My Experience at the Hyderabad Digital Marketer’s Meet-up

My Experience at the Hyderabad Digital Marketer’s Meet-up

Recently I organzied a digital marketer’s meet-up at Hyderabad and it was an excellent experience. This was the first time I went to Hyderabad and I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city and it’s infrastructure. The people are nice, warm and polite. There is a sense of calm about this city.

My good friend, who I have never met in person until now, Gaurab Borah picked me up from the airport in his brand new Mercedes-Benz and we went to Starbucks to have coffee.

We discussed about how email marketing is getting difficult with decreasing open rates of emails and how to capture more of the inbox real estate with advanced email marketing strategies. We also discussed about the future of digital marketing in India.

Then we went to the meet-up space where many people had already showed up much before on time. We started the meet-up by 2:15 pm and everyone had an opportunity to introduce themselves. Surprisingly many people have done a lot of great work in Digital Marketing and SEO. Some members even had a YouTube channel with 100s of thousands of subscribers.

We did a long Q&A session and we discussed about agency, lead sales, funnels, email marketing and the future of content and SEO.

We had some deep conversations about AI, Automation, how to write effectively, how to generate leads for businesses and how to scale an agency from being a consultant / freelancer.

Gaurab Borah also participated in the conversation and actively contributed to the meet-up.

And at last we went outside to take a group photo. We discussed further about digital marketing and many people took selfies with me as well.

The weather was amazing and we did a lot of networking. A WhatsApp group with all the members has also been made so that the participants can connect with each other and make new friends and/or business partners.

A special thanks to Gaurab for hosting me, organizing this meet-up and showing me around Hyderabad.

A Digital Marketing Club is coming soon to Hyderabad. If you missed this meet-up, I will see you again when we launch the club and later when we do a HighTraffic Summit event in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is one of the best well developed cities in India and other states should learn from them on how to build an amazing city with state of the art infrastructure for businesses to thrive.