Why Writing is Important for Your Career

Why Writing is Important for Your Career

Every big company, country, and organization has been built on top of Documentation. Putting down your thoughts in writing is very important.

What's discussed verbally never sticks. People's memories are weak. Repetition is what builds brand familiarity and trust. But you can repeat yourself over and over again.

Writing it down is the best way to "digitize yourself".

But you may ask, "Deepak, who reads long emails anymore?"

Most people on the internet do not have the patience to read 500 words. But those people are not going to be your customers anyway. If they do not have the patience to read a 500-1000 word email or article, they will not have the patience to listen to you on a 1-hour sales call.

A small percentage of internet users, READ. They are the 10%. Your customers are in that 10%. Not everyone reads, but buyers read.

If you are reading this right now, it is proof that people read. There are people like you out there, with clarity, patience, and focus. And that's the only type of customers you should be working with anyway.

Where do people read?

Only 3 places:

  • Emails
  • Blogs/Websites
  • Books

Even if people do not have the patience to read, they will still look up to you. The best way to build authority is to become an author.

While publishing a book takes time and patience, you can start with emails and blog posts.

Just like this post

We convert 5-10 customers a month for our AlphaClub, and they come from this very funnel that you are in (and who knows, you might become our client soon if you haven't already).

The best customers, read.

  • To get those best customers, you have to write.
  • But how to start writing?
  • You write like you would write an email to a friend.
  • Write like you talk, to a friend.

People complain of "writer's block". But no one complains of "talker's block". If you write as you talk, you won't have any blocks.

It takes some time and practice to write as I do, where you feel like I am talking to you in person. But that skill can be learned. It can be honed.

Writers are not born, they are made. They say that you have 100,000 words of poor writing in you. Once you get it out, the good words will start flowing in.

I have written at least 1000 blog posts. If each blog post is on average 1,000 words long, it means I have written more than 1M words in my career.

I have a habit of writing 1,000 words per day. It builds my personal brand. People connect with me better, if they have read my articles or emails already. Even better, if they have read one of my books.

Even if people do not read my book, they at least go through a few chapters or skim through it.

Just the fact that I am a published author gives me so much authority to charge my clients more (and I convert more of my leads into paying clients).

If you are providing digital marketing services for doctors, write a small book titled "Digital Marketing for Doctors" and send a free copy to all your prospective clients.

Go to the pitch meeting with the book in your hand.

Without trust, you cannot sell. And authority is a shortcut to trust.

Deepak Kanakaraju