How to Write Better Content?

The written word is powerful.

Isn’t it?

In the age of social media, we might be distracted and sometimes we forget how powerful words are.

There are memes, short videos, animations, and so many types of media.

But words are still powerful.

It connects. On a deep level.

This blog is read by more than 100,000 readers every month.

Twitter, though short, is full of written words.

All my emails are just words. I have more than 400,000 subscribers now.

I don’t add fancy HTML designs and animations to my email.

I just write the words.

Like these words.

If you are reading this right now, then it is obvious that my words are capturing your attention.

And I believe, you don’t need any convincing on why the written word is powerful.

Now comes the next question.

You might be asking me:

“Ok, Deepak. I agree that the written word is powerful, but how do I write better?”

You might be thinking that good writers are born with writing skills.


No one is born a great writer.

Every great writer on this planet learned to write better. Just like I did.

They learned it themselves, or they had a mentor to guide them.

That means…

You can also learn to write.

It’s a skill that can be learned.

You see, I write in simple language. Straight to the point.

And that’s you connect with me so well.

I write as I talk.

That’s my first weapon.

Weapon 1: Write As You Talk

If you want people to listen to you, you don’t usually have much of a problem.

You talk to them and they listen to you.

No one gets a talker’s block.

But people get something called the writer’s block.

Writer’s block is when people sit down to write and the words don’t flow.

Many people struggle with writing because they do not write as they talk.

They write as if they are writing a thesis or an essay.

They use complex words and sentences.

When it comes to digital marketing and online writing, we are not trying to impress our English teacher here.

We want our audience to pay attention to our message.

And then pay money for the products and services that we sell.

If you are reading this line right now, there is a high chance that you feel like I am talking to you, sitting next to you, in the living room, looking at your eyes while I am talking.

That’s the power of writing like talking.

Without being there with you, I am emulating the same feeling between us.

I connect with you.

And create a warm atmosphere.


So we write as we talk.

Is that all?


Sometimes, you will write as you talk, but people will not read.

Just like when you are talking to someone, and they are not listening to you.

When you talk and people ignore you, it pains.

When you write and people don’t read, it doesn’t pain that much because you don’t know. But if you knew how many people ignore what you write, you will feel the pain.

How to make sure that you can write like I do, and get 1000s of replies to it?

That brings us to our next powerful weapon in writing.

Weapon 2: Join a Conversation (Don’t start one)

The best way to get talking to people in real life is to join an interesting conversation they are having with others (or their own minds).

Imagine you are standing in a queue to vote on a hot sunny day.

There is a beautiful woman standing next to you and she is sweating.

How do you talk to her and get into a conversation?

You don’t start talking about yourself.

You don’t say random things. If you do, she will ignore you.

You will probably say something like “Isn’t the weather so hot today? And it’s damn humid.”

And she would reply “So true, I have been sweating profusely.”

And there you go.

You have initiated the conversation, and she wouldn’t mind if you talked about yourself.

(And may even be open to the idea of you asking her out on a date.)

How does this happen?

You are joining a conversation she is already having in her mind.

She was probably thinking that the weather is so hot.

And going on in her mind like “Oh man, how long should I wait, I am feeling so hot.”

And you are joining the conversation she is having on her mind already.

That’s what I did with this email.

You are reading this right now, not because I am telling something random.

The blog post title is “How to write better content?”

That’s a question that you probably have in your mind.

That’s something that you are thinking already.

And I am joining that conversation that you have inside your head.

With the power of my written words, I have entered your head.

I’ve got your attention.

That’s why written copy is so powerful.

More powerful than funny 20-second videos or TV ads that cost millions.

Now you might be asking me…

“Ok, Deepak. I have to write as I talk. I have to join a conversation with whom I’m talking to (writing to). Is that all?”


There’s one more thing.

How will you find out what’s going on in her mind?

That brings us to the 3rd most powerful writing weapon.

Weapon 3: Know Her and Understand Her Well

If you do not know her and understand her well, how are you going to know what’s running in her (or his) head?

If you don’t know what’s running in her head, how can you join the conversation she has in her mind and initiate the conversation.

Even after initiating the conversation with a hook, (the hook here is what’s running in her mind), you can keep talking all by yourself.

Good talking is a good conversation.

Not just talking one way.

You let her talk, and you listen.

When you listen, you understand her better.

When you understand her better, you can have better conversations.

Imagine that she is now talking about who to vote for and why she is voting for a specific candidate. You can now start talking more. (If you remember, in our example, in our imaginary scenario, you and she are standing in a queue to vote.)

You cannot engage in further conversation without listening to her and understanding her better.

When you know her better and understand her better, you can continue the conversation and go deeper.

And why should writing be any different?

I started this email asking you if you wanted to become better at content writing.

It was a conversation you had in your mind already. I joined it.

Because I understand you to some extent. I understand that you want to become better at writing.

This understanding comes from having conversations with my audience. Via Email, meeting, events, groups, surveys, and so on.

However, if we have to continue this conversation…

Yeah, this very conversation about writing better content…

I want to listen.

I want to ask you, why do you want to become better at content?

  • Are you a digital marketer?
  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • Are you a blogger/author?
  • Are you a freelancer/consultant?

And have you tried writing content already? And what are the challenges you face while writing content?

If you have read this blog post until this point, please comment and let me know about you and your challenges further.

Deepak Kanakaraju

39 thoughts on “How to Write Better Content?”

  1. Tommorow I have to write one content for my post and I will definitely use these weapons and I also saw that small lines you have written and to make a attention at the end and not even the person get bored while reading ,I will definitely implement this on my tommorow’s post

  2. After reading this post I understood that I need to write more to be an expert.I want to be a digital marketer.I neither have a website nor written any blog post.I’m always scared to write blog post with 2000 words.but after reading the content in this post.i think i can do it

    Thank you for publishing such a great blog sir.

  3. You had written it amazingly
    But I want to know that by using these weapons can we also find out that which next thing we should speak in the conversation
    By which she get interested where we don’t know that what she feels I mean that how to join conversation where we don’t know that what’s going on in her mind,
    I hope you understand what I said and I am waiting for you suggestion regarding this,
    Thank you.

  4. Sir I am Retired person from Sick Industry and I have not got my Providend Fund and Gratuity. I am running 65 Now and I am Beginner to this. Today I have received your 2 E mails lessons on Digital marketing course. Thanks a lot for sending this to me in Free which I am really Impressed.
    Thank you.

  5. I’m interested to write, market and teach content creation.

    I know content is king. Content is versatile and empowering but when I see some of the blogs written, there are very few with really rich content. Most of them have the exact same copy of other competing blogs.

    I don’t think people are paying much attention to content and how it’s presented.

  6. High value tips! Thank you very much Deepak sir.

    Will take into consideration when writing content.

    I’m a aspiring blogger. Just started to post content on Linkedin.

    In a frequency of one post a week.

    I’m from a Finance background and thought of sharing my views on investments and areas around that.

  7. very nice ..even i do like to write . bur never post anything..after reading your article i am thinking to implent now..

  8. Sir you had written it amazingly
    But I want to know that by using these weapons can we also find out that which next thing we should speak in the conversation.

  9. I am begginer to Digital marketing. Slowly I am adding up new qualities in future I will be with more. I liked the way you represented sir. I want to learn more sir … Thank you for kind information sir.

  10. Hi Deepak! I have gone through the whole content being written by you. I understood the above three tools have been mentioned with this page. Liked it and learned till end because the language you used is simple and easy to learn and comfortable to understand. But Incidentally, I face one trouble whenever I pick pen and paper to write a content i.e. something stops me and I can’t start. Even if starting is harder I know yet, I would like to know your valuable tips on this so that we can do it. It will be helpful for all of us.

  11. I have just started blogging and I was thinking of quitting cause my article isn’t that much but not I understand everything and I will definitely continue writing.
    Thanks for your support.

  12. As i started blogging few months back. So when i complete one blog and want to write the another one i always wonder how can i write this one as much better than the previous one. But now as you suggest such a valuable tips i think i can write better blogs now.

    Thanks for sharing

  13. Truly informative. I have been thinking for writing blogs but I am not able to execute. Even though I have the idea about the subject but get stuck for words when going to write. These 3 weapons are definitely going tp help me to write my first blog. Thank you so much for your ideas.

  14. I am a newbie to this. I have just started blogging from few days so this blog helps me a lot to gain knowledge about content writing. I will surely apply these tips for better content. Thank you…!

  15. HI
    I am mesmerized with what and how you write. You gave so straight answer but interestingly.
    I write blogs. I started them this year. But the problem that persists is finding the topic. And many of the times I am unable to give my best. That’s where it pains. Plus it requires much motivation when it comes to writing daily blogs.

    A satisfied answer to “How to write better content?”

  16. Hi Deepak! Thanks for writing the blog post about “How to Write Better Content?”. I have just started writing. The three points you mentioned in this blog post would sure help us to improve our content writing skills, and we can better understad the content writing tips by doing itself.


  17. Well, this is powerful, specially the example used here suits the situation. Well writing a good content is like driving a car, no matter how experienced you are, but its the skill developed over the period of time which will decide that you a rash driver or a smooth one.
    I am sure I have made some sense above.


  18. after reading this article one thing is clear in my mind content and easy language is sufficient to arract audiences and one more thing for improvement daily writing and reading is must

  19. You asked me whether I was a DM, entrepreneur, blogger/coach or freelancer. It’s all 4. Here’s how:
    I have a natural affinity to curate and create content by adding my unique twist, experience and stories. As a healthcare expert, I am in the process of learning DM, using freelancing as a platform to hone my skills in the real world as well as earn extra income for setting up automated systems.
    My mission and reason for coming online is to build my tribe of Health & Beauty Ambassadors who learn, do and teach/coach others the NEAR habits of Vibrant Health. As a by-product of transforming the lives of people, my tribe through marketing and sales of products and services gain extra passive income. #HealthyWealthyWoman is our vision.

  20. I am a freelancer content writer. Was working with one of my clients for over a year without any problem. All of sudden she rejected seven out of seven articles I wrote her. I am good at English, I have been writing since 4 years. This client made me feel as if I don’t know how to write. I almost had a breakdown and was at loss of words. I want to regain the lost confidence. Can you help?

  21. Thank you Deepak, thorough your article you have taught very well that writing better content need not be a struggle leading to may be, so called a writer’s block. Every communication is an effort to build relationship. Ideas expressed in your article can be applied anywhere, not only in content writing, but also in one on one relationship, whether in friendship, family, business or personal branding and so on. I cannot thank you enough to make things so simple and easy to learn.

  22. Hello Deepak Sir,

    I am following best practices to write content as instructed by you. In fact did one online workshop as well. My Content always appears at search engines but I am not able to get the stable rankings like you. Could you please guide me the possible reasons why it is happenings?

  23. This article is insightful.
    I like writing.
    I have been writing regularly on Quora to hone my writing skills.
    I want to write a blog. However, I lack clarity about what to write on – Creativity or Sheet Metal Stamping Design – the two domains I have a good deal of experience in.
    Then I am unsure if these topics could have a sizeable audience, if I could someday monetize them and ways of monetizing them.
    I have no answers but I keep writing.
    Somewhere I have this intuition that when I have the answers I will be ready to go since I will have become skillful at writing by then.
    Any recommendations please?

  24. I want to become a content writer and learn digital marketing too. I want to write but face a problem as in how to start. Now I got the right weapon and will use it. Thanks.

  25. For this time I am not sure that I can write an article so beautiful as you written in your platform, It will take some time but I am 100% sure gradually one day I will write an article, you will like that. I feel that I have some drawback in my personality, which stops me to ahead. Now I know my lacking I am trying to remove that as soon as possible. I am learning through your webinar as well as your course. Thank you sir thank you very much, I never write as an email before it. I don’t know where the power of writing is coming, I just writing as you told in your video just write and write. One day you will become an expert. This is all in my mind.


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