New Google AdWords Layout to be Rolled Out in 2016-2017

New Google AdWords Layout to be Rolled Out in 2016-2017

According to the recent announcement from Google, AdWords layout is going to change soon. This is the first major change after 15 years of AdWords. The new layout will be rolled out in phases and it may take as long as an year or two before the migration is complete.


The new design will mimic the design elements in other Google products such as Maps, Gmail and Google+. According to Google, the new layout will help you make changes faster and get data and reports with less ambiguity.

Once the layout change is implemented, there is nothing that you need to change. The basic structure of the campaigns will remain the same and your existing campaigns, ad groups and ads will continue to run as it has always been.

The new layout has been designed with a special focus on location based ads, mobile ads, video and display. People do not access the internet via single devices anymore. Internet users use multiple devices through out the day to access the internet and the new layout has been designed keeping in mind the behaviour of the consumers.


The AdWords interface will also be optimized for accessing via tablets and mobile devices. Advertisers can track and make changes to the campaigns on the go.

This is all the info we have right now about the new AdWords layout. I will update this blog post as I find more updates.