Entrepreneurship Demands Thinking Big

Entrepreneurship Demands Thinking Big

When you start out as an entrepreneur, your confidence will be low. You will not even be sure if you can sustain yourself and keep the venture alive. But in spite of all the doubt, you have to think big anyway. If you do not think big, your imagination and creativity will not stretch itself.

Many entrepreneurs do not think big. They are afraid that if they think big and do not achieve it, it will cause a lot of pain. But entrepreneurship has a lot of parts that are painful.

Thinking big is going to be the best kind of pain you will have. Do not be afraid that you cannot achieve your big dreams. Be afraid of what would happen if achieve your small dreams and do not know what to do next.

Entrepreneurship has a lot of dips in its journey and sometimes things might just seem too difficult. In such times, having a big dream definitely helps have a sense of bigger purpose towards the work you do.

When you do your work with purpose, you will be able to achieve great results and your big dream will come true.

If you are required to work for 90 days straight to complete a project that has a assured reward of a million dollars, would you do it? Of course yes. You can retire for the rest of your life and a million dollars for 90 days is a lot of money. How would you do your work? With full of passion and energy. Full of attention. Because if you screw up, you will not get that money.

Now, such a situation doesn’t exist. No one can give you assured returns for your work. Entrepreneurship is all about the maturity to work with the same passion and enthusiasm even if there is a good chance that you might not get anything after 90 days of work.

It can get pretty tiring and difficult to work for long periods with intense passion without assured returns. That’s why having a big dream and believing in the big dream helps you go through the grind that is required today to reach where you want to go tomorrow.

Your big dreams need not always be in financial terms. I have a dream of getting a million email subscribers for my blog and to create 100 courses within 5 years. Your big dream can be your version of what you think you are capable of achieving.

Thinking big can be intimidating. But it works. If you can conceive it in your mind, you can achieve it.

I don’t think the universe will conspire to help you achieve your dreams, but your sub-conscious mind surely does. Sub-conscious mind guides our conscious mind on how to move forward to achieve our dreams and goals. Everything you input into your subconscious mind, it will have an impact on your actions. Your actions will have an impact on your results.

Can you open your bank account right now, take a screen of the balance and add a zero to the balance? How about two zeros? And how about 3 zeroes.

Try how much you can stretch your imagination. Adding a zero might seem manageable. If you have 1 lakh in your bank balance, how about 10 lakhs? Does it make you comfortable? Excited? Try to observe the feelings. Try to believe it is really there and see what goes inside you.

Try adding one more zero. How about 100 Lakhs? One crore rupees in your bank account. If that was your bank balance, what would you do with it? Can you even imagine that? Do you have space in your mind to hold that thought? Is it even conceivable?

How about 10 crores in your bank balance? Can’t even wrap your head around it right?

The mind just defies such big thought, because a part of you wants to stay where you are and just seek comfort in the known.

The biggest challenge in human development is that the mind resists change assuming that change is risky, but the real risk is refusing to change and not move from where you are.

You have to constantly fight the resistance to growth and chance until growth becomes a way of life. That’s why making your first million is a lot tougher than making your first 10 million.

Once you get used to growth, it will become easier over time to grow faster. Going from 0 to 1 is the tough part. Then you can keep adding zeroes to the 1.

Thinking big is important because if you cannot wrap your head around the idea of having 10 crores in your bank balance, then you can never achieve it in reality.

Even if there is a possibility that you can achieve it, your subconscious mind will drive your conscious mind away from it because you are truly uncomfortable with that kind of money in the bank. If you cannot conceive in your mind, there is no way to can manifest it in reality.

If you keep reviewing the idea of having 10 crores in the bank, you will get more comfortable with it.

As you get more comfortable with the idea, you will be able to see more opportunities that can lead to it. Because having 10 crores in the bank is not an impossible task. 1000s of people have done it in India and hundreds of thousands of people are millionaires around the world.

If you are looking at a grid of different colours and want to see only one colour, you will only see that colour and everything else will fade away.

Think about a grid with 25 squares where you have red, blue, green and many other colours. If you only want to see the red colour, every other colour would fade away and you will see only red. If you only want to see green, you will see all the green squares stand out in a pattern and all the other colours will fade away.

When you have a goal in your mind, it doesn’t matter if it is a big goal or a small goal, you will start seeing opportunities to get there. You will start seeing patterns around you that will lead to your goal.

Since we have only one life and no time to waste trying to achieve small goals, we might as well get comfortable having big goals. If you really dream big, the path to it will appear in front of you. You just need to be aware of your surroundings and learn to pickup the opportunity when it shows up.

You have one life to make it big. This is your only chance. Dream big. As big as you can. The pain that comes from not achieving your dreams is not going to be as painful as the pain that comes from the regret of not trying at all. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If you never try, you will never know. So dream big with courage. You might end up achieving it.

Aim for the stars, you might at least land on the moon.