Interview with Ratnam Sinha from Real Time Data Services Pvt. Ltd. (RTDS)

Ratnam has been a part of the digital marketing industry for a while now. he likes to explore different things and take part in anything new that comes up. A  Zonal level cricket player, he has done boxing too, loves to go on treks and travel to the mountains.  Dedicated to work and family, he loves to cook recipes inspired from Youtube.

Further, Let us hear from him,

Hello and Welcome Ratnam!

Let us begin with your unique story, could you please share that with us?

Sure, let me start from the very beginning. I was fond of computers. Ever since I can remember, I had a PC at my home. It all started with MS Paint. Wasn’t that a good time? Where all you could do in a PC was MS paint, Solitaire and Pinball… and I managed to get a few games from somewhere like Mortal Kombat and the Lion King. The point being, that’s where my interest in computers took birth. Later in middle school, I got into Counter-Strike 1.6. It was a very competitive game and I did take part in national tournaments too. At that time we used to have a team website to endorse ourselves. The good old WordPress free themes enabled me to make that. I did a lot of research on how to make a website and all.  I wasn’t good at coding, so I had to turn to WordPress for my rescue. You can say that was the starting of my Digital Marketing journey, My very first website, years passed by  CS 1.6 faded, and I got into engineering, Electronics and communication to be precise. By the 3rd year, I realised this is not what I want to do, it doesn’t intrigue me anymore. I did an internship at Birlasoft, which made my mind even more clear. Although an engineer’s job is well reputed in our society, it’s very boring, there’s not much creativity involved. You have to do the same old things everyone else is doing and always stick to the rules. It wasn’t my cup of tea. My sister was working for a Digital Marketing training institute at that time, and I asked her if I could join the course. As soon as my course started I met with a very familiar face, WORDPRESS. I knew what it was, I knew how it worked, it was so familiar to me. I immediately developed a liking towards the course, and as it progressed, I was more and more intrigued by it. I am a curious person, I like exploring and experimenting, and that’s precisely what digital marketing was to me. There are no set rules, you can do it how you want to. Even if you think, “Ok Google has these policies that I should stick to,” Google will update those policies now and then. You cannot set yourself in the same method, you have to keep updating them to make your mark. Every day there will be a new competition on the internet going against you for the same Keyword, and they will be doing precisely the same thing that you are, and that’s why you have to keep yourself abreast to stay in the race.

As soon as my course ended, I took a NOC from my College and started working with a start-up. It was a great place for me honestly, as long as they get the results, they wouldn’t care what I do. I would write blogs, do social media, experiment with the website, implement new strategies, try different keywords, I had all the freedom I needed.  I worked there for about 6 months, while I also did some freelance work on the side. After my college ended, I joined RTDS, where I’m currently working (Its been 1.5yrs now)

This has been the perfect place for me ever since. They have many different projects and they cherish someone who wants to learn and grow. And digital marketing is a field where you have to constantly learn to grow. It’s so vast and so deep that no course can ever teach. You have to keep doing your research and keep exploring the depths of everything. Every day you can learn something new. and That is exactly what I love about it. LinkedIn Profile

According to you, what’s the best way to start the day?

I like to keep things simple. Start your day with a cup of Chai, sit back and plan ahead. The more you rush into things the more you would mess up. Whether you have a ton of work to do, or you have a task or two, If you know how you are going to handle them, everything is going to be a breeze. Just plan your day with a clear head, and start working once everything is set.

Who is or has been your inspiration?

There are a lot of names I can take. But that wouldn’t be fair. When I started learning DM, I didn’t know the name of any marketer or any core company in the field. My inspiration has always been curiosity. How did they get on the first page of Google? Can I get that done too? These questions that I ask myself has been my driving force.

What makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

DM is constantly changing and continuously growing, unlike traditional marketing. You cannot go by the set rules that were made 10 years ago, or even 3 years ago, they have changed, they will take you nowhere. You have to adapt, you have to evolve, and you have the power to define the new rule.

What are your three favourite digital marketing tools?

I will go with something that everyone can use, for free!

  • Google Analytics – it’s a must-have, track everything and anything going on with your website.
  • Canva – You need those banners, posters, PPTs, etc to make your website look attractive, Canva is the perfect tool for it
  • MOZ – Yes it has a paid version too, but the free version is good enough for anyone starting out. You need to know the authority of different websites and you can even analyse your website for free

How would you define success in your career?

I wouldn’t say, like some others, that it has been a roller coaster ride. It has been a gradual up ever since I started. The fact that even today I’m still learning, and the graph is still moving is essential for any digital marketer.  You only hit the low when you stop. As long as you are going, your graph still grows. Because even in failure, this field is something that will teach you no matter what.

What is your biggest dream in life?

Who doesn’t like fame? I want to be recognized as one of the best digital marketers out there. And who knows, maybe someday, someone will quote me as their role model. That’s the dream!

What’s worth spending more on to get the best?

It’s not defined. You can opt for PPC and get traffic from there. Or you can spend on some great tools like SEMRush and AHREFS to get more insights and grow organically. It’s totally on you to decide and make the most of it.

Honestly, you should just spend money on yourself,  be it for your work or your health and fitness. As long as you are fit, mentally and physically, you will find your way to success.

Lastly, would you like to say something to our readers?

To any budding digital marketer out there – Never stop and never give up. That is the way to success. The only thing stopping you is you! As long as you are willing to keep trying, you will find a way

Thank you, we truly appreciate your valuable time spent with us.

Thanks, wish you and all your readers the best of luck!

Wishing you the best in all your future endeavours.


Deepak Kanakaraju