Deep Marketing: The Power of Silent Persuasion

Deep Marketing: The Power of Silent Persuasion

Persuasion is usually aggressive. Salesmen are trying to persuade prospects to buy, following up to close a deal, borderline pestering people to watch a sales presentation and the list goes on.

The way sales are done today is still an effect of the old sales methods before the digital era. People only had phones to connect with each other and there was no email, only postcards.

In the digital age, there is a much easier way to persuade people, silently. It is through content. But not like the content that you are reading right now (which might still persuade). Content on blogs, YouTube, magazines, and other social media channels are good for getting people's attention but not for persuasion.

If you want to create content for persuasion it is best deployed in an email sequence. When you create an email sequence, the content in sequence does to the job of persuasion silently, one day at a time, without a salesman having to use his voice to persuade.

How do you get people into your email funnel in the first place? You get them to opt-in for a Lead Magnet.

A Lead Magnet is a free content piece or a tool that is valuable but not accessible without contact information. People have to "pay" with the contact information to "opt-in" to receive emails from you. Since they are opting in, you can send emails to them with their permission.

The emails must be valuable content, wrapped with a sales message that goes from subtle to obvious as time goes on.

One of the simplest and most powerful lead magnets I have created is the "100 Day Lead Generation Course". It is an email course designed to deliver one email every day. You will get one lesson per day for around 3 months.

It has a very simple landing page...

Traffic to this landing page can be driven by leveraging the existing audience, or you can also run ads for such a lead magnet.

If you are not giving away such content for free, you can also price it. If you are selling an email course for $10, and if it costs $10 in advertising to get one customer to buy it, you are getting a serious lead for free.

Once people opt into my lead magnet, they will be getting one email every day starting from the moment they opted in. And since people are not treating this as a marketing message but a valuable piece of content that might help them reach their goals, they open the emails regularly.

Have a look at the open rates of this campaign for the first week:

Even on Day 7 of the email campaign, there are almost 40% of the people who open the email.

Your next question is: does this campaign go on for 100 days with one email every day?

Yes. It goes on for 100 days, I have written 100 emails in this sequence and each email is 600-700 words approx with a few exceptions where it goes up to 1200 words. That's a total of 60,000 to 70,000 words in this email campaign and it is almost as good as a book.

I know what you are thinking. The open rates are good towards the beginning but they would ideally drop as we move on to future days. There is a drop, but not to a large extent.

Have a look at the open rates of the emails towards the end...

I have never seen open rates of less than 21%. And towards the last email, we get back to 37%.

And you can see that the send volumes are not small by any means. I have generated more than 27,000 leads for this lead magnet so far and I will be generating more.

If you want to sign up for this email course, to learn lead generation, or to spy on me on how my funnel works click here to opt-in.

Imagine tens of thousands of people getting one email from me every day. Branding happens through repetition. Most of my email subscribers do not have an idea when they found me first. But they do remember that I send them valuable emails every day.

A lot of business owners have joined my mastermind group - AlphaClub because they loved the content on the 100-day lead generation course and they wanted to work with me closely.

People think that email marketing doesn't work. It will not work if you are trying to send broadcast messages to an untargeted list, from an unreputed sending server. Most people will ignore the email, or put the email in their junk.

An email is a great tool for delivering content. The challenge with social media is that there is too much distraction and the depth of content cannot be achieved as you can using email. Right now, you might be reading this in your email (or my blog) and I am 800+ words already.

If I have been able to hold your attention for this long, then you have to believe that you will be able to hold the attention of your audience for this long as well. You can deliver value in-depth only using email newsletters and blogs.

An email inbox is a very personal space. People pay attention to the emails they get and that is not changing anytime soon.

This is what I call "Deep Marketing." Using written email content, you are persuading people a little bit at a time, one day at a time, until they have received so much value from you that they feel like they know you personally and they can trust you.

It's personal, it's deep, and it is soft but powerful. Deep Marketing is like water. Through consistency and repetition, it can cut through rocks that are much harder than water.

If you want to convince your prospect to become a customer, be like water. Don't let them unsubscribe from your marketing messages by consistently providing value through your email sequence. But don't just provide value. Wrap your sales pitch subtly within the content and they will start paying notice to it.

There is a lot more to Deep Marketing than what I have mentioned here.

To really master Deep Marketing, you need to learn:

  • How to understand what your audience would want the most
  • How to craft an email course
  • Building landing pages to capture leads for the email course
  • Driving traffic to the landing pages
  • How to do lead scoring to find out your best leads
  • How to sell subtly to your leads and get them to be interested in your product
  • How to take your leads to closure with a gentle sales trigger

Apart from just delivering value to all your leads, there are also ways to segment your leads and deliver custom content to them. This will involve passive profiling and segmentation which is nice to have but not a must-have, at least when you are getting started with Deep Marketing.

Hope you found this email useful.

Deepak Kanakaraju