How to List Your Business on Google Maps with ‘Google My Business’

If you have searched for a shop, restaurant or an office address, you would have noticed that a search result with a map listing would have showed up in Google search. Sometimes, this will also have pictures of the business premises, the address and phone number. These results are not automatic. They come up because the business owner has listed his business on Google Maps. It is now time to list your business on Google Maps!


Earlier this feature used to be called Google Places, now it has been changed to Google My Business. This post will show you how to get your business listed on Google My Business.

Once you list your business there, you will not only get a map result when someone searches for your company name on Google but you will also show up with location and contact info when someone looks up for your place in the Google Maps app in mobile, tablet or desktop.

This is very important because unless you enter the correct address and pin the location on the map, sometimes your business will be listed in the wrong place and your potential customers may end up at the wrong streets looking for you!

Example Result in Desktop

Here’s an example of what shows up on Google when you search for “100 ft restaurant Indira nagar”. It has photos, map location, address, open/close hours and reviews. You should try to bring such results when someone searches for your brand name.


Example Result in Mobile App

When someone searches on the mobile app, the listing should be feature rich like this. The following screenshot shows the result for “California Pizza Kitchen Indira Nagar” in iPhone Google Maps App. (Which by the way is not a great restaurant if you want to have pizzas!).


Step 1: Create & Setup Your Personal Google+ Profile

You need a Google+ page for your business to list your business on maps. Google+ pages can be created only through your personal Google+ profile.

Having your personal profile on Google+ will also help you setup authorship for your blog. Once it is setup and verified, your face will show up along with the search results. (Update: No photos any more. Google now displays only the name and link).

Step 2: Create a Google+ Page for your Business or Brand

If you already have a G+ page for your business go to Step 3. Or from your personal Google+ profile, go to Pages from the left sidebar and you will see the following screen. Click ‘Get Your Page’ to start building your Google+ page.

get on google

If you already have a Google+ page you can also go to All Your Google+ Pages from the drop down menu on the top right. Then click on Get Your Page.


In the next page you will get three options. Here you have to choose carefully. The first two options will allow you to add an address in the map and the last one doesn’t. According to Google, if you have a business premises where customers walk in, then it makes sense to mark it on the map. However if you want to create a page for your brand (a product line, music band etc.) there is no need to mark it on the map – it wouldn’t make sense.


When you click the first and second options, you will be taken directly to the maps. So the creation of a Google+ page is now automatically integrated into the maps using ‘My Business’. One cannot create a Google+ page for a retail store without including a map location.

It could get a little confusing here. Google assumes that your business may be already listed on the map and wants you to claim ownership of it. So first you have to try searching for your business even if you know for sure it is not listed. Then you have to click on Add Your Business.


Once you click on Add Your Business you will be taken to the next step where you have the option to enter your business details.


Enter all the details and click continue. Google will confirm your address and then send you a 6 digit verification on a post card to your address. This step helps Google verify your address and make sure that there are not any inaccurate listings on Google Maps.


The post card will arrive at your door step within 2 weeks.

Step 3: View and Edit your Dashboard

All the settings and information about your Google+ page is now bought under a single page called dashboard. Once your page is ready you will see a link on your page called View Your Dashboard.


Once you click on the link you will be taken to a page where you can edit the details about your page such as phone number, website, category, open/close working hours and of course – the address on the map. You can also add photos of your business premises and it would show up when someone searches for your brand name on Google. Try searching for “Digital Deepak” in Google and see the photos of my office!


The dashboard also has insights, reviews and analytics. There is something new called AdWords Express which helps you run ads quickly without having to login into the rocket-cockpit style regular AdWords interface. Some options will be unlocked only after you enter the verification code that you get via postal mail.

There is also an option to add a street view style 3D virtual tour. To add that click Add Virtual Tour on the dash board.

Step 4: Keep Everything in Sync

If you are using different Google services for your business it makes sense to bring them all under one Google account so everything gets integrated. For example, the dashboard also shows the number of unique visitors the website has got – this data is taken from Google analytics. So here are the list of 7 services you should bring under the same Google account to make everything easy, seamless and integrated:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Personal Google+ Account
  • Google+ Business Page
  • Feedburner
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Adwords

When your website is verified with Google webmaster tools & analytics, Google will also show the latest posts from your blog below the map listing on Google search. This can help you in Inbound Marketing.

Step 5: Get Reviews and Ratings

Having a good review when someone searches for your brand name in Google helps a lot in creating a good brand image. Anyone can write a review for your store, restaurant or product through their Google+ account. You can explicitly ask your fans and followers to leave a review on your Google+ page. Ratings start to appear after a few reviews and ratings have been entered. This how it appears on the right side bar of Google search:


Need My Help?

I can help you list your business on Google maps. Connect with me on Email or Social media and send me a message. If you have any questions, comment below this post. Looking forward to see your business on Google Maps!

139 thoughts on “How to List Your Business on Google Maps with ‘Google My Business’”

  1. Great post. I knew that the process has changed but you laid it out very clearly. I have included my business in maps and waiting for the postal verification code.

  2. I am with Andrew, you’ve explained it in a easy and understandable way. Great info for people who work with offline clients.

    Never knew that the review stars come from Google+ accounts. Guess I don’t get out enough 🙂

    Thanks Deepak.

  3. Hello Deepak,

    Thank you for sharing very valuable information. It is really helpful.
    I have been facing an issue with google places. My business appears on Google Maps but, doesn’t appear on google search web. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Mahesh, we can’t do anything to make sure that it gets listed on Google Search. It is done automatically and all you can do is wait.

  4. My business is on the search and map, but a SMALL red dot. Not one of the A,B,C,D,E,F, G Flags. How do I get that? Do I have to Pay for Ad Sense?

  5. Hi, great article! Thanks…one query though… when doing a google search for my company (aquasport international… dependent on search criteria it will sometimes show my company on the map alongside the results and sometimes do i get it to show all of the time??

  6. hi deepak thanks for the post. but I have one question.
    my business has already been verified. but now also it is not appering on the right side of google search.
    please let me know about that procedure. and thanks again.

    • Hi Shivam, is it appearing on Sometimes we cannot always guarantee that it will appear in Google search. But if it is coming on maps then you have done every thing you could have.

    • what I know is that since you require a G+ page to spot your address and on one page you can put only 1 address. So there is no way to put multiple locations listed on a single business page or profile.

      To list more locations, create one more profile then create a page and then put the address and mark its location.

      For another repeat the process.

  7. Hi,
    I have my company “Prash Solutions”
    My Site is:
    I have make page called “Prash Solutions Web and Mobile Application Development” and done all address verification
    I have verified address now.
    But It is not showing Map on Google search while text as “Prash Solutions”
    which steps are remaining?

  8. Does one have to have a verified website to come up in a Google search? I have a business with a direct sales company and our websites are replicated. I would much rather put my address in there to show up on a map, but do not necessarily want my people coming to my house looking for a personalized handbag or luggage. Suggestions? Is there a way around this? Thanks!

  9. i have a nail salon business that is close to my house. Normally, i use my phone or my computer and search nail salon when i seat in the house. My business always come up and show up on the list. But now it doesn’t .

  10. Hi there

    I have an existing page but seems the inclusion on Google maps was missed. Please advise how to include it now. Going the route as per above just allows me to create more Google+ pages?

  11. Hi,
    thanks for step 4. This idea didnt occur to me.
    google has not sent me postal verification mail so far.
    I did all steps as you said one months back.
    I did same for my father’s business (in same physical building but different address). they sent postal verification mail for his business and did phone verification for him. they didnt invoke any phone verification for me. any idea. you have cleared all my doubts in replies to others.

  12. Hi
    I hope you can help me. I do some internet marketing for a company called Tyrezone. They have 5 branches namely, Hi-Q Brackenfell, Fit & Go Brackenfell, Hi-Q Helderberg, Tyrezone Durbanville and Hi-Q Parow. These are all tyre fitment centres in the Western Cape, South Africa and the word that comes after the name is the area they are situated in eg Hi-Q Helderberg – area = Helderberg. I have verified the branches except Fit & Go Brackenfell and Hi-Q Parow. My struggle is that these listings are not appearing on google maps. I don’t know what I have done wrong. Can you please help.

  13. I have added my listing, the thing is i have google+ accoutn as well, but when I zoom in to the map from a private window, it doesnt show up my business on the map.

    But if I am logged in in google, it shows me when i zoom in…

    what can be a problem

  14. I have to search my business exactly name so they show up . But when I try to searching for nails shop in maumelle I don’t see my holly nails and spa show up ? Can someone help me with this please!

  15. Hi
    I have added my business and have the vertification code. When you search for my business I show up but when you search using google maps for my type of business all the other ones show up but not mine. Why is that?

  16. I am having exactly the same problem as the Holly above my comment. I have to search my business exactly by the name so that it shows up. Why does it not appear when searching relevant keywords? All my competitors seem to show up fine!


  17. Hello
    I have three shops in Thailand. htey are all the same brand.
    I was wondering how i can add them all on google maps with out haven to do three separate google+ pages.

    • There is an option to list multiple business pages with the same Google+ page. I have not blogged about it here. But if you browse around it, you are sure to find it!

  18. Hi,
    If I google my business name and provide the address, the nice map box and photo of my store pops up next to the google listing. But if I just google my business name, the map doesn’t show up. Is there a way to make the map show up anytime someone googles my business? (Even better, it would be great if it showed up when people googled my type of service, i.e, ski rentals in Winthrop.)
    Thanks for the help

  19. It has been more than three weeks and I haven’t received the postal verification code yet. I have tried the option of re-sending the code from my company’s page as well but I haven’t received anything yet. How should I proceed further?

  20. Hi Deepack have you seen problems with the verification window not appearing after filling in the page to get on Google. All fields are complete and when I click continue I get a message loading and then nothing. I have no popup blocks, I have tried 5 diferent devices with different o/s and browser combinations and I get the same result. Chrome, Mozilla, and IE, Not tried a Mac yet! Just trying to get my business on Google

    • I have not seen such a problem and I am surprised why it is happening for you. Can you check with another PC or a Mac? Try Google Chrome Incognito and make sure that you don’t have any plugins.

  21. Hi Deepak,

    Very informative page thank you.

    My business name shows up on google maps when I search it specifically but when I just search by the area it does not show up. Is this a waiting game or have I missed a step?

    • Yes there is an option for listing multiple store fronts. I have not explained how but I know for sure that such an option exists.

      • hi, i’m searching for such option for displaying multiple locations and multiple G+ profiles on search results too…can you instruct to show such options to me….please….its very important to me.

  22. I’m working for a software development client who just doesn’t want the hassle of bothering about this because it’s not the way he does business as a B2B supplier. Google started putting this map stuff up stating he was a “computer shop” which confused prospects.
    It’s entirely aimed at local B2C businesses and the brand/website alternative that Google suggests is just yet more fiddly hassle.
    Can we opt out and just stop this appearing at all?

  23. Hi
    I have done all this, correctly putting the address,etc. but still the maps are not showing up in google search results. When I tried looking at it from google ad preview, it displayed maps result to me in domain.
    But my business is in India, and we use
    and I want my store location to shown when searched from India.

    Kindly help.

    • Hi Aashima, I believe there is nothing you can do immediately. Within a few days to a week your store should start showing up in the domain as well.

  24. Hello – First thank you for this article. I was lost with out it.

    However, I have followed all the steps but I have not received the post card with my verification code. Des any one have advice or recommendations on contacting google about this?

    Thanks so much!

  25. Deepak,
    I have set up the Google+ account and get verified. The search on Google Map show my address.
    I can see that some other businesses automatically shown on the map without any search. How can I make my business shown automatically on the map even without any search?


  26. That’s really useful info thanks. However, when I type my company name trainers direct Sydney into Google it doesn’t come up and I’m not sure why. Even if i’m more specific and put trainers direct frenchs forest, it doesn’t! Any advice gratefully received.

  27. Hi,

    I have listed in google maps but now showing on serp. wt’s the reason..had shown before, not showing any listing for that search..pls help me



  28. Hi Thank you for these information! Useful and clear post. I have my business page they verified my address but my business doesn’t show up on maps….do you know why? 🙁

  29. Hi

    When I enter in google map search: Oris, Tbilisi it shows my business location on the map, but it does not show business location when I open that place at the map in general.
    I have already entered verification code approximately 10 days ago and verified my business.
    What should be done to appear my business on general google map to everyone ?
    David Gotoshia

  30. I’ve verified my google+ page by post. Signed up with AdWords. Followed through with Google My Business Locations. But my ad isn’t showing up in google or google maps. The only way someone can find it is if they google Four Sticks Music School google. Please help me!

  31. I have one doubt to add google map. I have two address on the one business name.. i have add 2nd address to the same business name google tells keep the information and entered.. what option i choose this situation. is good or bad to add 2 address on the same business name… please suggest me.

  32. I’m in a similar boat to Josh. Our business and private address is a post box # (No other option as we in a regional area). The physical location address is obviously different. The question is in my case; How do I put a post box # aswell as the physical address?

  33. Hi..i own a fine dine restaurant in ooty named pakwan!!i get many calls saying tat our restaurant is not on google do i go bout it…someone asked me to mark it on google..but i dont knw how to do it…kindly help

  34. This was awesome information! Thank you…I searched for quite a while looking for the basics of how to get our business on Google Maps, and I struggled to find something straight forward like this.

    I do have one question, though. When it comes to verification, if my business is verified (the little green verification checkmark shows up on my business profile), then is my address also considered to be verified?

  35. Hello, I have followed your helpful instructions and received and added my verification code yesterday. However when I search for the business website using key words which should bring it up – it is not listed on the google map. Is this because it takes time to be activated ? or do I need to do more to get my business found through key word searches?

  36. How to get my website map in list of google map in right side of search engine?
    How to get google+ page in top of organic search?

  37. When searched isango on google a box appears on the right which reads
    Founded: 2006, London, United Kingdom

    How can I edit/ add more text to this?

  38. Hi, found this useful but I registered my business and entered the verification code but my business still doesnt appear on the map list when I do a search as if I am a customer

  39. I need some assistance. I have recently added an additional business location beyond the original one, thus two locations now. Yet when I search “beansmith” only one location appears. I have a Google+ page with two business pages associated with it for the two separate locations. However, when you search google maps only one of the two locations appears (the original location). I am in need of assistance to change things so both locations appear.

    Chris Smith
    Beansmith Coffee Roasters
    (402) 510-0420

  40. I have verified my business. But still i cannot see my bussiness on google map. I mean my business is in a village and when i open my village map in google map it does not show my business with suitcase icon.

  41. Can you tell? why it happens that if you joined a community on google+
    My post on that particular community didn’t appear when I log out or when i check it in private browsing it never appear to anyone?
    and i happens mostly with posts including pictures
    can you put light on it

  42. Hi, my dashboard is complete 100%, verified for over a week now but i still havent see any live post up at google. what could possibly gone wrong?

  43. Hi
    Nice post. You tell about setup of business profile in very simple way. Thanks. I have a question. How we can add multi location of a single brand name? Can you tell me? I am facing this problem.

  44. hello sir actually i have a doubt about a google map. i registered my business successfully on google map but if i am searching my business then its found otherwise it doesn’t shows as like the other how to show that without searching it. and one more problem how to set the icon on map location so everyone can easily understand about my business.

  45. I followed everything step by step and still nothing happned. We are at the top due to paying for PPC, but it wiped us out of the map area. We have a 4.8 rating with over 70 reviews, but nobody knows that once we got wiped away. Was paying per click the wrong thing to do?

  46. Hello Deepak and thanks for the excellent post; it was most helpful. I have done all these steps and I just wanted to confirm that there is some sort of time frame needed to get right page listing with the map (I have just verified my account with the PIN that was sent about a week ago). I have a number of competitors here in this town and when you search for academia de ingles Antequera (Spanish for English academy Antequera), they show up with the ‘A, B, C,’ etc. marker on the map but I don’t. In Google+ and Maps it’s there but in general search it’s not. In any event we are number 1 in the results due to our Facebook page. Am I right in the assumption that it’s only a matter of time, or have I done something wrong?

  47. Hello,

    We already have our google+ business page set up. Our issue is with how our map reflects when you search google for our company. We service Austin, Houston and Dallas and would like for our map to reflect a triangle (vs. the circle radius) showing the coverage for all the cities. A good example of this is when you search for Alexa’s Photography on google you will see the triangle overlay that we are trying to replicate for our business.

  48. So, I got everything set up. But when I do a general search for tattoo shops in Norman (my business is a tattoo shop), a list of shops is at the top of the results page but mine isn’t on this list. How do I get mine to show up??

  49. Hello –
    I work for an advertising agency in Philadelphia, PA.
    We recently started working with a client providing urgent care in the Spring Hill, Florida area. Obviously, if you open a google search for “urgent care,” you are in dire need of medical attention and will not want to scroll down to see all of your options. Currently, the company is registered on Google My Business, but is not one of the first 5-10 that comes up when you search “Urgent Care, Spring Hill, Florida.”
    How would I go about making it so that the company is one of the first that you see on the map when you google Urgent Care in the area?
    I cannot seem to get a straight forward answer regarding how to go about this.
    My phone number at the office is 215-922-3022

  50. I am curious as to “why” the photographs for our business shows up under Google Business with certain keyword searches but not other terms. We do rank #1 for certain keywords and the photos for Google Business reveal themselves, is this the cause?

  51. How do I make my restaurant searchable by menu items. We serve acai bowls but when I type “acai” into my Google maps mobile apps, my restaurant doesn’t show up in search results but other restaurants that search acai do.

  52. Hello,

    I’m very familiar with this process, per a previous job. My husband & I have begun our own set of businesses, and as I’m trying to do the process for ours, I run into ‘Invalid Request’ error, after filling in the address info…yikes! I know how important google address listings are, and cannot complete the process…help (if you can).

  53. Hello, thank you for this article. I just got the code today. My bussines is now verifyed.

    But there is a problem. When I search by my city in googlemap, my bussines dosen’t appear! It appears only when I write my bussines name? Why is that, how do I appeart it even when I search by my city? Thank you.

  54. Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for sharing such a useful info,I can see my company maps on right side of my search result.Now i want to add my social networking like (Quora,Facebook,Twitter) in to that right box.And more like company CEO and CFO.please help me to figure out some solution to it.

  55. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for your great blog.

    I’ve read through the comments and there are several people who are having an identicle issue that I can’t see a reply for from you.

    Can you please kindly let us know why is it that when I search for my business name, It shows up on google maps…
    but when i search using google maps for my “type of business” all the other ones show up but not my listing. Why is that?

    how do I get my business showing up in the list with the A B C D map when I search for my “type of business”? This will obviously help me to gain new customers in my area that don’t know I exist yet to search my biz name.

    I’ve done all the steps in the blog. Page verified etc.

    It will show up when i search the exact name, but not otherwise.

    Thanks for helping us, I think your answer for this will provide a missing piece of info for many of us.

  56. Dear Sir,

    I like to know how can i set symbol(like i can see others have symbol like coffee center have cup& saucer symbol and shopping center have symbol of luggage bag ) in my google place that i have added and approved .please help me with this ASAP.

    Thanks in advanced.


  57. Hi Deepak,

    I listed my Business. But didnt get the post card for the past 6 – 8 months. Is there some way to follow up?


  58. if you resisterd in google local business directory you dont have need to to directory subbmission , google local business directory enough to show that your business is relevant .


  59. Hi, I would like to know how to get Google map for my app example ola cabs and swiggy.and also I would like to know the cost of the same …..

  60. Hi Deepak.. read your blog today. Need to talk to you about my business page. If you could pls share your email.Id. would be great help.


  61. Thanks for above guidence, I would like to say that , I want to up my google map in any keyword what people will search related to my business. It is possible or not.

  62. Hi Deepak,

    can you please let me know that how many websites we can add by single Email, for example i have three websites Like one is toys store and another both sites also different category.

    So i want to know can we create Google Business Listing by the same email id for three websites, please help


  63. Thanks for this info – I have a question though, we have several locations under the one business name and I can’t see how I can select for them to all be listed together instead of just the closest one when someone searches in Google. I note when I search large chains like Countdown (in NZ) you a get of A,B,C etc for locations. Any idea how I can set this up so that all office options come up and not just one? Thanks

  64. Hi Deepak,

    I want to do business listing on google just like BBC, Carwale as they don’t display their address on google and also having the links of social media and other imp information.
    Please guide me how to do this type of box in the right hand side of google page without address and timing of the company.

  65. Great Article. But, I am wondering how some pics of our branches were posted? I do not see them in Google only when I search for our branches on the side. I will be adding pics, but not sure where they received the ones that are showing as they are not in Google profile anywhere. Do you have an explanation?

    • It may be in your website. google robot will crawl that. to avoid this issue kindly disallow the google bot crawl the images in robots.txt file

  66. I have seen in some listing shows “own this business?” why its shows?

    i just edited some other person listing & claim business and it ask do you authorised for this business then i can able to edit listing anybody can claim other business. and verify business by getting code in own address.

  67. I have added our Fuel station in category Petrol Pump. When i search perol stations, search brings our business.. But when we search for Gas Stations shortcut in maps in mobile. It shows all petrolbunks nearby except mine..

    Name: ERK Fuels,Erumiyampatti

  68. Hello,

    I am gurwinder singh. presently I got google verification letter from google and I put google verification code on my business address. problem is this when I search web design continuum on google it show nothing. when i open my register gmail id then search it show.

    what is difference?

  69. Hey,
    Hope you’re doing great!!

    I am very familiar with the listing a business on google. Recently some changes in Google Local listing according to the update released by google on local listing. I find myself in difficulty during the listing a business on GOOGLE.

  70. Hi Deepak,

    can you please let me know that how many websites we can add by single Email, for example i have three websites Like one is toys store and another both sites also different category.

    So i want to know can we create Google Business Listing by the same email id for three websites, please help


  71. This is valuable information thanks. One question I have noticed that when I am in specific business I will get an G icon on my phone and it taless me to theiron Google page. How can I get that on my business…

  72. Hi Deepak,

    I done google business listing for the first time for my client based in uk.
    Let me know is there any problem with the login email id.
    I was logged in my own acct.and then did listing on google.Did they also can access the G+ page.

  73. Hi Deepak sir,

    But My Listing Only Showing in Google Map Not in Right Side of Google Search “Desktop Result”
    Please Guide me How To do It.

  74. Hello, great article and It really helped me! All OK but when I search on Google it shows the business normally with all the photo-map data, when I go to and search for what’s around my office it shows other business next but not mine. Should I do something about this?

  75. Great Post! I am having some problem with my google map. As it is showing pictures for some other business although all the information showing are related to my business. I have not added those pictures. That’s why I am not able to delete those picture through my google map account. How can be this possible for Google to show other business images for different business? Please help!

  76. Great post.Thanks for sharing valuable content.I have verified Google My Business account but still, our website details are not displaying in the Google+ Local listings in Google search results page?
    should I do something about this? Please help!

  77. Dear Sandeep sir.
    I have added in google maps and google my business also. but unfortunately, it was wrong. I try to delete that location. but it’s not deleting. if I enter my company name in google that is showing in maps. so please tell me the solution. I want to remove from maps.

  78. Hey,
    The blogs of your website is perfect for everyone who will visit your website i will come there next time definitely to see what is your next post … stunning blogs abou technology ……..etc.

  79. When you learn about credit restoration businesses from “reputable” sources, such
    as the Attorney General’s Office or Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you are usually
    warned in regards to the disreputable nature in the industry.
    If you’re credit’s only showing a couple of bars of service, that might not so easy.
    Note thee several years starts folllowing your account may be closed or following the
    last activity oon that account.


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