Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads. Who Wins?

Paid advertising is a major part of digital marketing. And when it comes to paid advertising, there are two major players. Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

And as a digital marketer, I keep getting this question over and over again.

What is better? Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Some say Facebook Ads work for them and bring results. Some say Google Ads work for them very well.

But what is the truth?

Let me explain the difference in this blog post.

Today, you will get clarity.

Facebook Ads

People do not log in to Facebook to find a product or service. They login to consume content inside the platform.

Facebook has a lot of information about its users. Age, gender, demographics, location, and so on.

When you run an ad on Facebook, people may or may not be interested in what you have to offer. But you can reach your target audience who are most likely to like what you have to offer.

Let’s say I am offering my Digital Marketing Internship program for people looking for digital marketing training. People may be interested in it, or may not be. I have no way of knowing.

But I can run ads only to the people who are most likely to be interested in my program instead of showing it to everyone on Facebook.

The age group of 18-35. People who are interested in the topic of “Digital Marketing”. It gets the targeting right, but it is still not intent-driven (where they are looking for me).

When I run Facebook Ads, this is what I experience:

  • Low CTR (Click Through Ratio)
  • Lots of impressions
  • Low cost of impressions

The people who are interested in what you have to offer might be less but the cost is also low. That means you can filter out the highly interested people from a large group of potentially interested people.

Facebook Ads are really good if you are trying to reach an audience who does not know the existence of your product. They might not be searching for it proactively.

It’s also good for branding and driving brand recall for your product or service.

Facebook Ads are outbound advertising. You are reaching out to people instead of people reaching out to you.

Now let’s compare this to Google Ads.

Google Ads

People search on Google because they want something.

In Google, you will not have much information about who the audience is but you will know what they are searching for.

What they are searching for. There is a better term for it. Keywords.

Since they are making their intent very clear with the search keyword, we do not need to worry about their demographics and interests so much.

You are going to look at what people are searching for (through keyword research), and you are going to show ads to them. Anyone of any age looking you specifically is a potential customer.

(Please note that I am talking about search engine ads when I say Google Ads here. I am not talking about display ads or YouTube ads.)

Let’s say people are searching for “Digital Marketing Training”.

The intent is very clear.

People who search for this are looking for a solution. I can run an ad for them and tell them about my Digital Marketing Internship program.

With Google Ads I get:

  • Higher CTR – because only the people looking for me are seeing my ads.
  • High CPC – because I am getting targeted high-quality traffic.
  • Higher cost per lead but higher quality

A lot of people think that Google Ads are costly and they don’t want to use it. But that’s not the way it has to be seen.

You should not worry about the cost per click or cost per lead.

You should think about your ROI (Return on investment).

In Digital Marketing terms we call it ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

And that’s how these two platforms are different.

In terms of the mechanics of search, SEO and SEM work on the same principles, except SEM gives you an opportunity to bypass the organic search results and show paid ads on the search engines itself.

I wouldn’t say Facebook Ads are better or Google Ads are better. Both are good in their own ways. I generate more than 1,000 leads from Facebook every day and more than 1,500 leads from Google Ads every day.

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    • Superbbb sir very nicely xplained about both the leads…really,very xcited to join your upcoming internships on’digital marketing’

    • Yes because maximum person they are not watching Facebook but everyday maximum person they open that Google site so this process is good.

  1. Thank you for sharing the knowledge, keep telling us things through which we can learn more things, and looking forward to join your Batch 6 of D”IGITAL MARKETING INTERNSHIP”.

  2. I think both are useful in their own ways.. People who just started to digitally market their products n would like to invest less and know more about the demographic of their audience can start off with Facebook Ads as the dont necessarily need a website for it u can start off with a facebook page. and when they get comfortable to spend more money can go with the Google Ads

  3. Facebook ads
    1. when your budget is low.
    2. initially when no one is not know about you facebook ads is good to rich people who are interested in your content.
    3. You target right audience.

  4. I think google ads coz they approach to the content and its vice versa for Facebook ads therefore according to the project , ads should be established

  5. The thing is that If customer came from Facebook Ad but he did n’t purchase anything but he is potential customer , he will definetley comes to our website if he doest n’t find our website in search engine It doesn’t make sense to you I feel when you opted for Facebook Ads we have to do SEO to website

  6. Google ads are more effective as people generally serach on Google for any product or services and use Facebook as past timer.

  7. Google Ads have always turned out to be more expensive for me.. Maybe I haven’t done them properly..Plus I really feel they need to make the interface more user friendly..there are just too many options which can be intimidating for a beginner…I am a worshipper of Facebook ads because they literally are the reason why I’ve been boss-free for the last eight years

  8. Both are equivalent in their own space fb ads is best for new brands to engagement but we can’t fgt. about google ads bcuz its more specific and target oriented rather than fb with google ads you don’t have to work too much on your ads. Because people are coming to your product/services by searching about them here you have to work on your quality and customer satisfaction with your product/services once the trust is build more and more people engaged with your product/services eventually google algorithms start to put you on first page of google you just have to mention specific keywords for people are looking..

  9. Thank you Deepak for making it crystal clear, the more I am learning the more I am leaning towards you

    By the way ,My Digital Marketing Mastery Kit (Pendrive) has not yet reached to me . Eagerly awaiting please look into it



  10. For a beginner Facebook ad’s must work the best, since
    1 . It helps in knowing the interested audience, customize your ads and products better.
    2. Its cost helps you take good trails and improvise.
    Once you have gained your experience Google ads is definitely going to earn you better returns.

  11. Google ad is a pull whereas Facebook ads is push strategy. To summarise, facebook ads are good for marketing (to make the product or service known) while Google ads help in making the actual sales.

  12. Hi Deepak, I really happy to read about Google Ads or Facebook Ads, I was not aware it who is best for me, but after reading this post, I understand which ad platform is good for me..

  13. What is the strategy you’d suggest?
    If I’ve a new website the should I go this way?
    First I create a Facebook page and run ads creating awareness and then making them like my page and then in the page I make them fill a form asking their emails and they’d become leads
    And those people who did not like I can retarget and just show them the lead generation ads

  14. Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are highly powerful advertising tools any platform can offer. It caters to every kind of business in existence. Even while we compared both the platform, it is evident that both should be viewed in a complimentary tone than competition tone.

  15. Fb ads are more Attractive as now a days people are more antisocial
    Thank you deepak sir these lessons are so much helpful

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  17. Hello Digitaldeepak,
    its a great topic for conversation.Both has its different value in terms of ads and facebook ads have different budget and both are used for advertising.
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  18. Excellent info. And. explained very nicely in a simple language. Even non IT guy like me can understand. Would love to join your internship. Tell me how can I join your internship?

  19. Hello Deepak Sir,

    Great Article! Thanks for sharing your views on Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. I totally agree with all your points and if i conclude all things facebook Ads is much cheaper in my opinion. But Google Ads can help you in getting high quality traffic. Basically using facebook ads you can graph a large amount visitor who interested in such things but if you want to sell something you can use Google Ads.

    As i am a newbie, i don’t know much about this so can you suggest me a good “Facebook or Google Ads Course to join & learn”. Please help!


  20. Hi Deepak,

    I spot a mistake here that you wouldn`t mind this, I hope.

    In 6th sentence or para you have mentioned “in this email”.

    Can you please rewrite the sentence?

    It will be looks good.

    Gopalakrishnan A.


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