How to Warm up your Facebook Ads Account

How to Warm up your Facebook Ads Account

A lot of people think that all Facebook Ads accounts are the same and they behave in a similar way. After having spent more than $100,000 in Facebook Ads, and after having trained more than 10,000 students on Facebook Ads with the Digital Deepak Internship Program – I have realized that not all Facebook Ad accounts are the same.

The quality of the account determines the results that you get. The quality depends on your history of approved ads and also your history of spending.

We recently opened a new business Facebook Ad account in our company and we realized that the ads do not scale beyond $50 per day. There is no account spending limit set, and it is a prepaid account. With a little bit of research, I found out that new Facebook Ad accounts have a limit of $50 per day and then the limit is revised to $100 per day. Even if your ad account is based in India and you spend in INR, you will be able to spend only around 3700 INR per day.

Facebook restricts new ad accounts from scaling because people who run spam and scam ads cannot scale immediately. Facebook will wait and watch the performance of the ad account before revising the spending limit.

If you are a company that is going to stop ads for a while because you are restructuring things, I recommend that you keep spending some small amount on the ads on a daily basis. This will help you keep the ad account alive and prevent it from getting flagged as a dormant account. The older your ad account with a fewer number of disapproved ads, the better will be the performance of the ads that you run.

You also need to let your pixel mature. Once you install the Facebook Pixel on your website, your website will start collecting data about all the visitors that visit your website (and also have an account on Facebook). This will make sure that your target audience is on point. Your lookalike audiences will also be of better quality because you have a larger data set to work with. Make sure you have your pixel installed on your landing pages, blogs, and company pages. Install the pixel as soon as you open your ad account (even before you set up any campaigns).

Another important factor in scaling up ads with your Facebook Ads account is to make sure that you increase the budgets for your campaigns slowly.

If you are running a campaign at a $100 per day budget, never be tempted to double it to $200 per day. With a specific campaign budget, Facebook would’ve optimized the delivery of the ads to the most likely audience that will convert for you.

When you suddenly increase your daily budget, Facebook rushes to spend that money and doesn’t have time to optimize and learn the ad delivery for the newly expanded audience. In such cases, your cost per conversion might double overnight.

Instead, the best way to scale your ad spend is to increase it by 10-20% per day slowly. This will make sure that the Facebook Ad engine has time to learn and slow growth will give you a more consistent cost per conversion.

If you feel that increasing the daily budget for a specific campaign or ad set is not giving results, instead of trying to increase the budget for the campaign, you can create a new campaign with a new set of ads. Instead of spending $200 per day on a campaign, create two campaigns with a $100 per day budget.

If you have read my article about how to get a good ROI on your Facebook Ads, you would already know that it is better to run ads for your content and get people into your community than advertise your products and services directly. That means you will have plenty of different content pieces to work on for the top of the funnel.

Instead of trying to scale the number of products you have, scale the number of lead magnets that you have and funnel people down to the same product. When you have a single product, you will be able to improve it over time and make a much stronger product than your competitors.

For example, we have our main training program – The 3 Month Digital Marketing Internship Program. We run some ads for applying for this program directly, but most of our ad spend goes into promoting our lead magnets. The lead magnets are ebooks, mini-courses, and content related to the topics covered under the main training program. We have lead magnets on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Content Marketing, and so on.

Lead magnets provide useful but incomplete information. Free content at the top of the funnel usually gives away the what and what we sell is the how. For learning the How, people have to sign up for my advanced programs. In fact, this very article or chapter that you are reading is part of the Facebook Ads lead magnet.

So instead of running one campaign on my main training program, I can run 10 campaigns for 10 different lead magnets, build trust with the audience using the valuable content I am delivering and then introduce them to my Internship Program. The audience response will be much better with such a campaign structure because I will be able to interest the audience in one way or the other instead of advertising about the same thing all the time. If you have read until this point and are still paying attention, you know that my campaign structure works, because you are still here.

Running ads for content and not for your products will also help you get a good engagement on your ads which is a very important metric for the quality of your Facebook Ads account. If you just run ads for a specific product and if the audience gets fatigued seeing your ads, they will mark your ads as “not interested” and that would affect the quality and performance of all the campaigns in your ad account.

In the long run, ad spend can be scaled not by increasing the budget of specific campaigns, but by creating more campaigns and scaling the ad spend to a level where it gives the maximum ROI (or more specifically ROAS – return on ad spend).

I hope this article gave you a clear idea about how to manage your Facebook ads account. Remember, Facebook Ads is a double-edged sword. If you do not know what you are doing, you will end up losing money on your ad campaigns with no ROI. However, if you clearly know what you are doing, Facebook Ads can become one of the fastest ways to grow your business.