7 Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

7 Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

When I got introduced to affiliate marketing almost 10 years ago I had my own share of fears, misconceptions, and doubts. The curse of the internet is that con men have been spreading false information to multiply their profits.

Even worse, gullible beginners believe their showmanship and get into affiliate marketing with a wrong set of beliefs and end up tasting failure. I’ve been there done that. And I want to make sure that you don’t end up believing in the same myth.

Few of these myths are self-created too. For instance, when I was getting started I believed that Affiliate marketing is something only for the big guys with a huge amount of capital. I thought it was some “secret money making” formula which only a few rich people in the world kept it to themselves.

It is only after I challenged these assumptions and braved myself to take the step that I realized the myths and beliefs which were holding me back were outrageously wrong. Few years into affiliate marketing I saw that the same myths were so persistent that it was leading so many newbie affiliate marketers skeptical and unsuccessful.

Today I will debunk each of these myths for once!

Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

Let us get to the core of these myths. And find why people believe it and what the truth is. It took a lot of time for me to understand what’s the truth and what’s not. And I don’t want you to go through the same long and rough path.

Myth 1: Affiliate Marketing Is Another Get Rich Quick Scheme

This one is a classic myth! I don’t blame you though! The affiliate industry is filled with shady salesmen with half knowledge, fake results, and flamboyant showmanship. Few internet marketers promise high volumes of traffic and 6 figure incomes within the first month if you follow their “blueprint”. Such schemes and scams existed through the history of mankind. The same has carried over on the internet. And affiliate marketing is no different.

Truth – Affiliate Marketing is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. It is a method using which you can make money online. How rich you become depends on your skill, dedication, focus, knowledge and hard work. Without resourcefulness, you cannot succeed in affiliate marketing NOR in any business. There are affiliate marketers who have not made a single buck in spite of being in the business for months while there are few who have built an affiliate empire with their dedication and hard work.

Myth 2: All The Good Niches Have Been Taken

This is how a lazy newbie affiliate marketing gives up. He rarely challenges this assumption and quits prematurely. When people do their research and see that there is a lot of competition in the niche they get disappointed. When this happens repeatedly they give up.

Truth – NO. There are plenty of good niches still for the taking. There are a new niche, new markets and micro niches being created every day. Before you conclude that all niches are taken ask yourself – Is this niche unexplored in other countries too? Does this niche have a growing subcategory or micro niche which is unexplored? Can you build an authority site in a category and sell products to your email list instead?

Myth 3: You Need Technical Skills

When I ask my 40-year-old uncle why he is not promoting his life insurance business online he says he no technical skills. This is a state of many people. They shy away from anything online thinking that they need technical skills. The world of online seems daunting to them unless it is updating a Facebook post or commenting on a blog.

Truth – In early 2000 building and maintaining a website needed a large amount of involvement from technical experts. Things have changed. It is 2017 and you can start a rock solid blog or website within the next 30 minutes without seeing a single line of code.

Myth 4: Affiliate Marketing is Country Dependent

Oh! Great affiliate product let me promote this! But Wait! This is not from my country! I can’t-do it! Says the newbie affiliate marketer and gives up. We have been programmed to believe that we have to have some “special permissions” from the government to promote the products. Few affiliates even believe that affiliate networks and advertisers don’t give permission to publishers outside the country

Truth – With affiliate marketing you are promoting someone else’s products. You are just recommending people what you feel works for you. Hence, you need not have a registered business in the country to promote it.

Myth 5: It’s Too Competitive

People feel it is competitive because they are not competent enough. If you are getting started with affiliate marketing your skills will inadequate to rank for high-profit terms. Affiliate and internet marketing as a skill takes time to master. Without spending the time to master them one can dismiss that this entire business is competitive and brush it off.

Truth – Yes, few niches are competitive not all. Few marketing channels are difficult to crack not all. If you are serious about your business spend time honing and improving your skills. Play on your strengths

Myth 6: You Must Always Pick the Most Profitable Niches

This is another classic newbie affiliate marketing myth. Many affiliates spend hours and days trying to find that one affiliate niche which will fill up their banks. They think that there is a magic micro niche hidden completely oblivion to all the super affiliates in the world. Another misconception which is cousin od this popular myth is that just because you found a profitable niche means you will make profits from it.

Truth – Profitable niches which are a competitive needs enormous effort. If you are not an authority site in the niche you might fail long term. Even if you find a profitable niche with less competition if you don’t have enough passion and knowledge in the niche you will burn out quickly. When picking a niche ask yourself

  • Do I have enough knowledge to contribute content to the niche website over few months regularly?
  • Do I have enough passion or interest for this niche?
  • Will this niche give me profits?

Myth 7: It is All Passive Income

The passive income fantasy is what most personal finance experts sell. Most affiliate marketers have heard promises like “Set it and forget it”, “Follow this blueprint” and “Automate Yourself To The Bank”. Few affiliates think that once you start making money through a website it will give you money in the future even without work.

Truth – There is NO such thing as passive income. Every source of income has a varying degree of passivity. Although, an affiliate website can give passive income the income is not completely passive. You have to spend time reviewing and adding content, measure analytics, pay invoices and actively promote the website. These ongoing tasks have to performed on all your affiliate websites on a weekly basis if you want to keep making money off it.

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Challenge All Assumptions

Always be willing to challenge what you read online.

Ask these questions to yourself

  • Does it make sense to me?
  • Is the source of this information reliable?
  • Is this guy trying to just sell his product or is he trying to offer value to his community?
  • Did this affiliate marketer make real money or is he just making money by teaching people how to make money?

Make a list of assumptions you have made up. See what are the beliefs which are holding you back from success.

  • Do you think affiliate marketing is only for the rich or the smart?
  • Does your deep-rooted belief that “business is risky” getting in the way?
  • Are you still looking for the “magic formula for success” while you have all the resources?

Enough with the lies in the affiliate marketing industry. Spread this article on your social media and stand up for the truth!

Deepak Kanakaraju