How to Drive Mobile App Installs with AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns

How to Drive Mobile App Installs with AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns

Do you want to get more installs for your Android or iOS app? There are many networks and channels to promote your app, including some networks that incentivize the downloads. However, if you want genuine users, Google AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns are the best, easiest and fastest way to drive installs for your mobile app.


I call it easy because unlike other campaigns you do not need to set the target audience for your campaign, set keywords or upload any creatives. The data for creating the ad is fetched from the Play Store or App store page. The campaign auto-optimizes itself and delivers it to the right target audience who are most likely to install the app.

In this article, I will show you, step-by-step, how to set up a Universal App Campaign.

Go to your campaigns tab, click on + Campaign button and select Universal App Campaign from the drop-down menu.


In the next step, you have to choose the app that you want to promote. You can select Play Store or iOS App Store and you can search for the app by name. Select the app and go to the next step.


Once you select the app, Google will fetch the details of the app including the images and description and create ad sets based on that. You should also give 4 different ad text ideas that AdWords will use along with your ads. They will use the texts in different combinations, discover the best performing combination and serve it more. That’s how the ad gets auto-optimized.


After this, you need to select your target country, your maximum Cost Per Install (CPI), and the daily budget. Save the campaign and that’s it. No further steps needed.

Initially for the first few days, the cost per install will be high. Do not panic. As Google auto-optimizes the ad to the right target audience, your cost per install will come down to half or less than the price it started with. I wish I could write more on this topic, but setting up a universal app campaign on AdWords is so easy, I have to end the article now.

I’ve also made a video tutorial explaining how to set up Universal App Campaigns. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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