Why we joined UAbility X Mastermind

Why we joined UAbility X Mastermind

It has been almost a year since we joined UAbility X Mastermind. This is our 4th event. If you are a part of the mastermind you get one event every quarter.

We joined this mastermind program run by Rohan and the team from UAbility because it is a very small group of around 20 business owners from India who are in the consulting, agency, and coaching space.

UAbility Mastermind is for serious, logical, and rational people and we talk business. That doesn't mean that we don't have fun. It's just that we don't like to dance or scream.

Rohan and his team have scaled UAbility to multi-million dollar levels within a few years and they have built a solid funnel and brand. They have done this primarily using sales teams.

As I mentioned in the previous article, to scale your business with a high-ticket offer, you need 121 sales processes and teams.

You can't hire a bunch of commission-based sales people and expect that your revenue will go up. The most important factor in scaling a business with 121 sales teams is to have a good brand and a good flow of leads.

The brand and the marketing will do the heavy lifting in the sales process because by the time people come to the sales call they will already be pre-sold.

To scale your revenue with high-ticket offers, you need:

  • A solid offer built on processes and systems
  • A good reputation from previous customers
  • A strong brand identity
  • High-quality lead magnets
  • A strong email nurture sequence

Once you have the above elements in place you can generate a lot of leads, warm them up and then fill up the calendars of the sales teams via email.

We joined UAbility to refine this process and network with others in the industry.

Almost all the members in the mastermind have revenue of 10L+/month. Some even have 1cr+/month in revenue. When you hang around with such high-performers you will have a change in your mindset and worldview.

A paradigm shift is usually needed to take you from where you are to where you want to go. You can't just keep dreaming about it. Just dreams are just wishful thinking.

When you rub yourself against high-performers, it will make you uncomfortable, but that's when you grow.

As part of the mastermind, we also get personal mentorship from Rohan and the team. We get to talk to them about our business challenges and compare notes on funnel performance.

I am not writing this article to promote them. There is a high chance that you won't qualify for their program right now and they are not even looking to enroll new members. I am just writing this so that you can understand the importance of being part of mastermind groups.

We have been investing heavily in education and I believe that no matter how much you have learned/progressed, you are never done with your learning curve. There are always new things to learn, do and execute.

I also interviewed Rohan when he visited Bangalore

In this podcast, we discuss in detail about high-ticket and low-ticket offers and how you can scale your revenue by identifying needs in the market and creating a strong offer.