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Hey there! Deepak here from Bangalore. Welcome to my blog! And glad that you checked out my About page. I am a passionate digital marketer. (And I am a biker boy too!). I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2008.

I write about digital marketing on this blog. I am also a columnist at Entrepreneur.com and YourStory.

My first startup was an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice, which eventually became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ page views per month.

I had an exit from BikeAdvice in 2012. After that, I have worked as digital marketing manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo and Razorpay. I also write, speak and consult on digital marketing.

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DigitalDeepak.com is now ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India and it has become a well-known brand. It started as a personal blog where I used to write notes on digital marketing for my future reference.

You can also check out the books I have published and the workshops I have conducted. If you are new to my blog and don’t know where to start, visit my top articles page.

I have also launched a free digital marketing course to help people learn digital marketing. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to learn the latest stuff in digital marketing. 🙂

The Long Story

Not everyone can plan their future and drive their lives as they want to. We plan something but life has something else for us. I got into the field of digital marketing by accident. It was not planned. However, I am happy where I have reached. There are certain forces which channeled my energy and brought me here.

I joined college in 2004. I knew that computer science and coding was not my cup of tea. My dad has a small construction company in my hometown Salem. So I thought, I could join his business if I couldn’t get a job. So I opted for Civil Engineering. I was also interested a little bit in the area of house construction because I used to visit my dad’s projects. I really loved certain subjects in my engineering such as Fluid Mechanics and Engineering mechanics.

In 2007, I got a job offer for Rs. 2.75 Lakhs per year ($4000 a year!) from a company called Caritor. (It was later acquired by Keane and then Keane was later acquired by NTT data). At that time, the demand in the IT sector was so high that companies were hiring students from Civil, Mechanical and even Chemical engineering disciplines.

I graduated from college in 2008, but the recession in US was at its peak. That delayed the joining dates for the students by 1-2 years. I finished college, I had no job, had to wait for a year to get the joining date and my dad’s company wasn’t big enough for me to engage myself full time. All that empty space and time had to create something out of it.

I was a regular reader of Chip and Digit magazines at that time. I came across an article which talked about how one can earn revenue from blogging and AdSense. I got inspired. If I could earn some money from home then it would be nice. I need not depend on my dad for pocket money.

The first try was opening a blog at Blogger.com and opening an AdSense account to place ad blocks on the blog. I made a dummy blog and put the ad codes in it (at that time AdSense accounts were approved for everyone who applied). Eventually I learned that one needs a lot of traffic to earn revenue from ads. And to get a lot of traffic, one needs to have quality content. I also learned that it is always better to have your own domain so that you can control the brand.

I was very interested in motorcycles from that time. I used to spend hours reading motorcycle magazines and watching videos online. I observed that there was no website in India dedicated to motorcycles and reviewing Indian motorcycle models. That was the time when the idea struck me: I could start a blog about motorcycles. I was inspired by CarAdvice.com.au. So I started BikeAdvice.in. That’s how my first business was born.

The BikeAdvice Story

This section will be updated soon 🙂

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  1. Add Some RSS or something so we can subscribe to your blog.
    Some notification that you have posted new blog.
    Will be very helpful.
    By the way awesome content.

      • Hi Deepak , thanks for the opportunity to learn digital marketing free of cost . Currently I have completed my e commerce from welingkars and want to learn practical digital marketing and want to startup my own company.

        Request you to please let me know the good institute in mumbai suburbs where I can learn live digital marketing.

  2. I need someone to train 6 people to become ad words certified
    need this trying on site in downtown Chicago first or second week December 2014
    please advise my options

  3. Very nice blog Deepak. I saw your site on NP and just decided to check it out. I am glad I did, you have some very nice posts with some great info.

    Great job, I will be checking in from time to time.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    Loved the blog!!

    As a Marketer in UAE, I am working on alot of mapping projects because they are not as advanced as in the west. I have a question in regards to after verifying my code My location does not show up when i zoom into that area. Is there a reason for this, I have clients who want to see their business and they cant :s!!!

  5. Hello Sir,
    I am a B.Tech grad 2015, fresher and a job seeker. I am planning to do a course in digital marketing. Its getting very onerous in selecting and enrolling in a proper course in india. The more i am searching for institutes, the more equivocal it is getting. I found the articles on your web on Google Certifications. Neat and elaborate. Loved reading your articles. Thanks for clarifying the concept of Google Adwords certification.
    I am eager to know, is there any proper short term course for graduates to pursue in india and land a descent job in this domain, or shall i look for an MBA.
    What are the various other Google certifications available ?
    I am planning to enroll in Delhi School of Internet Marketing course on Dig. Mkt. The course is priced at 55000 INR with 6 Google certifications and one Google analytics Certifications. Is it worthy or do i have better options ?

    Thanks a lot for your blog articles. Helped me a lot.

      • I don’t know if you already have started learning from DSIM delhi, I would suggest you start working somewhere and learn from digitaldeepak free marketing course, as you can develop skills by learning on your own. Hope this suggestion helps. By the way, I am also B.E 2007 Pass out.

  6. I have made this website to start an advisor of LIC and Mutual Funds and also given ads in Google Adwords setting the ads by google adwords expert but till to day I have not got even single customer from the ads . I have checked my website and there is also a problem that is when I filled the forms , sometimes, it was not submitting

  7. Hi Mr Deepak
    I am here from Bhagalpur (Bihar) and I want to see you in reference with the digital marketing and the blogger as a freelancer. I am very very new having a very little knowledge in this field.
    With thanks

  8. Hi Mr Deepak
    I am here from Hyderabad.Done with Mass communication and want to know and learn digital marketing course and signed up in your blog for free course. Very much interested and happy for this and really thankful to YOU. Its helpful to me and as well as people like who are looking for such courses. Thanks alot.

  9. Hi Deepak,

    I continuously follow ur updates and even i have enrolled for your free course and as an inspiration i have started my free blog in word press thanx a lot.

  10. Hello Deepak,

    Thank you for one of the most informative posts on self-publishing an ebook. I followed all the steps you mentioned and I’m now publishing my book of poems (Unspoken) in the eBook format on Amazon.
    I would love for you to read and review the book.

    I have mailed the softcopy to you. Thanks!

  11. Hey deepak

    Great blog and thank you for sharing so many tips about blogging. I’hv been following you since long and now i work as a full time blogger. Thank you for guiding me through and sharing your knowledge on the web

  12. Dear Deepak,
    I am very thankful to get opportunity to learn “Digital Marketing” for free because of you. I will surely give back something. keep it up this good deed.

  13. Dear Sir,

    My name is A.Venkatesh from Hyderabad and i have very much interest to start the digital marketing process as a entrepreneur. Please give me some idea and here is my number:8220095474.

    Thank you


  14. i am doing 2 months digital marketing course from school of digital marketing, pune… is 2 months are sufficient for digital marketing for job placements?

  15. Hii Deepak….Good Morning…

    I m industrial engineering and i have 5 year of experience in manufacturing industry as mechanical/industrial engineer. & Based on that experience i have done Executive MBA-Marketing from Gujarat University. so is it o.k if i will chose field of Digital marketing.

    Because i want to open my own digital marketing firm so at that time my above work experience will be zero(already i earn 50k) and i will new in marketing field so what should i do ????????? pls suggest me

  16. Digital Deepak Does give you Wisdom and Realization how the Digital Marketing Should be done in any field, he has touched everything which is Required in Internet Era. His insight is Amazing and Educating, Pleased to met you Digitally .

  17. Dear Mr. Kanakaraju,

    I am a first year MBA student from Shiv Nadar University, Noida.
    I am preparing a Digital Index for C-Suite Executives active on social media and require your expert guidance on the same.

    Hoping for a positive response from your end.

    Thanks and Regards,

  18. Deepak,

    A friend of mine mentioned you to me and recommended you pretty highly. I would like to discuss getting Flit more digital traction. Can we chat? I am reachable at 9886500757



  19. Hi sir,
    m really interested in knowing basics of digital marketing and in layman’s language so that one is able to explain and devise strategy for the client in a more prudent way. It should be so easy that the other understand your knowledge as you want them to.


  20. Dear Mr.Deepak,
    Today got opportunity to go through your blog and 1st online lesson also. I am working as Marketing manager of the brand management team in pharma sector. Heard a lot on digital marketing. Have got lot of interest now, but do nt know how to start from where to start and infact since hv spent 10 yrs in pharma, will other industry consider from profile after doing digital marketing course ? Lot of apprehension in my mind. Need your help.

    Thanks with anticipation

  21. Hi Mr Deepak
    I am here from fatehabad (Haryana) and I want to see you in reference with the digital marketing and the blogger as a freelancer. I am very very new having a very little knowledge in this field.
    With thanks

  22. Hi Deepak,
    You are the inspiration of Billions people. You have set a great milestone for others. Proudly saying that No one can better than you in Digital Domain. I just want a favour please help me out. We have just started a website http://www.DigitalNaukri.in please suggest that which open source like WordPress, Magento or etc would be better for our domain and SEO point out view. Do we need to go for Dedicated server in the initial time. Please suggest in this. Hoping the reply from your end.

    • Looks like a good initiative. But what exactly is your goal. Do you want to connect job seekers and job openings in the digital marketing domain?

  23. Hello Sir,
    I went through your blog and found it to be one of the best.

    Sir, I’m pursuing my BE in Ece from Banglore. I am currently in 3rd year and I hav decided to take DIGITAL MARKETING as my career. So what should I do being in 3rd year should I do any course or try out any internships??

  24. Hello Sir,

    I Have around 1 year experience in SEO and Some little bit knowledge about Digital marketing. I want to learn complete digital marketing course, because in future well opportunities in this field. Please Guide me which topics are most popular in digital marketing.

  25. Dear Sir,

    My name is Alok Kumar Singh from Delhi and i have very much interest to start the digital marketing process as a entrepreneur. Please give me some idea and here is my number: 8879339945

    Thank you

    Alok Kumar Singh

  26. Hello Sir,
    I am an Engineering Graduate From Kurukshetra University (Haryana) and currently working as a Sales Associate in one of the India’s most leading Tech-Edu Corp in Bangalore only. I am so vey interested in learning Digital Marketing and Social Media Traffic generating techniques. Came to know about your DigitalDeepak.com and its great.
    I have alraedy started learning from your blog (and also from ShoutMeLoud). Hope to learn more and also hope to meet you some day soon.
    Thanks for inspiring.
    Keep Shining.
    Ishan Sharma

  27. Dear Deepak,

    We are builder in Pune. Can you help me for our Project “Pyramid Country” Digital Marketing.


    Madhav Chauhan


  28. Hi, i am a b.tech. engineer in Ece completed in 2014. After around one and half year i got the job in seo. It’s been five months working in seo and still confused whether to continue in seo or not. Well i have also an opportunity in software testing job but my mind still confused which field would be better for future point of view. Please help me out.

  29. Hi Deepak,

    I must say that your past, present is really fascinating for my understanding. I have a question for you, did you ever face any legal / copyright issues with respect to your content / menu / widget / anything which is related to display of your site of bikeadvice.com / digitaldeepak.com or any thing else.

    Hope this is a generic question.
    I request your tips and advices on this topic and will be very valuable & informative to me.


  30. Deepak,

    I teach Digital Marketing in a leading B-School. How best can I derive contributions from you. Will you have a personal mail ID to contact as and when required

  31. Deepak, hi.
    I would prefer a corporate deal with you. It would be related to the involvement and educational content sharing in a social netorking site. If you find it interesting, do mail me back.

    Monish Raza
    Aishkin Infotech Private Limited

  32. Hello sir,
    I am nandhakumar from namakkal tamilnadu.I am well in english. So I write in tanglish which means both Tamil and english. Sir,ungala pathi blog LA padichathum nanum ungala pol aaganum nu asaipadaran. I will take all steps to develop in digital marketing.please anna yenaku yeppdi nu teach pannu vigala Tamil LA.please anna

  33. Hi Deepak,

    You are one of my influencer like Harsh, Neil , Avinash and I read your blog whenever come across new article. You are doing excellent job in Digital Marketing and sharing it.

    I like your facebook advertisement article which you presented in details and believe me your data very informative and was in flow.

    Keep motivating with such inputs.


  34. Hi Deepak,
    I am taking your Digital Marketing tutorial through Email. Actually, I have a query, how old are these tutorial videos and how relevant are they in this fast changing Digital Marketing World?

  35. Hello Deepak,
    I am a homemaker takes tutions at home,was a teacher.I wanted to do and was searching for something .I came to know about digital marketing ,SEO through my younger brother.and read online about SEO.
    Now I want to make career in this field , please suggest how to start .
    Thank you

  36. Dear Deepak,
    My heartful thanks to you,you can’t imagine my interest towards digital marketing course,I had also contact with SMU & one of the private institute in New Delhi,but they will give me certificate which will kept in my file,as a experienced & shrewed person you have lot of practical knowledge,you can give me knowledge by using this I can earn as I like according to my capacity,as regards myself I am a insurance Agent since last 27 years,at the age of 56 I have such confidence & perserverance to acieve this by the help of Gods gift person Mr.Raju,again many many thanks.just going to see chapter-1

  37. Sir i wana ask tht it is good idea if i join Digital marketing course while doing b.com correspondence or first i should complete my graduation then can join this course?? Wht your opinion?? Plzz guide bczz company hier you after your graduation

  38. Hello Deepak sir,
    I just heard about u in Facebook,Im soo inspired From U in Digital Marketing ,I Want To Join In Digital Marketing

  39. First of all, I would like to thank you for your lessons, they are extremely useful.
    Keeping your tips in mind, I got my domain name and hosting to get into the world of digital marketing… Now, I want some tips from you about how to grow as a digital marketing specialist.


  40. Wow, i want to thank mr deepak for ur free gift of ebook and also for the free crouse or free teacheing….am tena by name ….God will blessed u

  41. Dear Deepak Bro,
    To be honest, I just casually signed up free course invitation offered by you when I saw it on my fb account.But after going through your first video I really got impressed .
    I am a mid level marketing and sales professional. I started my career from entertainment media and worked for Times music, HMV,Big Music etc but from last 7 years associated with real estate industry which is passing through bad phase.

    Though I am aware that digital media is becoming most preferred marketing tools for almost all sectors specially for those who cannot afford Traditional media. I am already 39 years old and have almost 14 years of marketing and sales experience but not expert in digital media. Though I use social media tools like FB, Twiter, Instagram, Linkedin but not smart enough to use it’s free or paid advertising features. I was thinking to join some short term course but after seening your first video I changed my mind. They way you narrated the intro I really liked and felt that you kind of guy is real Deshbhakt who is doing such a great job free of cost. I too have lots of ideas5 on several topics and wanted to start my blog, but could not take start due to two reason 1. my poor english 2 . How to bring traffic for free. But now I think,after seeing some episode your course I could get courage to start my blog and will be an smart digital marketier. If possible give me some personal tips which can help to make myself smart in the field of digital media.

    Thanks Bro,
    God blessyou.
    Buland Akhtar

  42. Hi Deepak,
    I came across your digital course for blogging. The charges nentioned are on a higher side. I Also read up about your free digital course.
    Kindly confirm if you can offer any discount on the 100 day blogging course.

  43. Dear Deepak
    Am grateful for this insightful knowledge and high opener ,I really want you to educate me more on how to fly digital marketing in my country Nigeria because I have no ground knowledge on this but want to excel in it and build my world around it .

  44. Hi Sir,
    I Am Lakshminarayana from Anantapur. I have a small doubt that is, why should be write content in english, why dont we write in telugu.

  45. Hi Sir,

    I am new to blogging and recently purchased your affiliate mastery course. 1st Lesson was good. Your story is really inspiring and can be seen how much hard work you have done.

  46. Hai deepak sir,

    This is agilan basically from salem,i have two years of experiance in telemarketing one of my friend suggested me digital marketing and about your blogs also.later i start searching about digital markeing in online finaly 1-Oct my digital marketing classes will satart in bangalore.
    Thank you for your updates and please keep update,its really helpful for me.

    Agilan k

  47. Greetings sir am very Happy to have participated in some of your free training. And am so much desperate to continue with your other paid training’s, but am having a very serious CONSTRAINTS in regards to mode of payment. Actually am a Nigeria and I reside in Nigeria too, and i have already made reasonable amount of efforts to make payment but to no avail. Please am of the great opinion, u device another convenient payment system that will enable us from Nigeria to pay. I would be most glad if you favorably considers my plea. Thanks.

  48. came across ur fcbk page. i can arrange things fully at ajmer and jaipur in rajasthan. Also, i can get you good customers. More can be discussed on phone. Do send me your number.

  49. Sir,

    I have some specific requirement for my work.
    I shoot videos and want to upload at you tube channel . I need your help regarding this.

  50. Hey Deepak,

    Time is 12:07 PM, reading your ebook…

    I am a lazy guy who doesn’t spends time on reading the book.But I completed upto 7 pages. This is a milestone for me :)))

    I felt of reading your ebook like a tech boost.

    Right now I am not planning for any paid courses. That reason I am not interested to tell in public. So only I came to you for the free course.

    One day I will enroll your Full course That I am sure.

    I am starting resuming your “ebook”

  51. Hello Sir, I am a student of your ‘Affiliate Marketing Mastery course’. And I have learned many things about digital marketing and blogging from your courses. I am a big fan of you.
    Thanks for your dedication towards works…

  52. Great sir you are like people called humanoid ….❄
    I want to join your business but this time I don’t have money to enroll your business but I need few day …in Delhi then I can also spread so widely ..⚡⭐

  53. Hello Deepak,

    I am very much inspired from your journey. After reading your story i have realized that you have started in later stage and your journey is truly inspirational to me. My interest in computer science grown once i have joined B.tech Computer science. Thanks for encouraging many youngster.
    I am also into digital marketing and i always love to read your blogs. You keep me updated all the time.


  54. Hello Sir,

    I do BBA And I want to do Computer Course Because In Near future I Will Not Facing Any problem To Get Job. Which Computer Course I Do To Get Better Job And Good Salary.
    I don’t want to do MBA. I Prepare for UPSC Exam But I Have A Financial problem That’s Why I Want to do job.

  55. Hello Sir,

    I am perusing BBA And I want to do Computer Course . So that In future I Will Not be facing Any problem To Get the Job. Which Computer Course I should Do To Get a good Job And Good Salary.
    I don’t want to do MBA. I am Preparing for UPSC Exam But I Have some Financial problem That’s Why I Want to do job. Please suggest me. I am very confused.

  56. Hi Deepak sir,
    I am new to blogging. I am become your fan after visiting your blog. you are a great inspiration for us. ineed tips on search engine optimization and social media marketing.
    thank you sir for your great article

  57. Thank you Deepak sir for starting digital market.
    My name is Naresh kumar patra from cuttack(odisha)I am b.com completed student also have basic computer knowledge like PGDCA.tally.
    I am interested for doing digital marketing job but I don’t have mystery knowledge about digital marketing. How can I know about digital marketing.

  58. Went through few articles of yours.. Really great right ups and useful especially for newbies like me!

    Great initiative!!

    Just a quer, How can i learn digital marketing and from where can i download some videos related to digital marketing. Also from where can i do a course in digital marketing.
    Thanks for your help!!

  59. Dear Deepak,

    Your articles are always very engaging and long. I always learn new from you still many things to learn from you.
    I believe that instead of any training institute buying a online course and do mastery is best option.

  60. नाम तो सुना ही होगा!!
    When you talk about Digital Deepak, you almost start your conversation like this.
    Deepak Kanakaraju has been in Digital Marketing from almost over one decade.
    Starting from scratch every worked in multiple niche and mastered every facets of digital marketing.
    Based in South India his overall approach to lead you to your goal of mastering Digital Marketing, is apt for every individual irrespective of his background and academic qualification.
    His facebook group ‘Learn Digital Marketing’ is itself an ever expanding and exploring online class of Digital Marketing.
    You can approach him for all your DM needs and dreams.
    Good Luck!!
    Get back to me if you wanna say after him, “Here is the most trusted man on the digital landscape”

  61. Great content mate, really inspired by your story and i see my future with you and in your courses. You made my day bro, see you inside the Internship Program Batch-4.


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