The Top 5 Traits of Successful Digital Marketers

The Top 5 Traits of Successful Digital Marketers

How to become a successful digital marketer?

Before we get to it…

We need to understand one thing.

  • What makes those super successful digital marketers?
  • How do they earn such respect and salary?
  • How are they so successful?
  • What is it that separates them and the rest of you?
  • How come they get paid in gold when you scrap peanuts?

A lot of you has been wondering, and many of you want to be them.

Because if we find answers to those questions, then we can use them to become successful like them.

So I went ahead and spoke to them.

VPs of marketing, Heads of marketing, and digital marketing heads

All those elite marketers who you want to become

And I asked them how they broke the barrier.

According to them, they weren’t doing anything special

But the more I talked to them,

I noticed a pattern emerging.

Unknowingly, they all had few things common among them that I believe is the key to their success.

And that’s what you need.

To be precise, 5 things common among them.


Just 5 things.

That’s what you are going to learn in this blog post.

1. They Understand It’s All About Marketing

They don’t approach marketing in silos.

They understand it’s about positioning, branding the products and services and getting the audiences interested in them and eventually buy them.

Digital Marketing is just a medium to achieve it.

And SEO, PPC or social media are just channels to achieve the results.

They start with the bigger goal on the top and then drill down to ways to get to the target.

They don’t focus on traffic, likes, shares, and comments.


They focus on how each tactic is helping in getting the customers.

2. They Understand It’s P2P

They don’t see marketing as B2B or B2C.

They understand marketing is P2P, people to people or H2H, human to human.

They understand

It’s not about the product or the business.


It’s about making connections with their audience, understanding their pain, and positioning their product or service as the solution to that pain.

It’s about creating a product that solves their audience’s problems.

They believe marketing is all about the users.

And they use that belief as their north star in their marketing campaigns.

They don’t see the metrics as visits or clicks or bounces.

They look at it as

Why people visit their website or app

How they browse or behave once they are on the website or app

When, where, and why they leave the website or app

Why they didn’t take action

And so on

They try to find an answer to each of those questions and use it to optimize their marketing campaigns and marketing assets.

3. They Excel In Communication

Successful marketers believe in the power of communication and the importance of communicating their ideas with clarity and effectiveness.

They sharpen their communication skills.

When they communicate, they come straight to the point.

Whether it is an email or a conversation over the coffee or an internal meeting or convincing their boss, they do it great.

And they are also good listeners.

They understand listening is the key to good communication.

While listening, they know when to be silent and when to ask a question to understand further.

That helps them in empathizing with their audience, their colleagues, and their bosses

And that makes them even more efficient.

4. They Empathize

They understand empathy is essential to succeed in marketing.

They are either naturally empathic, or they gradually develop it.

They empathize with their audience, colleagues, and bosses.

That helps them in understanding their audience, colleagues, and bosses better and respond accordingly.

and that drives their marketing and advertising campaigns.

That makes their campaign to stand out, connect instantly with their audience, and produce outstanding results.

5. They Take Initiatives

And this one is the most important trait they possess.

They don’t wait for instructions.

They don’t wait to be told what to do.

They take actions.

They take initiatives.

They use their north star belief to guide their initiatives.

They use their empathy and communication skills to support their initiatives.

They don’t worry about what if it fails or how people will react if they fail.

They understand failing is part of success and they don’t let it stop them.

And that’s it.

The 5 traits all the successful marketers possess.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you possess any of these traits?

If not, what are you going to do?

Are you going to develop those traits and become successful?