The Boredom in Entrepreneurship

The Boredom in Entrepreneurship

Most of the entrepreneurs would say that it is exciting to be an entrepreneur. From the moment that you get a spark to start something, all the way to having an exit from the startup, there are many highs in entrepreneurship. However, while building your startup, you will encounter many areas where you just have to get a lot of boring tasks done. Doing the same thing for years that helps your startup grow is often underrated.

Many new entrepreneurs are looking for the constant highs and sometimes get disappointed to discover how boring some things can be. That’s why as mentioned in the other chapter, your venture should be driven by a higher goal of contribution than personal success alone.

A few years down the line, you might feel like you are getting no where near to the personal success that you dreamed of when you started your business. And it is very important to keep going at such dips for many reasons including: your progress thus far cannot go waste, you might be quitting too early, and it wouldn’t be fair to your employees and customers if you quit.

If you have a higher sense of purpose with your venture, you will be able to go through that dip and get on a growth path again in the near future. Even if you feel demotivated by the lack of results for personal success, you will be motivated by the value you are creating for the world. That will keep you going and eventually you will achieve the personal success that you dreamed of.

So if you are committing to start a business and grow it to insane heights, be mentally prepared to do the boring stuff. Some of the most boring tasks that I do in my business include data analysis, accounting, keeping up with regulations of the government, managing employees’ feelings around work, payment processing and travelling long hours for meetings and events. When the boredom gets to me, what keeps me going is the higher sense of purpose and contribution that I am able to give back to this world.

Getting the WHY right is very important before you decide to become an entrepreneur. WHY do you want to do it? Do you want to do it purely because of financial gain, or do you want to create value and make this world a better place? There is nothing wrong in creating a business purely for financial gain.

In fact, many people become entrepreneurs just for the money and they actually end up making a lot of money. But you need to do what it takes for that, even if you have to work hard on things you do not enjoy. You need to make a choice on what works best for you. For me, entrepreneurship with a higher sense of purpose and value creation for the world around me is what drives me to work.

Discipline helps a lot in getting through the boredom. If you have a good routine where you live a balanced life, you will be more capable of doing what it takes to grow in your personal life and business. Take care of your physical and psychological health with good habits.

Surround yourself with positive people and eliminate the negativity from your life. Read good books, attend seminars, exercise, do volunteer activities, make new friends and bring a positive vibe in your life. Your business will only grow to the extent you do.