How to do Inbound Marketing if You Don’t Have a Blog to Start With

Render of a CRM Funnel Chart.

Inbound marketing and inside sales are great ways to keep the cash register ringing even when you don’t have field sales people and a huge marketing budget. But what if you do not have a blog to start with? Where would you generate leads from? Starting a blog from scratch, publishing content and getting inbound traffic takes years to master.

If you have a sizable marketing budget, you can buy a well established website, portal or a blog that has your target audience as followers. You can redirect the traffic from the blog to your sales funnel, offer something of value and convert them into your customers.

If you are operating on a limited budget, the only way to get a serious audience into your list is to tap into the audience of existing blog and list owners. This can be done with solo ads on email lists or by promoting your product or service at a high affiliate commission.

If it is a digital product, it is practically possible to promote it at 100% affiliate commission. If you are selling it for $97, it makes sense to give a commission of $97 to the person who referred that sale for you. You may be losing some money on the front end but it makes sense because you can promote a higher-end product to these list of buyers and you can expect a very high conversion rate.

And the best part is that you are not spending any money to promote to these buyers. They are already on your list! This is re-targeting at its best. You are sending a promotional mail to a list of proven buyers with their explicit permission. This is also called Permission Marketing.


When people buy something, they make a psychological decision that they are making the right purchase.

They convince themselves that the product they buy is

worth it, better than the competition and that they need it

So you can imagine why a buyers list is 10 times more valuable than a prospects list. It is 10 times easier to sell to an existing customer than a new customer.

You can also nurture this list of buyers by sending quality information to them. This quality information can be delivered via a blog and/or YouTube channel and these content mediums have the potential to attract new audience who can become your subscribers. It also acts as a pre-sales material for back-end sales.

Your inbound marketing starts here and it doesn’t need to start the slow way. If you have 10,000 subscribers on your list, you can ping this audience about your new content and they would read, comment and share it on social media. Search engines pickup these quality signals and send you more organic search traffic which you can use to grow your subscriber base further.

You would have noticed that your Email List and Content Channel becomes the most important assets of your business. This becomes your foundation for Integrated Digital Marketing. They are highly valuable assets because you get traffic on demand from your email list and free traffic to your content channel through various sources. These assets would bring stability to your business and revenue and help you take greater leaps in the future.

The secret to succeeding with Inbound marketing is thinking big. Why think 10,000 subscribers. You can have a thousand or even a million subscribers if you are ready to tap into other’s traffic sources and audience!