How to Get the Maximum Reach for Your Facebook Page Posts

A few years back, if you had a Facebook page with thousands of likes, it was considered as a good digital asset. If you posted an update on your Facebook page, it would actually be seen by most of the people who follow your page.


As the popularity of this publishing medium grew, more people and brands started creating Facebook pages and publishing updates regularly. Facebook users also ended up following a lot of pages. This resulted in too many updates in a user’s feed which were not always relevant and useful.

Facebook knew this was coming. Hence, they built an algorithm in such a way that only selected updates were displayed on a user’s Facebook feed. The decision is made by Facebook’s algorithm. This is called the Facebook’s EdgeRank.

According to Wikipedia: “EdgeRank is the name commonly given to the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what articles should be displayed in a user’s News Feed.”

The Facebook team is continuously working on improving the algorithm to show the most relevant and useful updates on the user’s feed. It makes sense because if users are shown updates that are not interesting enough, then they will stop logging into Facebook frequently. Even, you would stop using Facebook if the updates that you get are not relevant and interesting.

Facebook now uses more than 100,000 factors in deciding what to display on a user’s feed. As more people and brands use Facebook to post updates, Facebook will become even more selective in what to display in the user’s feed. Only the highly relevant and useful updates will be displayed.

Obviously, Facebook doesn’t have manual reviewers to check if the posts are interesting or not. That’s why they use the algorithm to take the decision. But the algorithm is built by humans.

How a Post Gathers Momentum

A simple way for Facebook to check the quality and relevancy of the posts is to see how many likes, comments, shares and clicks the post gets, and how fast it gets.

If you post a new update, Facebook will show it to a test group of people. If it doesn’t get enough activity the post will die down. Lack of activity is the proof that the post is not of good quality. If it instantly gets a lot of likes and other activity, then Facebook’s algorithm ‘knows’ that you have posted an interesting update and it will show the post to more people.

Facebook is continuously working on improving their algorithm and making it fool proof. For example, many people post click-bait and like-bait articles such as ‘Like this post to win XYZ’ or something like that. The Facebook team has reviewed a lot of such posts and they have built it into the algorithm to look for signals for such misleading and click-bait posts.

If you post such misleading updates, it may reach more people in the short term, but in the long run, your page and domain will be flagged and your reach may be restricted.

So how do you make sure that your Facebook posts reach more people? You just need to think from the shoes of Facebook. Make the posts interesting enough to make people stick to Facebook. Share limited posts on your page and share only interesting posts. Build authority for your domain and page slowly over time. Make Facebook trust you.

Also if you think from Facebook’s shoes, it makes sense for Facebook to retain users on Facebook – than let them leave and visit some other site. So obviously, the posts that do not contain links perform better than posts with outbound links.

I have noticed that Polls, photos, text posts and Facebook videos reach more people than external links. This has been tested several times by others as well.

For example, look at the post below. It is a set of 3 photos with one line of text. Here, people spend time on Facebook and do not click away to another website.

Such posts usually have high organic reach. But the higher reach also applies for paid reach. Here you can see that for $5, I’ve got 957 photo clicks. That’s just 0.52 cents ($0.0052) per click!


Apart from getting more post engagement, this paid promotion has also given me 50 new page likes.

Your Facebook Page is Not Your Property

End of the day, try not to depend on Facebook too much for reaching your audience and followers. Because you are building your home on someone else’s land.

Try to get people back into your digital properties and use Facebook and other social media channels to build your brand. Do not build something on top of Facebook. Even if people ‘Like’ your Facebook page, they are still Facebook’s users and not yours. FB’s terms can change and it may become even more difficult to reach your audience in the future.

That’s why it is important to build an email list. When people sign up on your website by giving away their email ID, they become your users and you have explicit permission to contact them; and no one can restrict your reach when you are sending emails.

In the next post, I will talk about how to get targeted Facebook page likes and followers – using a mix of organic & paid promotion techniques. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for providing the realistic data of information.
    Most of Marketers are not aware of this EdgeRank Algorithm. Really very interesting and worth value of more than Billions :).

    I am founder of and following you very sincerely.

    Could you please suggest that Do we need build the signup data base in any Paid CRM.

    We would be grateful if you could suggest name also.

    Nitesh Kumar
    Co founder

    • I use Aweber for my communication. You need a email marketing tool like aweber to build your email list and handle the broadcast and follow up emails.

  2. Hi Deepak,

    A great point that you have touched upon here is Engagement and it is utmost logical too for any website or social media etc. to make the readers be glued onto their page. I also like the way you described how FB is not our private domain and must be used as an anchor rather than to promote our blogs, website etc.

    A well crafted piece.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article. I am also a social media analyst and i really like your suggestions. I want to ask you one thing that couple of months ago facebook started giving grey verification badge to business and local pages of india and now they suddenly remove the grey badges from all the pages and they have not any accurate and relevant reply of this that why they remove this feature . So in this case how one can make their business page authentic as i have seen some companies who faced duplicate facebook pages problem and they lose their user count due to this.

  4. Dear Mr Deepak

    thank you very much for your teachings. there have been so helpful to me, and am learning a lot about digital Marketing.
    Keep up the good works



  5. Dear Deepak,

    Thanks for such kind of article. This is really nice piece about facebook Marketing. However, in the last part you said, not to depend too much on facebook, need to buildup brand. And try to get email id. That is good idea. But most of cases I found email may be distract people from me as well most of us do not like such kind of email regularly if I am not so much interested on that specific brand.

    However, I heard from my social media marketers friend that, some times their email goes to spam box.

    So do you have any suggestion on this issue?

    • Hello Sheriff,

      If customer is not interested on your brand or regular emails then he will not open your emails. So from Email Marketing software you can see that who has opened your email or not. So who has not opened means not interested so you can unsubscribe from the list and next time he/she will not get your emails.


  6. Hi Deepak,

    It’s a well-crafted article, as always. The fact “Even if people ‘Like’ your Facebook page, they are still Facebook’s users and not yours” amazes lot of digital enthusiasts who are much more bothered about facebook likes, reaches and engagement. Another fact I want to share is that when we run a campaign, the facebook, as a media, will only help us to reach audiences and what engages the audience is our content. It is better to concentrate more on our content to achieve audience engagement. I have a query, Why few of my email subscriptions land in promotion inbox and few in the primary inbox? As a marketer, how to make sure of all our emails to land in subscribers primary emails?
    FYI: The whole paragraph “Make the posts interesting enough to make people stick to Facebook. Share limited posts on your page and share only interesting posts. Build authority for your domain and page slowly over time. Make Facebook trust you” is repeated. Please consider an edit, even though it doesn’t make any difference.

    Thank you

  7. Relevant article- Yes
    I have tried doing paid campains on Facebook such as get likes, boost post and lot many. Of all the campaigns that FB can do for you the best one is “promote local business”. Though it has its own restrictions like the name suggest “local business” but if someone really wants it, highly recommended.

    Virat Bhargava
    Cobbler Club

  8. Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for the Facebook article.
    I am planning to do a Facebook campaign to target people who have an Entrepreneurial interest to promote/associate with a new product/service launch.
    While creating the objective- which is a better option – to collect leads for business or to select raise attendance- as we want to organise a event to showcase the entrepreneurial opportunity to our TG .
    While selecting the target audience- along side the demographics & interest- apart from entrepreneurship & small and medium business, which are the other categories that you recommend to maximise the reach to our TG.

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    I got your mail at the same time I was just thinking of this topic. Thanks for such a article. I would like to hear few more interesting article from your side.
    Here in this article I like mostly “Your Facebook Page is Not Your Property” topic. and I am rethinking about the same.

  11. Thank You very much for this article. Very Useful sir. I’m following,I have finished 6classes & they are very useful. Now I’m regretting few things that I did with foolishness. haha! Once again,very thank You Sir.! 🙂

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    Regarding the post, I totally agree with your fact that we should not rely much on Facebook as their algorithms may change at any time.

    Have a great time blogging.

    Best regards

    Reji Stephenson

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  16. Facebook is a common social media platform for promoting brands on a regular basis. To deal with the problem Facebook has created an algorithm named Edge Rank for displaying only specific updates are displayed on a user’s feed. At present it uses more than 100,000 factors to decide what is to be displayed in a user’s feed.

  17. Hi Deepak,

    I am the Founder of WOOBUS and ex marketer at MobiKwik. I attended your session in Techsparks and it was really intuitive.
    I would like to understand a basic difference between directly boosting post and going via Ads Manager. Which results in better ROI?

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  19. definitely this is great it’s very easy to building new quality traffics in facebook page.but we should spend some money for getting new likes and audience quickly.otherwise will take more time if we do manual share and posts.

  20. Dear Deepak,
    How can we get more traffic on our Facebook page?.Tell me the ways to get more page likes so that posts reaches to more audiences…

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  22. Great post Deepak.
    i always try these stuffs but get trapped with fb algorithms . Its quite hard to reach audience , and for page likes its next to impossible 🙁

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