OptinChat Review: Collect Email IDs of Visitors with AI Chat!

For most of the bloggers and publishers, the number one call-to-action on content pages is to get visitors to optin with their email IDs. Without building an audience, you cannot grow as a blogger, and one of the best ways to build an audience is to build an email list!

There are many ways get your visitors to optin. One of the most common methods is a lightbox modal that appears on the screen, either on page exit or after a few seconds of the website visit. But they are still forms and it can be a boring task to fill forms. Other methods include a top bar that collects email ID, modals that appear on link-clicks and optin forms below blog posts.

How about chatting with users and asking for their email IDs in an interactive way?

I have been experimenting with a new way of collecting email IDs called OptinChat and I have been surprised by the results.  Instead of collecting both name and email ID in a form, OptinChat chats with my users which first asks for an email ID and then the name. You can see it working on my site right now. It also pops up with a catchy ‘ding’ sound to grab the visitor’s attention.

This chat is not Live chat but looks like one. And we humans are wired to respond to chat messages! This chat module appears on the bottom right of websites. You can create a similar chat module and deploy it on your website within minutes, at no cost.

There is a question builder that you can use to configure the chat module and create a JS code that can be installed on your website.

Click Here to Get OptinChat for your website for free.

There is also a WordPress plugin that helps you deploy it on WordPress blogs! Or you can deploy the JS code directly on your WordPress blog.

Funnel Visualization

OptinChat also has funnels that help you visualize the stats. From impressions to unique views to emails collected, all the data is clearly shown in a funnel format.

Within a few days, I collected 223 emails on my blog with OptinChat. And the conversion is an insane 10.33%. Initially, it was 14%! This is more than 2x of my lightbox modal.

Downloading The Data

To download the names and email IDs you have collected, you can click on View Records and download a CSV file. It can also be filtered based on the date.

For now, all the leads can be downloaded only in CSV format, but direct integrations with other email marketing tools are coming soon.

Optimized for Speed and SEO

OptinChat doesn’t load via a static server but a CDN! It is optimized for the maximum load speed. The module also loads asynchronously and doesn’t affect your website’s page load speed or SEO in any way.

Security and Data Integrity

All your data is stored on secure servers, and the login area is secured by HTTPS. Your data is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Upcoming Features

Some new features that will be released at OptinChat include:

  • Ability to show different messages on different pages
  • Show images in the chat window
  • Conduct surveys/polls
  • Collect feedback and have it sent to your email ID
  • Collect phone numbers
  • Seamless integrations with major email marketing tools

Give it a try and leave a comment below about what other features you would like to see!

If you need integration with email marketing tools, let me know which tools you would need. OptinChat team will start building the ones that are most popular.

48 thoughts on “OptinChat Review: Collect Email IDs of Visitors with AI Chat!”

    • Without a doubt , your blogs have a lot of clarity .
      Question – who is Deepak ? The one with Beard appearing on the Optin chat or the one who is on the Blog ?
      However Appreciate your work . Thanks .

  1. Well how we will know that the collected email ids were active or not…So there should be a features which can show whether the email ids were active or not

  2. Hi deepak sir. How can I use the emojis on windows. The video shows for Mac but for a windows system, I am unable to find the combination to add emojis in the questions. Thanks

  3. Hello Deepak, You are always helping people like me.It’s been great working with OPTIN Chat Now am Feeling like great to work on my website , are people seeing the Magic how it’s been done.The Product is amazing thanks for Making such a nice Product.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    Your post give me idea of building AI Bot for my website.
    I am not sure you are owner of Optin Chat but I have develop previously AI BOT inside Display Ads.

    If you need any customized Chat bot, you may reach out @digitaldevnet.

  5. Hi, Deepak!
    You’ve made a brilliant tool for bloggers to get more email subscribers easily! I like the sound feature as it gets visitors attention.

    I want to suggest one feature that the tool should send the subscriber email to the owner. So that we can get notified instantly whenever a visitor submits his/her email.

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Deepak!

    I am a regular visitor on your site and fond your articles. It is a very great source of information at one place. When I knew about ‘OptinChat’, initially I like it. However, during regular visit on your site, it started little irritating me. Even if I change the tab and come back on your site after a while, it pops up again.

    My concern is, what if other people/ clients feel the same way? Is there any method we can prevent the pop up for regular visitors without sign in process?

    Do reply…

    Best Luck

  7. hey its a nice article, optin form is looking really good on my site and i love the way it interacting and the most important look of this optin form is, it is 2 step optin form which helps the users to understand in a easy way, i have already installed this optin form on my site that is http://www.tabsdigital.com and its looking fantastic in it. thank you for the help and will look forward for the more information where i can grab handful knowledge of Digital marketing and im very happy to stay connected with you Mr, Deepak. Even i have enrolled for your SEO mastery classes by paying some amount and those where very interesting one as well… will look forward for more in the future.


  8. OptinChat is great help from Deepak sir for catching mail ids of traffic coming in. Can i know soultion to implement it in basic wordpress blog where we dont get ‘Add Plugin’ option

  9. I am in love with Optin Chat. This feature is mind boggling . Deepak sir , where is your leg man ? I wanna touch your feet.

  10. It’s a great tool deepak. But i suggest you one feature i am sure lot of bloggers need that.

    Allow us to send newsletters by using default or some templates in optinchat to all subscribers.

  11. Sir, i just purchased optin chat and integrated it with my aweber account. The integration is not working properly as my mails are not going into my aweber subscription list and hence my automatic mails are not reaching to my subscribers.

  12. i have website i need get traffic on it. but i dont have budget for paid marketing. can you tell me tip and trick about seo that will help to my website to get ranking in search engine of high value keywords please share some ranking factor which most matter to website.


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