How to Become a Google AdWords Certified Professional (Google Partner)

Many people recently asked me how to become a Google AdWords certified professional. This post is going to show you how.

There is a bit of confusion in this arena because Google recently changed how the entire certification program works.

group of multiracial graduates holding diploma

Google AdWords certification is definitely a plus if you want to brand yourself as a PPC expert. (But keep in mind that passing this exam alone does not make you an expert). Read more about how to become a self made digital marketing expert.

Earlier, the test alone costed $50 to try and the process of the certificate issue was different. Now it is free to take the test. If you take the test and fail, there is a time period where you have to wait before you can give it a go again.

The entire certification program is now re-branded as ‘Google Partners‘. You can access the Google Partners website atΒ

There are three exams available:

  • Advertising Fundamentals
  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Display

You need to pass any two exams to become certified out of which fundamentals is mandatory. I passed the fundamentals and search.


After you pass the exam and become certified, Google allows you to showcase it to the world. There is a printable version of the certificate which you can access from the Google Partners login. Here’s mine:


You can also get a link which you can share online. This link will show your profile with the certification. If someone wants to verify it online they can. My online profile resides here. This link will be accessible for you from your Google Partners login under the My Profile page. Make sure that you turn the visibility into public so that others can see it.

For the purposes of simplicity I strongly recommend that you use the same Google account that you have for your Google+ profile/account.

And yeah, to prepare for the exam you need a study guide. The study guide for AdWords Certification is available here at Google Support Page. If you read through it patiently and have a descent memory power, you will be able to pass the exam easily.

All the best!

If you have any questions, let me know.

Update: I see a lot of questions below where many people are asking – “Should I be affiliated with a company to take the exam?” The answer is NO. You can take this exam as an individual. Visit this link (while being logged into your Google account) and click on See Exams.

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  1. Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for sharing this usefull information, I am running a business where digital marketing and google adwords has the major role, can you plz telme how to register for this exams and how to prepare for it.

    • You just need to login using your Google account into Google parters and get started with the exam. For preparation, I have included the link to the study guide in the article.

      • Hi Deepak,
        Thanks for sharing this usefull information, I am running a business where digital marketing and google adwords has the major role, can you plz telme how to register for this exams and how to prepare for it.

      • I’m looking to get google certified I herd it wa free and I’m just trying to get a little more information about it please email me

  2. I got a mail from you and This is my first visit to your blog. Thank you very much for publishing this article this information is really helpful for every one and i will keep visit this blog

  3. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for this useful information!

    I see on your Adwords Certification above ‘valid through 18 November 2014’. Does this mean you are temporarily certified? Do you have to pass the exam again after a while to keep the certification?


    • Yes, it is valid only for a limited time. You have to take the exam again to stay updated on the changes and remain certified.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for your reply. This sounds kind of logical. Could you tell me around what time it is valid? Should I have in mind six months or more like two or three years?

    Thanks again.

    • One exam is valid for 1 year and the other one is valid for 2 years. After it expires you can retake the exam and get another 1 year of validity. I guess you can let it go up to 3 months after expiration before you renew it. There is no hard rule for this. Someone looking at your profile to hire you wouldn’t really mind if your certificate expired last week. This certificate is just another feather in your cap.

  5. I clear both exams and eligible for the certificate but still i do not get the link from where i get my google adword certification so pls tell me how i get the link for certification

  6. Hi Deepak,

    I want to get Google Fundamentals Certification please let me know the step by step process

    My Skype ID aamirsayhi


  7. Hi
    Dear Deepak thanks a lot for showing all of us the way to become google certified certificate. I want to ask you if any one is willing to join and he is very new to this field, he don’t know ABCD also what he need to move ahead. Did we need to take a class before giving exam or is there any study material available by that we can go thoroughly and prepare ourself to attend the exam. Suppose in that case how much time is required, not only this soo many questions are their with me please help me to getting this. Show me the way how to approach for exam and. Reach our goal

  8. Dear Deepak,

    I am currently pursuing MBA Marketing, and our university in collaboration with Google is offering GCP program. Could you pls let me know how much this program will add value to my profile and whether the fees structure is around or more than Rs. 22000, would it be reasonable to put this investment.


    • I am quite sure that having a Google Certification will add value to your profile. But the Google exam itself is free and if you attempt the exam once, do some 10-20 hours of study – you are sure to pass the exam in the 2nd attempt. I don’t think the training is worth Rs.22,000. Think carefully before investing.

  9. Hi Deepak,

    Your portal is of great help to any digital marketeer. You have done a great job! I would appreciate if you could help me figuring out how to add on more to my expertise. I have been working on Google Ad words for two years now. Somehow, I am not satisfied with the knowledge that i possess.

    I know this note might sound little weird to you. Hoping to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Neha, I have been working with adwords for the past 5 years and I still have something new to learn every now and then. If you have any questions, just send me an email and I would reply with an answer if I am aware of it, else I will learn and we can learn it together.

  10. Hi,

    I have cleared 2 tests 3days back but till now didnt get the link where i can see certification . please let me know what to do asap.


  11. Hi Deepak

    I want to get Google adwords certification but I am a Masters student and I do not have a company or website to register with google partners. Does that mean I cant do the certification?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello Deepak,

    I am working as a traditional sales and marketing executive. I want to kick start my journey towards Digital Marketing, Thank you very much for your valuable insights on AdWords Certification. A question for you.

    What is the value of this certificate in the minds of MNC recruiters?

    Aditya N

  13. Hi Deepak,

    Its really a very nice article. Short and useful information. Can you pls tell me is there any certification in Google analytics also??

  14. Hi Deepak,

    Your post seems to be useful. Regarding google partners, it has been specified that we need to spend a minimum of $10000 in 90 working days to qualify google partners…could you please clarify on this….do we need to spend certain amount to qualify for this….

  15. Hi deepak,

    Thanks for the information you are providing. And am searching for the digital marketing program from some other institutions. Hey said we give training on digital marketing and we give training for Google ad words exam. I want to know is google ad words provides knowledge on complete digital marketing or it is limited for only google related.
    Sould I approach any training institution to become digital marketing professional or Google adwords certification is enough.

    Pls help me out.

  16. I am a student and want certification, but I do not belong to a company. Who do I put for a partner in order to get certified?

      • Hi deepak,
        Right now I m pursuing graduation but want to go to the digital marketing aspect.. What to do for it.. N what to study to turn into a Google adword. Coz we didn’t know that this kind of career aspects also exists.. rather than the conventional ones like management, medical, ca,etc.. Can u please kindly guide me in this

  17. Hello Deepak,

    Thanks, for sharing this wonderful information.
    What is the fee for Google adwords certification…. provide me more details.

  18. Thanks a lot Deepak …
    It is valuable info to me…
    Fundamental PDF of 25MB(335pages) and advanced search PDF of 55MB soft copies are enough to clear exam…

    • Hi Ravi,

      Can u please send me the above mentioned Fundamental PDF of 25MB(335pages) and advanced search PDF of 55MB soft copies on my email id. I am planning to take the certification soon and need help regarding the study material.


  19. Hello Deepak,

    Thanks for this post. I too found it to be very informational. Thank you for that. I have recently earned a Bachelors degree in Political science and I have little to no experience in marketing or digital marketing for that matter. I am however very intrigued in this area and looking to steer into this career route. I decided to look into Adwords and become certified in order to begin my change. In your opinion do you believe that being certified in Adwords will increase my chances of pursuing this career or will I need a bit more to add to my profile? What in addition to an Adword certification should I consider to help me along my way?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jeremy P.

  20. HI everyone. I’m Helen from and I wanted to let you know that we have a free Introduction to AdWords module for anyone sitting the Partners Fundamentals Exam. It includes a Guide to everything you need to know about the exam, a blueprint of all the links to the required learning material and 40+ exam style questions to test your knowledge.

    On completing the assessment our system will build you a tailored learning plan that highlights your strengths and weaknesses and points you in the right direction for additional information in areas you need to work in.

    Good luck!

  21. Hi Deepak,
    I see that Google partners requires me to register as an agency before i can take the test. I am an individual and do not belong to any agency. How should i go about registering for my exam and taking the test?

  22. Hi Deepak,

    Thank you so much for the great article about google adwords. I am thinking to start a affiliate marketing, but i don’t know where to start but i am sure your link will be the first step towards my goal.

    Thanks again Deepak.

  23. Hello Deepak,

    I have a few doubt regarding the adwords certified professionals. Do google provides client manager for free for advertising in adword? And these managers are a google adword certified professional?
    Is this a service from google or a service from individuals?

  24. Hi Deepak

    I am a marketing professional with experience in ATL/BTL ( Offline marketing communications)
    I would like to learn Digital marketing to boost future career prospects and also to keep myself updated /equipped with this new phenomena in the field of marketing .
    Please help me understand how and where do I start ?
    Also do I need to have a background in IT /software to learn this ( which unfortunately I do not )

  25. Hi deepak. This article is really helpful but the problem I’m facing is during signing up for Google partners since I’m not associated with any agency.My question is how doni signup as a individual . any help will mean a lot .thank you

  26. Hiii

    Is it possible to give Google ad words fundamental exam and advances search in a week or two weeks times difference.Means i will prepare for fundamental exam after cracking it,i can prepare for the advanced search exam???

  27. Thanks for the crisp guidance Deepak. But when I clicked on the hyperlink to your online profile, it is showing a message ‘No certifications’ in the certifications section. Does it mean that you need to take the test Again beyond the date of validity of your certificate?

  28. Hi Deepak,

    Thank you for all your help. i am planning to give Google Adword certification test. please tel me whether these tests are subjective or MCQ’s sort of question.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Payal Agrawal

  29. Hi Deepak,

    Can you give me an exact link where I can begin the process of certification as an individual? I just need to take the test. I do not want to have to talk to a “partner” to do this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  30. hello Deepak,
    I was wondering if I could do any digital media/marketing related courses to boost my profile as a marketing professional. I’m pursuing my MBA and am in the second year. Are there any courses where digital marketing & strategy can be combined. What kin of courses would you recommend? Additionally, does google offer these courses? Kindly also tell me names of some of the most reputed institutes for digital marketing courses in India.

  31. Mr. Deepak,
    It’s a good news for me and your post is very helpful. Thanks a lot for giving us concept about AdWords.
    Will you explain, if anyone fails in exam, how long later he/she will able to retake the exam?

  32. Hi Deepak, Thanks for the information. Can you pls let us know what are the conditions to take the exam again, for example with same e mail id or with another one. I heard that (may not be true) on the same system we can’t take the exam again?


  33. hello sir,
    Is this certificate is for only those who want to start there business.?
    I am pursuing MBA I am from service class family ,and will be looking 4 service only , how this certificate will help me in getting job in other company,and what kind of company it will be ? or what are the company.
    sir please kind let me know ,please mail me your valuable answer to my mail id
    thanking you
    sweekar s chauhan.

  34. R/sir
    i cannot understand how to apply google certificate what is process and what is campaign ho do create this?
    plesae help me

  35. I wish to write this exam…You have given a link to study.May i know,It is enough to attend this exam.Kindly provide me a guidance to proceed this exam online..

  36. What is google partners account as I wanted to know more information on that. Isn’t it sufficient to just logi from your id and give exams?

    • You can get it from the contact me page. I am fully occupied right now but I would love to explore the opportunities.

  37. In order to take the test, you need to log into your Google partners profile. In order to have a Google partners profile, you have to provide:

    -email address
    -company website
    -PPC account log in

    So how do you create a Google partners profile to take the exam if you’re an individual? I’m an SEO professional and want to be certified for Adwords, but find it hard (along with everyone else) if you’re not affiliated with a company or agency.

  38. Hi,Deepak your guidance and suggestions have really been helpful.
    I wanted to sign Up with the Google Partners, but it is asking us to get associated with a company/website. Since I am a student and not associated with any company . Am I not eligible for the exam ??

  39. Hi Mr Deepak,

    I have created MCC Account & certified for Fundamental& Advanced Search. How Can be a Google partner? When I will get promoCode offers? Would be appreciated for your comment

  40. Hello Deepak,
    I like to ask which certificate is permanent and can give benefit in your job apart from google for digital marketing.I mean,which certification can give preference in new job with handsome salary.Currently,I am having experience of 10 months,in a small scale company.Which certification will give me a beter job and good company.Please suggest..

  41. Can I write one test (AdWords Fundamentals) now and the other test (Search Advertising exam) after few days?
    So that I can prepare for one test at a time. Or do I have to for both the tests consecutively?

  42. Hi Deepak,

    Your blog sounds exactly like what I need to know, but Google Partners is only directing your to existing agencies or certfying employees of existing agencises.

    I cannot see any option for an individual, not employed by an agency and already doing $20k per month in Adwords, to obtain certification.

    I note in other people’s comments, that they have had the same problem. Can you please revisit this topic?

    Your time is greatly appreciated,


  43. lAST WEEK I tried my hand to it but they are very lengthy, Believe me after attempting 60 odd question my BRAIN was all out, but one thing notices that you require a very well through knowledge and a smooth study of the content provided.

    • Hi Deepak
      After getting inspiration from your write up , I tried the Exam second time and got 80/100 marks ;-).

      Relieved to see that I cleared the first paper. Now Boosted up to prepare the second paper.
      One point to add that now , inspite of 3 papers we are having 6 paper to choose from to clear 2 papers.

  44. Hi All,

    i just check all of your views really i like some of most. Thanks for keep focusing on this cheers guys & girls…….

  45. Hello sir,
    its an immense pleasure to get into your blog and glad to know a persona like you. This is one of those blogs which i suscribed to and will be visiting again and again. Bookmarked!
    its quite inspiring how being a civil engg. grad with no business degree you plunged into the digital marketing arenna by self paced self mentored study and eventually conquered the domain to become an expert.
    I am an engg. grad. searching for a course in Digital Marketing. Thanks for enlightening me about the free certifications from Google. I will be appearing those exams. Please kindly help me out with tutorials, study resources and web sources.

    Thanks a lot! I am obliged and elated by your blog articles. Helped me a lot to get in an out purview of this field!


  46. Hi Deepak,

    It appears that the AdWords certification exam can only be written by those who are affiliated with a company registered as a Google Partner. Is this so, or can an individual earn this certification?


  47. Hi deepak,

    I just want to know how can i do this certicication.i am a hotelier and have been in hotels for more than 7 yrs now..want to get rid of it and get into online marketing but do not know even ABC of it.dont know how to start and where to start from..pls suggest

  48. hello deepak
    i am second year mba student.i want to take up adwords certification exam as an individual but found that we need to partner or as an agency.cant i take this exam individually?if yes please provide the link.
    note: i have seen many people asking same question but there is no reply to their posts so i am posting it again.please reply and help me.

    • As far as I have seen, some people are able to take the exam as individuals but some people are not able to do that. I am really not sure what is the exact issue. If I login into my account I am able to see the option where I can take the exam as an Individual!

      • thank you for you reply deepak.can you please tell me where did you find in your account the option of individual i.e,i am asking for the path to reach the options page

  49. Hi Deepak,

    I have cleared one exam which is the Adword fundamentals, Would like to know which other paper should i opt for to get the certification, I am tilted towards display advertising or mobile advertising (Because i am from telecom industry) , let me know your thoughts on what other paper should i opt for.

    Thanks in advance,

  50. Dear Deepak,
    Thanks a ton for the knowledge share, it is indeed a great help. Just wanted to know few things, How long do you think one needs to dedicate to be able to study in order to pass these certifications & are these certifications recognized in the Corporate.

    • Hi Sarkar,

      there are 6 modules which are

      1.Fundamentals of Ad words
      2.Search Advance
      3.Display Advance

      you need to pass Fundamentals(mandatory) and any one(2,3,4,5, and6) module to get certification.

      if you want more clarification you can contact me

  51. I want to get Google Adwords Certified professional. I went to register on the Google partners website to register. I read the following lines on Google partners website.

    “Keep in mind that when you sign up for Partners, you’ll need to create both an individual profile for yourself and a company profile for your agency.

    To set up a company profile, your agency must have a website and an AdWords manager account. Learn more about setting up a company profile.”

    What company profile they are talking about here. I will be handling my company’s work for Adwords and Campaigns etc later after i get certified so how can i give my company details right now to them?

    Please explain as this is so confusing. My intention is to first learn all about Google Adwords, give/pass the required exams, then get Google Adwords certified by Google and then take up responsibility from the company. Is this not possible? Please explain.

    • Hi Hemant & other Blog followers,

      All the best and best field it is.
      Myself Rajkumar having 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Teaching , located in Bangalore. If you want to learn or if any of your friends want to learn Google Adwords, Bings Ads, Facebook paid marketing, Instagram Ads or Twitter Ads. Please feel free to contact me below no 9611776313 & my mail is

  52. Hi Deepak,

    I have cleared the certification now, do I receive any certificate to my email or only the URL which I have got enough?. I want to know how can I use this certificate effectively?

  53. Hi Deepak. I need to know can any individual give this certification. As i was being told that if you work for a company or have a one then only you will be able to do that .But i don’t want to use that reference and want to clear it by myself. So Please guide me accordingly.

  54. Article is crystal clear informative and let away all my fears and notions, that this exam is very tough and beyond my reach.Now I’m convinced and started preparing for the exam. Many Thanks Deepak for guiding me.

  55. Hello Deepak,
    Thanks a lot for your valuable informations. One thing need to know that is it completely a program for individual or i have to establish a agency / search for a google partner agency to be certified?

  56. Hello,

    Is there a similar process to become Google Analytics certified?

    Also is the Adwords study material an easy read and how many hours did you put into it?


  57. Hi Deepak,

    Absolutely wonderful job!!!!
    perfect info.provided,thanks..I wanted to know like people like me I have 8+ years of experience in CSE domain.Will this be beneficiary for me to do this course??I am vry mch interested n want ur advice..

  58. Hi Deepak,what i liked about the above article,is,it has simplicity and clarity and easy to follow for a person,who is not tech savvy or tech inclined.I have question,I have a small business,through whom,can i get my firm advertised(digital marketing) for a reasonable cost.Will be grateful,if you could guide me in this regard,Thanks.BG

  59. Hi Deepak,

    I have given the test and also cleared the same. I am unable to get the certification as it requires a company affiliation but, i don’t have anything as such. Please tell me what to do as i want the certification as an individual.

    Thank you,

  60. hi.. deepak… plzz suggest me any institute in delhi ncr for digital marketing course. right now m working in a agency as a brand promoter.
    i want to became a digital marketer. then wht shud i do…??

  61. Thanks for the info Deepak.
    The info is really good, I still remember when I was in college I was suggested to grab the certification of adwords but I ignored. Now I know the value. Thanks Mr. Deepak, I will surely get into the program. Could you help me out with Google Adwords in

  62. hi deepak ji
    I want to know which institute will be good for digital marketing training. All claim to be google’s training partner and provide joint certificate with google.
    kindly help.

  63. hi,Deepak,
    As i have completed a course on SEM,i am looking forward to appear for adword exam,but as per my information i have heard that you need to be a google partner employee to give the exam and if not pls guide me to the enrollement process.

  64. Hi,
    I am a Marcom consultant. Want to upgrade myself on digital marketing. To start with want to do the google adwords certification program. How do I go about and what will be the cost.

  65. Hi Deepak. Thanks for sharing some point about to become a Google AdWords Certified Professional.According to my experience, I have really got amazing benefits in terms of revenue as well as Leads. I suggest you all, “Try to become a Google AdWords certified Professional”. I will happy, If I can help those people who looking for. For more, you can mail me at –

  66. Hi my name is daniya syed . i have got selected for google adwords process for senior process executive voice profile on cognizant payroll. And i am a btech in ece. I need suggestion should i go for this job or not . pls guys help me i am very much confused as presently i am working with hcl in backened and getting an opportunity to move in infra due to process ramdown. So please help me in taking decision what to opt between both.

  67. Hiee Deepak sir i am looking forward to make my carrier in digital marketing . But i am in great dilemma whether to join any couching class to get expertise in this course or to do MBA or do self study and get certified by GOOGLE .kindly help me out thanks..

  68. Hi Deepak,

    I am having 12 years of core IT experience in Development & Sales with industry leading IT companies. Just wanted to start my own business or free-lancer job.

    Just wanted to know –
    1. As an individual, what salaried opportunities we get by having this expertise & passing this certification?
    2. What companies would hire us (Wipro, TCS or any other companies by name)?
    3. What would be the roles we get hired for (developer, project manager, sales etc.)
    4. What could be the highest salary we get paid, if we have this certification?
    5. Do we get any free lancer jobs, if we pass out this certification?


  69. I have cleared my google analytics exam a few momnts ago but am not able to find the printable link for the same.please guide me where I can get my certificate for print.

  70. Hi..

    My self Krishee.. by reading your article I got clear idea about google certification.. Thank you soo much.. And now I am working as a php web developer in a small company I have 2 years of experience and the thing is i dont have any degree I just done 10+2 now I am doing degree in distance after completing that if I add google certificate to my resume will it helpme to get a good job in big company? can I try job in abroad? please help me out bro..

    thank you..

  71. Hi deepak
    i am just a beginner in the field of marketing,I want to go for some tech skills in the field of digital marketing,planned to start with google adwords but the link above is not opening the same way as it is demonstrated,kindly help me with correct link.

  72. Hello Deepak,
    That’s an interesting post you have written.
    A lot of newbies looking for training materials. so, are you planning to post few tips about study guide or something ?


  73. Hello Guys,

    I am Prashant Sharma , Google Adwords and Analytic Certified. Checout my Google Partner profile:

    If you want to get certified google adwords or Google Analytic and you are not able to clear google exam then don’t worry here is solution, you don’t need to do anything. I will give exam on behalf of you by your account.

    I will charge $100 for google adwords exam with 100% surety of certification.

    There are two exam need to clear for getting certified google adwords. You need to get me access of your email account or remote access of your computer system to give exam.

    Once I cleared your first exam then you need to transfer $100 by paypal or wire transfer to me and after receiving payment i will proceed for second exam.

    If you Interested you can contact me or you can reference me if any of your friend is looking for certification on:

    Prashant Sharma
    Skype: prashant.sharma.seo
    Twitter: sharma_seo

  74. Hi there Deepak
    Thank yiu very much for the informative article!
    Only one spelling error at the end …decent memory not descent…

    I would have had lots more!!

  75. Hello Mr.Deepak

    im venkat from hyderabad, my query is i have taken course of Digital marketing. now i want to undergo the Google Adwords Exam certification for future job proceedings,

    can u brief me wt r d steps r preparation of certification exam

    and exam material

    r if any link for praticing .

    hope, u do the needfull for me.

    my email id

    thanking you..

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    from the server residing somewhere on the internet. Try your
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  77. Hello Deepak,

    Thank you very much for sharing the information. I am a markering professional and have close to 6 years of experience into branding and marketing ( traditional). I am planning to pursue to digital marketing course from some well know institute (national/international) can you please suggest some. I am based out in Mumbai.

  78. Hi Deepak,

    What are the maximum number of attempts available to complete the adwords exam? Is there any limit for number of attempts?
    Kindly clarify.


  79. I am a student..Can I apply for this exam and what I have to study so that I can crack the test with good scores.Please reply at your earliest..

    Thank you

  80. Hello Deepak,

    How to get this certificate in hard copy ? Is Google Provide a hard copy certificate at my address or not?

    • Hard copy of the certificate is not available. However, why don’t you go ahead and print one from a photo studio?

  81. Hi Deepak,

    Can you please help me with the study material for the Adwords certification. I need the Fundamental PDF of 25MB(335pages) and advanced search PDF of 55MB soft copies . It would be very helpful if you could send them to my email id ( . Planning to take the certification soon.


  82. Hi,sir i am getting confused with the google partner login….so i need to gmail ids one is as registered as google partner and another one is as a learner am rit?and one more thing the name in my email account is Jana Ji so it will be taken as a certificate name?or i will change my name in acount as Janardhanan (first name) .K(as last name?)hope i explained clearly…and plz make sure the certification cost

  83. Hello
    I just have one question I want appear for the exam in order to appear for the exam whether I have to contact prometric centre or can I appear for certification exam from my home through my personal computer.please help me out as I have prepared for fundamental paper and finding out way to appear for the exam please reply to clearify my doubt.
    Thank in advance for your help.

  84. Hello Sir,

    I interact with your website first time on youtube when I saw a new related to google analytics and truly after watching your video, I’m very impressed with your type of knowledge you provide the people to learn easily and effectively. After that I started reading your blogs, such a bunch of information anyone can easily learn.

    I also work as an SEO executive and content marketer. Now I’m slowly started Digital marketing other modules like PPC, SEO, and email marketing. Now I’m looking for certification programs so that I can make a great impact and learn something new. Can you please advise me what is the best certification program for me.


  85. I have been trying to obtain the Google Adwords Fundamentals certification for over a month now. I attempted the exam twice, the last time being 21 July 2016. Because I failed, I have waited the required 7 days to try again, in fact extending the gap so as to study more for the test. I am now unable to do the test and there is NO, and I mean NO help or assistance from Adwords or Google or even the G+ community! I am really dissappointed now and not sure what else I can do? On pressing the Start Exam button on the relevant page, it appears that the link is broken and it does nothing?? I have tried several times now with no luck? can anyone please offer me some advice or pointers to where I can get help from?

  86. I have been a great fan of you recently. Read you articles, blog and implemented things accordingly. My blog is the result of hard work which I have done after following your guidance. I also went through above post on Google Adwords Certification. And I am glad that I have passed both exams as well and have attained the soft copy of certificate. But sir, I am confused and directionless when it comes to usage of this certificate. How and where Can use this certificate to get the max and some monetary benefit from it. Please guide me.

    Looking forward.

  87. Hello Sir,

    I need a help. I attempt digital marketing exam and I passed both the exam, but it is since 1month I didn’t receive my certificates, so how many days it requires to generate the certificates and where it will be given?


  88. Hello Deepak,
    You made it clear that Learning Digital Marketing is easier & one can learn by themselves without attending any classes.Same way is it possible to earn in Digital Marketing field by working from home?.Thanks in advance.

  89. Hello Deepak,

    Thanks for sharing such a greate information to guide me, i always persue you to gain much knowledge.. i hope you keep on sharing your updated knowledge in future..

  90. Hi.. I m currently a homemaker on h4 visa. I was a mktg professional for a event mgt company for 8 yrs but recently moved here..i m looking at updating my skills and become a certified google adwords. How long is the course and what is the cost involved

  91. I’m a marketing student looking to get certified as something to put on my resume. Do I just look at the study guides and take 2 exams and that’s it? I wasn’t sure if it was an online training course or what the costs for the study guides/exams were. Thanks!

  92. Hello Deepak .. this article is an eye opener for those who are in dilemma whether they ought to sit for the Google Partners exam or not …. Personally I think they must sit. It’s true that being Adwords Certified does not make anyone expert, but they can at-least get a chance to appear for an interview – because I was simply rejected for many interview prior my certification. The first question they would ask over phone “Are you Google Adword Certified”

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    Thanks for sharing this info to all….

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  96. Hi Deepak.

    I have a P.G Diploma in Advertising and PR which is kind of ancient now..which I completed in Delhi almost 17yrs back.
    Recently did a part time course on Social Media marketing but still not comfortable what job I can take or companies will offer with this.

    Iam thinking of taking Google Adwords certification to start a career in
    Digital Marketing. Can you advice please.


  97. Actually i didn’t get the exact links for this free course of digital marketing. Is there any changes regarding the links or exam schedule. Kindly inform me about it. I am really very interested in doing this certification. Let me know more about it through the email

  98. Sir, how to appear exam for Google ads exam I will do exam online through video conferencing m I right please give me your valuable feedback hope to reach u soon thank u for sharing

  99. Great Deepak, it’s really very useful information. Certification always shows our dedication, motivation and technical knowledge on a specific field.

    Thanks !


  100. hiii Deepak,

    Iam thinking of taking Google Adwords certification to start a career in Digital Marketing. Can you advice please and to provide free online digital marketing certification.

    Bhumireddy Balakrishna

  101. Well said deepak, now google adwords certification exam is free, but added lots of other modules. Recently changes is 2018 will little bit affect the students because of course is now more segregated and require in-depth knowledge of ppc campaign.

  102. Hello Deepak

    I really appreciate for your effort for the information you have provided to us.
    Certification also help us make our skills and knowledge publicly and also prude to be a professionalism certification by Google after successfully completed.

    Harshit Gupta

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    my question is about blogging,,, can we write a blog in mother tongue language??
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    kindly solve my query

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