My Experience at Kolkata Digital Marketers Meet-up

My Experience at Kolkata Digital Marketers Meet-up

Ever since I started-up PixelTrack, I have been tied up because of various commitments pertaining to courses, agency and events.

Despite that I try to stay connected with my students and digital marketing community via emails and on my Facebook group.

In 2018, I decided to move on from these virtual catchups to the real meet-ups.

Reason being, face-to-face conversations helps you understand each other in ways that online communication methods sometimes cannot.

It was a wonderful experience in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

But at the risk of sounding biased, I have to admit that Kolkata has been the best meet-up so far.

As soon as I opened the tickets for Kolkata meetup, registrations started pouring in. There were 85 people who attended the meet-up.

The meetup took place at OpenHouse Study. We started in the afternoon around 2:00 PM and it went on for around 3-4 hours.

Unlike my regular meetups, this time I tried not to just talk to the crowd but also engage them in some group activities.

The reason being, I wanted to promote better communication, cooperation and teamwork skills like planning, leadership and peer support. Moreover, it was a fun thing to do rather than having a monologue.

So I divided the lot of 85 people into 7 groups for a roleplay. Each group had to act like a startup with some product or a service idea.
Also, a CEO or a group leader was also elected to represent the group on a voluntary basis.

Every group, or let’s refer it to as startup, had to discuss a business idea about a product or a service that they thought of. In short, they needed to build a mock strategy around it in 20 minutes encapsulating the business model, marketing strategy, development, expansion etc.

The CEOs of their respective groups were to pitch their startup’s idea to the audience and which they eventually did.

It was such a pleasant sight to see people collaborating and being so spontaneous.

It was indeed a joyful experience in the “City of joy” – Kolkata.

Thank you to all the participants for making this meet-up a delightful one. It was a great learning and networking opportunity for me too. I made some new friends and I am sure the others did too.

Looking forward to visit Kolkata again or may be also plan a HighTraffic Summit very soon.

Till then, I will plan on visiting more cities, just to have an amazing time with my readers and students.