Nelson Kung. Please take a look and see if you like it.

    People can find my book in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBook both in eCopy and hard copy. I don’t have a hard-cover book yet, but after reading your article, I think I will have a hard-cover book as well.

    I will also do more in advertisement. I also need to build up my personal network…

    Your advice is so helpful for me to push my book out. I would like to read further about what you have written and will write. Better still, I would like to become your friend. I went to India in 2010 with my wife. We were close to where you are. We were in Chennai and Eluru area. We helped establish an orphanage there in Eluru through the local churches. If God willing, we will go to India again sometime and I certainly would love to meet you.

    In Christ,

    • Good to know that you found my article useful. Thanks for reading. You can let me know when you come to India and we can surely meet.

  15. Deepak this is a really great article. I recently attended Gerry’s boot camp as well and had a great experience. I used the home study course before hand and was instantly inspired to write a book! Thank you for summing up all the information, and also providing all the extras on publishing your own book. Now it’s time to get to work! 🙂

    • All the best. Looking forward to your book. And I noticed that even Gerry Robert has got his covers designed in instead of relying on his own designers! I have updated the links in this article.

  16. Hi Deepak,

    This article sounds very useful and practical, and I am going to adopt these techniques and create my book! I’m so excited to do this, thank you for creating this article.

    Kind regards,


  17. hey Deepak ,brilliant observation of the detail within Gerry Roberts course , after attending it myself what you have left out is all the NLP that is used within the programme to coerce people subliminally and unwittingly playing on there emotions to coral them into parting with £35,000 which also should have been converted from US$ to equate to less , but that is only one of the holes in the teabag of a charade that is put on to con people out of there money . i can say this with no hesitation and if i am challenged on it i suggest you come along with me to the program and i will point out in minute detail each and every step of the ay how its done – BE WARNED – ITS THE SCAM OF THE MILLENIEUM .
    NLP is neuro linguistic programming – look it up and see how it is used negatively to embezzle money from people with half baked ideas that when the cold light of day and reality hits home that only then do they realise that they have been subliminally coerced into making a decision the would not have made based on the value of the product alone – which as this blog has also easily highlighted are vastly overpriced .everything costs money – i understand that but its the manner in the way its presented on top of the vast difference in price that constitutes what actually goes down at this event , on the back of massive public interest in people writing there own books these days – BE WARNED .

  18. Deepak,
    I see that you have written that the process of obtaining an ISBN is not very clear. I am a self-publisher and I have been successful in obtaining ISBNs in India for my book “Our Heritage Revisited : A glimpse into ancient Indian texts”. For the benefit of readers of your excellent post, I give the process involved – which is really extremely simple for self-publishers, it is also free.

    1. Download the form
    2. Fill it in completely. It is an extremely simple one page data to be entered. Only two columns had me thinking – I had to indicate the price and the subject. For the latter I picked the appropriate subject listed in the form which publishers have to fill.
    3. Get the enclosures ready – again quite simple.

    Submit the form, and that is it.

  19. My first time reading your blog. Very impressed and informed. One thing….are you aware of any writing groups in the DC, MD, VA area? Mine dismantled and I found it useful for support and actual writing. thanks

  20. Thank you for well thought out comments. Mr. Roberts prices are way too high for the book publishing. Potential authors should be doing their prior research.

    • You are welcome. Apparently some people feel that Robert’s prices are worth it. Such people are very busy to do their own research. They may never read this article. I wonder if they will find enough time to write the book!

  21. Thank you SO much Deepak!

    You just saved me the trouble to find babysitter, convince my husband to stay with our child all weekend long to attend Robert’s bootcamp. Thanks for shooting straight with all the info here and resources! I am motivated and have enough info to get started (and for free!) oh and I agree with Tahar Ali’s comment above.

    My respects!


    • Ha ha, I am glad that my long article helped. When I wrote the article I was not expecting any returns, but more than 2 people have got their book out with just the information in this article.

  22. Hey Deepak

    I am just finishing up writing my book. My deadline I have given myself is august 31. I am only looking to do about two hundred pages. It’s a guide on Alberta hiking here in Canada. Hiking is the hugest trend right now and I have homed in on the market for it. I already have stirred quite the buzz and got a lot of sponsors involved. My biggest concern is my lack of marketing skills. I don’t really know what I am doing haha.

    I already blast it all over social media and gathered a lot more followers from it. I was wondering if it was more beneficial to just do an online version of the book instead of paper copy. My budget is not that high.

    I plan on printing it 8 by 10. Because it fits the brand of how I want it to look. I have designed it so it looks like a yearbook meets a guide.

    Please tell me your thoughts on the matter!


  23. Dear Deepak, I am so glad you wrote this article. It inspired me to start writing a book and I will publish my book this year and will start planning it next week itself. As for blogging, I have yet to learn how to set up a lead generation page as well as squeeze page. So my current blog was done self learning with trials and errors. I need to learn how to capture leads by offering things for free, example a free ebook. The technical part I mean. I have just subscribed to AWeber but have not learn how to apply it yet.

    • Hi Peter, it will be quite easy to setup a landing page. I am not a tech person but I learnt how to set them up. You can try free tools such as and get a free mailchimp account. Or even setting up a Google docs form should work 🙂 All the best for your book.

  24. Dear Deepak,
    I am amazed to read your post. I have published a book called 3D: Dreams Desires Destiny, which is a romantic fiction having import message and strategies for prevention of cervical cancer. I feel its important for young girls and boys. But digital printing (POD) is making it quite costly. Keeping in mind the affordability of younger ones I thought of going for offset printing, which will reduce it cost to almost 60 % of the present (INR 200 or so). But after having minimum 1500 copies by offset print. How am I going to distribute it to various bookstores. I am not getting a clue for that. Do you have an idea in this field. Thanks.

    • Distributing to book stores would be a difficult task. Even if you do, the books stores will not display your book in the featured books section. The best way to distribute your book is via the online medium. You can sell the book in India via As soon as someone pays for it, ship the books to them. Also explore how to get the book listed on Flipkart and

  25. I was supposed to attend the bootcamp to be held here in Calgary tomorrow but scanning your article tells me that I don’t need to LOL thanks a lot! I have bookmarked your url for me to read it in details (It’s past midnight).. and get back to you =)

    • The bootcamp is worth it at least for the people who come there. And I guess the boot camps are free. I am only criticising the IAP program he has – way over priced.

  26. Hi Deepak, thanks a bunch for this long and informative article. I recently attended Gerry’s Bootcamp and found his price too high for the services he was offering.
    I decided i wasnt going to be put off so like you do, i decided to search for other alternatives and bang your article.
    I am now more than convinced that i’ll have my book out there sooner than had thought.
    Thank you so much for taking your time to put all that together.
    Bless you!!!!

    • When I received the first comment like this, I was satisfied that my article had served the purpose. But I am overwhelmed by the response. This post is helping more people than I thought! All the best for your book!

  27. Hi Deepak,
    Great review of Gerry’s workshop. I attended 2 of the 3 days. We were guessing the price and I was $15K lower! I loved the content and the easy system he gave to us, but he wasn’t our presenter. We had another chap, who was lovely and funny. I like your ideas and I am definitely writing a book, not even the one I had in mind. I will do my Profit book before my Passion book.
    Thanks! Lesley

  28. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for the heads up. Am actually in Day 2 of the seminar right now…..and decided to do some research. My mind is clearer now and yes, I will keep you in touch when my book comes out.

  29. Hi Deepak

    Great article. Just a note that Gerry doesn’t get you testimonials from famous people. He does state that he will show you how, which he does but giving you a template that you can send to famous people. If you sign up for his publishing program Gerry guarantees testimonials but he gets them from his own published authors which are few and far between.

    Another thing to add is that Gerry has had 1000’s of people sign up for his workshop and hundreds go through his publishing program yet there are only 100 or so authors highlighted on his website:

    So even if you sign up for his publishing program, there is still a significant chance that you will not get a book published, even as a self-published author!

    • Yes, I can agree to that. Direct access to Gerry is also not possible once you buy his program. His “co-workers” will help you with your questions.

  30. Thanks for summing up the seminar! Question: Do you think the 40 hour approach works if you are writing a fiction novel? The idea of breaking it down into questions? If so can you give an example? Thanks!

    • The approach will not work for fiction novels. And here we are not talking about fiction novels because it is all about branding yourself as an expert in a specific field.

  31. Hi Deepak, you’re a gem. not only did i read your entire post but also all the comments!! i attended Gerry’s bootcamp in September and i was totally inspired that i could write a book. i have finished my first draft since and now figuring out what’s the next steps… your post gave me several leads and things that i could try out and things that i should do.. gotta get the Cover out! i look forward to sharing my published book with you… thanks again:-)

  32. I would just say that in a very simplistic way , you have inspired the fire of dream for writing a book. Your research is very useful and priceless. I hope to get lot of more ideas on basic tools of digital marketing . Like how to make free videos advertisements ? thanks.

  33. Hi my name is Summyia and I will like to inform all that GErry Robert is a scammer
    I booked in a 3 day seminar in Melbourne and the first day realised it was not for Me.
    I asked them to refund me the money as per their refund policy was advised to send an email and they will do it
    Now been 3 months I have already send numerous email and no response
    I tried contacting them on Facebook and now they have blocked me as I started commenting about it on the posts
    People be aware I have lost my money u dont be fooled

  34. Hi Deepak
    Thank you for your superb summation of Gerry Robert’s ‘bootcamp’ seminar. You extracted the essence, detailed it in writing and exposed the simplicity of his process as well as the big dollar catch.
    I will be contacting you when the first of my books is ready for publishing.

  35. Deepak,

    No accident I came across this post. I am very grateful for all you shared both about Gerry Roberts “how to publish a book and grow rich seminar”, and perhaps more importantly your honest and candid opinion about the conference and also all the other information and resources you have shared in this post. I have about 7-10 books waiting to be written I am working on 2 concurrently right now. Thank you again for everything you have shared here. I hope you know well enough not everyone would have taken the time to reveal all that you have. Fine stuff, cheers

  36. Plz. Help someone in editing and layout.
    I wrote a math book. I have written data. I want it to print on demand sale. But problem is that i am novice. I dont know how can i type all my paper stuff, or in which softwere because these are maths equations. And who can edit or type my matter according to the eBook demnd or pod demnd. Plz help me. I dont know anything about book publishing.

    I just believe in one line.
    “Every expert was a beginner”

  37.   I happen to be a young man aged 19 and pursuing Biochemistry at the university of Zambia. I have written a business and motivational book based on both the spiritual and financial aspects.

    I am seeking for potential sponsors who can fund my book publications.

    I have already written a grand book aimed at enlightening Christians and poisoning poverty to death.

    Looking at our the world economy, we need informed people with bright and stimulating ideas to enhance self sustainability and economic development. Because truly wealth is a mental project.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and God bless.

  38. Hi Deepak,

    Your article about self publishing a book has inspired me a lot for writing eBook. It is a very good motivational article.

    I am also planning to write a book about health related one. In case of any help is required, I will contact you. Also, please inform me as to what kind of font, letter size to selected etc., which will help me to proceed.



    • Font should be a Serif font (fonts with ‘legs’) and make sure you write around 200 words per page for a 5×8 or 6×9 book. It will be fine. Adjust the font size accordingly!

  39. Hi Deepak,

    You are a life-marriage-pocket-well-being savior!!!! My hubby and i have been writing mini books and just putting them down from fear of hearing, they’re not good. BUT after reading your blog I’m so inspired that I’m gonna move forward and get at least one out and hold my breath . I just really want to say THANK YOU!!!!

  40. Thanks for the insight. I was going to attend his weekend bootcamp but now I dont have to. Seriously, Thanks! You are my new best friend!

    • You are welcome. I would recommend attending the bootcamp. You will have a good time and Gerry will crack a lot of jokes too 🙂

  41. I just came back from the boot camp and for $97, it is a great value. However, I cannot say the same about the $35K program. Although I Gerry did not describe it this way, it looks very much like a franchise, in which the author buys the franchise and pays Gerry $2/book royalty. Unless you are in the market for a franchise opportunity, it is hard for me to recommend the full program.

  42. This helps tremendously! I have been trying to write a publish a book myself, and you just saved me a lot of money and time of researching the methodology. My friend Rajiv Talreja just launched his book, following Gerry’s methodology. It is called ‘Lead or Bleed’.

    Kudos to you efforts, and looking forward to meet you in person.

  43. OMG! You are a blessing! Thanks for sharing this information. I just completed the first day of the bootcamp. I can benefit from the organization process; however, when given financing options, as a retired educator, a red flag went up. Your blog helped to put everything in perspective. I will write several books to encourage and motivate. I will go back today for Day 2 to gain knowledge. Thanks for your wisdom and research that is making self-publishing practical and feasible.

  44. I first read your article before attending the seminar boot camp this past weekend in Dallas and I’m glad I did. I feel that they play on your emotions to get people to part with money that they don’t need to. First you part with $35,000 then they take the money from your book sales. I’m sorry but that’s not a good business move from a long term point of view. To me it’s a scam to get over on the people who are misinformed about being an author. It did motivate me to write my books, but I wouldn’t publish with them.

  45. Hi Deepak,

    I have been following you for quite sometime. And today, really — my respect for you have risen a lot. I too have attended Gerry Seminar. I believe he is best at what he do. However, the pricing he charge is pretty higher as per Indian Standard. May be in US or other market — this price could be justified.

    Hey, i was just in the process of writing my first physical book – which will be launched in 15th May 16 through self publishing mode.

    Your article really helped me a lot for making a self publisher selection. Thanks very much.

    Arun Sharma
    Author @ Personal Growth Lab (dot com)

  46. Hi Deepak,
    Very informative & exhaustive article on publishing your own book. One day I would also want to publish one. Thanks very much.

  47. Thanks Deepak. I attended this workshop this weekend. It is as you have described above. There were some definitely good things with it however, the $45k was not something I would pay nor did i think it was worth it. They seemed to pad it with a lot of add-on’s website, forms etc, just to justify the costs. The only thing I thought was really worth it although not at the price offered was utilizing his database and also famous authors helping with a foreword or testimonial. Oh well, i’m sure the universe will bring those to me so for now I do plan on self publishing. Thanks for the tips you have provided here they are very valuable and give me confidence that i can do this!!

    Thank you!


  48. Hi Deepak,

    I am interested to publish a book for Adobe Photoshop which will help designers to refer this book.

    Thank you!

  49. I attended the bootcamp this weekend. It was a valuable experience. I was shocked at the $35,000 cost. I have finished writing the book so now I will use the info that I’ve gained from you & Gerry to publish & market it. I would like to take you up on your offer to help promote the book. Thanks for your encouragement!
    Author Bettie R from Detroit

  50. Very informative. I am planning on attending the same coming weekend, I was not sure whether it is just a scam. Your post helped me to decide.
    Thanks again

  51. Just came back from the boot camp held in Singapore from 16 to 18 Aug. They really did practise the 90% marketing and 10% content strategy which they advocate for publishing a book. In the boot camp (or should I call it sales camp) it was 90% sales pitch 10% content. I felt really stupid paying $100 to attend another sales pitch.

  52. Thanks for the systematic approach to publish a book. Though this covers non fiction and non poetry books (I write poetry) a lot of the points are applicable to these genres too. Let me take my first step to see my book published.

  53. Hi Deepak,
    This article is very useful and knowledgeable for me. Thanks for writing such a great articles with a to z detailed information. This may help lots of people like me. thank you

  54. Great article, I have my ticket for the Gerry obvert seminar, after reading this I will still attend for the networking side, but will most likely write my own book. Give me a month and will send you a copy to read before all my members of the gym get to. Already have the title.

  55. Deepak,

    You are razor sharp and you have a sniper’s perspective. Thank good sir for sharing your experience and information. I feel indebted to you. I wish there was a better way for me to show how appreciative I am for you taking the time to provide such a trough of information. You are awesome!
    Let me share my opinion about the Book seminar.
    My wife and I went to Gerry Roberts’ seminar last night and I have to be honest it is appealing. It is a loaded with a lot of feel good tactics, testimonies, and anecdotes to draw potential clients into committing to their services. My wife and I will not be attending the last two days of the seminar. Thanks to the information age I took it upon myself to research the cost and found it to be to costly. My wife is an accountant she would disown me. Honestly, the cost is a bit insulting if you know better. I am an author of two books. I self published through Xlibris at a much lower cost, in fact it cost me $199 and that included my cover design. I just had to pay for additional books etc. I also learned from self publishing companies will provide you with a UPC code and bar. However, I recommend getting your own so you don’t get into a copyright situation with your own book do to the fact that publishing companies own the rights of the UPC Bar code. In other words you own the creative material/writing of the book, they own the UPC Bar code and that you can not reproduce. I am in the process of discontinuing with Xlibris so I can have full ownership and control of my books.

    That leads me to ask can you steer me to some resources that offer printing at an affordable cost. Xlibris, charges a lot for an author to print copies of their own book. For example, they charged me $13 a copy and recommend I sell it at $20. Please can you point me to some publishing companies who are more affordable.

    Thanks for the insight,

    Jai Blaque

    • Hi Jai, thanks for the comment. Publishing scene differs from country to country. However, finding a local offset printer who can get the printing done shouldn’t be a big problem.

  56. Thank you Deepak
    I also was at gerrys boot camp 2/12/16 and think I gained some terrific info, I do not think he used any underhand techniques and worked hard to explain that it was expensive. He did not push. I reached much the same conclusion as you, however, I think his company could help if you fully commit, and you have the right product.
    Thank you for all your hard work and stop beating us at the cricket
    Regards luis

  57. I like your blog – it is very thorough and informative !

    I’ve been to Gerry’s seminars twice, so I can relate to many of the things that you’re talking about.

  58. I have 5 books on Amazon, and will be uploading a 6th soon. I have been very lax on marketing the last few years due to work, moving, and family. However, I am back on writing horse and have another 8 to 10 books to write or finish.

    Barry B Begault

  59. Also, I just came from Gerrys seminar. I NEVER believe all the hype, no do I like the idea of having to limit my genre or book size.
    Not my publisher!

  60. Thanks for the article. It’s very informative. Have you written anything on book marketing as mentioned in the post? Can you send a link for the same please?


  61. Excellent guidance,great info. I am an author of four published books. It really works in marketing of books the way you suggested. My first book,”Entrepreneur’s Businesses & Marketing Management ” sells over 5000 copies.

    Thanks brother.

    With love

    Susant paul

  62. I really appreciate your review article on Gerry Robert’s weekend workshop for which I just signed-up. What you shared about publishing internationally being costly is very true. I published a poetry book with Authorhouse in 2014. Most people who inquired about it complained about the cost of shipping being almost the cost of the book itself.. It was on Amazon but unless you purchase two or three copies or in combination with other items to hit a given threshold the benefit of free shipping was lost to the prospective buyer. As a result the book did not sell much and I am contemplating republishing it where I am. I am currently working on two other books and I have not yet decided how I want to publish them knowing that I will not be signing up for celebrity publishing.
    Thank you for the wealth of information you shared.

  63. Hello Deepak Sir! Before reading this article I always thought writing is no less than a rocket science. I had all the myths you mentioned..but after reading this, I feel so motivated to write a book. Thanks a tonne:))

  64. Please add me to your email list? I was looking into attending Gerry Robert’s seminar but the timing doesn’t work. After reading your great article, combined with my own background, I feel I can now do this differently! So thank you very, very much. Please keep me informed about whatever you are up to? Also, if there is a way to send you a private email (not posted here) I would like to know how to do that too. Thanks again. I think this might be one of the most useful articles I have ever read! I am grateful.

  65. Thank you, Deepak! I just attended the Bootcamp. I loved it and would love to sign up for the $35K program, but cannot due to cost. Thank you for showing me how I can do it for much less. I really appreciate the detail in your post, especially the line-by-line detail of the course components and ascribed values.

  66. I read through your entire post!

    Thank you so much for detailing the steps in publishing a book. I am in the editing stage of my book and as a retiree, was beginning to feel the heavy financial weight of its publishing process — I now feel lighter! Looking forward to more of your valuable and usable articles.

    Wishing you many blessings ahead.

  67. Hi Deepak,

    Not only has your post inspired me to continue learning as much as I can about publishing strategies for my newly published book, your well written post helped me make an objective decision to attend or not attend Gerry Robert’s weekend seminar in Toronto, Canada. After reading your post, I made my decision not to attend the seminar. I feel so much relief. I even prayed to God’s to help me make a wise decision. Thank you.

    I would like to follow up on one of your earlier posts: “contact me and I will feature your book on my blog at no cost! I may even publish a review of it and send it to my 1000+ email subscribers.” Is this promise still official??

    Again, thank you so much for posting your detailed article.

    Blessings, John

  68. Deepak,

    Firstly, great article calling out these “free” seminars for what they are.

    Like you say, if you go in with eyes wide open, there may be a lot to learn by observation of the techniques of how to get People to part with large sums of money!

    I would suggest that anyone thinking of attending, arm themselves with this article and also a book I re-read over and over

    Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion. Author.. Prof. Robert Cialdini

    I will be attending this Free seminar to observe their techniques.

    I did a similar thing but got paid $300 to attend a “60-90” minute presentation….last summer

    Time-Share at Whistler BC, Canada

    Great fun saying No for 3 hours

    They tried everything, to get me to part with my money, but I left with theirs and furthered my education.

    I Am researching for a title as yet, but it is about the future of selling … Partnering…


    Roy Cooper

  69. Dear Deepak,
    You are doing great service to the individual and society gently and covered the topic comprehensively, reviewing all the aspects. Since last year I was trying to search for an economical and reliable publisher/distributor/seller for a series of my Yoga and Management book and books (~100 pages) of kavita ready with pdf. ISBN can be requested from Govt. site, MMM. Notion has agreed to do with a processing fees and charge for Flip K and Amazon, nearly 10k. I thank you for the blog helping in know about the options. However, I like to know, is it better to get printed 1000 copies instead of 200 including ISBN no. or just send the word/pdf file to concerned distributing press Indian/International?

  70. Thanks Deepak. I always wanted to write a book. But i had all the myths that you have cleared above. This article was really helpfull. I will surely start writing.

  71. Why would I need to get an ISBN number, and what purpose does it serve me?
    How and where do I get one ?
    How much does it cost?

  72. This is kind a blog I guess you have written, So long!! just kidding

    Amazing tactics to write and publish a book, hope I will write a book very soon.

  73. Hi Deepak,
    This is exciting.
    I love the content and your patience to write this long post.
    I attended Gerry Robert’s seminar in Singapore in 2015. In India I think he sold this programme for 15 lakhs. I personally know of a few friends who took this programme and their book is yet to be written, what to talk of publishing.
    I had a Book Coach, Satish Purohit. He charged me a fraction and did a tremendous job. He is an excellent coach. And my first ‘imperfect’ book (as Gerry suggested) “Design Your Life.’ was done in 6 months. It is doing very well. The only regret. I went to Notion Press and I will not like to go to them ever again. It was a bad experience.

    Now I am writing my second book “Million $ Second” which is almost done. It is focussed on the importance, relevance and value of time. I am throwing in some unique ideas and one of them is to get sponsored chapters, dedicated to the organisations which value time.

    Looking forward to interacting with you on more marketing ideas.

    There seem to be more authors than readers. Almost every trainer is writing a book ‘for the heck of it.’ Its become fashionable. Who will read?

    With many bootcamps on the subject I also see the focus of the book homing on to the ‘marketing tool’ aspect, with clear suggestions of not to focus on content. That will be unfair to the concept of a book. An author MUST have a strong message to spread. How you do it can be marketing. But writing a book purely as a marketing tool is something I feel you are being unfair to the poor ‘book’

  74. Really awesome to read this blog. I didn’t moved till i came to end of the article really awesome. Really inspiring.
    Thanx a lot sir and hoping to see the same articles.


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