What is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?

Do you want to grow in your profession and your wealth? Do you want to achieve all your dreams?

To achieve success and wealth, we need skills. There are many different skills in the world. Which one do you choose?

A lot of us have chosen digital marketing as our career choice. You are reading this because you want to learn digital marketing. Digital marketing can help us grow faster, earn more, and make our dreams real. It has for me and it will do the same for you.

But what if there is a skill that is better than digital marketing?

A skill that can transform your professional and financial life. A skill very few people in the market understand and possess. A skill that’ll give you the power to generate income on demand or to launch or start or grow any business as you wish.

There is such a skill. It’s called copywriting.

Copywriting is the ability to use the written word to persuade someone to take action.

The action could be anything from making them respond to your message, purchase the product, click a link or like a post or comment or share something or give you an appointment and so on. The power of copywriting is unreal and magical. It’ll sound as if copywriters are performing black magic.

Imagine sending out a couple of well-crafted emails and see the sales rolling in. Or imagine running an ad, getting the people to click them and enter their details in the form or buy whatever you are offering.

Or imagine driving visitors to a landing page and persuading them to give away their Email ID or even convincing them to take their credit card out of the wallet for the product you offer. And imagine doing all that to people you have never met or talked to or someone you know personally.

Imagine… influencing and persuading the unknown to take the action you wish them to.

Isn’t it black magic?

That’s what copywriting does, and that’s why we call it the skill that can generate money on demand.

People call copywriting as “salesmanship in print” because all that persuasion and influencing happens through the written words on the sales page or the emails or the product description or the ad copy.

We, as marketers and common men, come across tens of copy words every moment of our life. We see them while browsing through our newsfeed, reading the news, listening to the radio, watching TV, or even checking the emails. Trust me. Everything you do every day is influenced by copy.

Almost everything you’ve purchased so far is because somewhere a copywriter came up with the concept, wrote an ad or product description that persuaded you to buy.

Whether it is the phone you use or the books you bought or the courses you purchased or the newsletters you subscribed to or the laptop you are working on and reading this right now. Every one of your purchase is influenced by a copy with you knowing or not.

Copywriting is a multi-trillion dollar industry worldwide. But still, a few people know about it, and even fewer people are good at it. You are one among them. You know the power of copywriting and how it can transform your life. That’s why you have chosen to read this.

I’ll walk you through the power of copywriting in case if you need it to reinforce your decision.

Assume there is a product company that’s selling online, and they have this landing page.

If you aren’t sure of a landing page, it’s the page marketers usually create to promote a product or a service to a particular set of audience who are primarily driven through a paid campaign specifically designed for the same.

Now, let’s assume there is some content on the page, talking about the features of the product, positioning the product as a solution, and making an offer. It is converting at 1%, and they are making around 1 million rupees a month. Now, assume they employ a copywriter to improve the page.

The copywriter reworks the content based on the research and his discussions with the product creators, and then the conversion rate doubles or triples. That means they start converting 2% of their audience to the page or 3%, and they start making $2 million per month or even $3 million per month.

This entire improvement comes without any additional cost to their marketing campaign [other than the fee they have paid to the copywriter]. They don’t need more visitors to the page. They don’t need to add more features to the product, or they don’t need to offer more discounts. In short, they don’t need to spend more at all.

Imagine, is there anything else in the marketing world can produce such results without increasing the marketing spend?

No. None at all.

Copywriting is the only skill that can double the revenue without increasing the marketing spend at all. That’s the power of copywriting. That’s why I mentioned it is the skill that can generate revenue on demand. And that’s not all. It gives you something more valuable than money. It gives you the freedom to work – when you want, with whom you wish to and from where you want.

Yes. With copywriting as your skill, you’ll be the boss. You’ll choose how many hours to work, how many clients to take, who can be your clients, and where you are working from, and so on. Ability to earn money on-demand + freedom to choose how you work.

Isn’t it a hell of a combination? Isn’t it something that made you choose digital marketing in the first place – the promise of earning more while working as you wish. Well, it is the way of living of the copywriters.

I know at this moment, you have this question in your mind.

“That sounds amazing, Deepak. But how can I become a copywriter? How can I learn and master the skill so that I can generate revenue on-demand, as you mentioned.”

Well, that’s what you are going to learn soon. Keep reading!