3 Tips to Make Sure that Your Emails Get Delivered to Your Subscriber’s Inbox

Digital marketing has a lot of components. One of the most important and critical components of digital marketing is email marketing. Especially in the age of volatile social media, where you cannot trust any platform to reach your followers, email marketing is uber important.

I have been focusing most of my learning and execution on email marketing and marketing automation in the past few years. And I have developed quite an experience in making sure my email campaigns work.

In this post, I want to talk about 10 tips to help you deliver your emails from your email campaigns, to the inbox of your subscribers.

1. Write Plain Text Emails

Email campaigns are either made of plain text emails or of HTML emails. If you are an individual or personal brand communicating with your subscribers, it is always best to send a plain text email. Not only it saves time and helps you focus your energy on the content, it is something that subscribers prefer as well.

If your friend sends you an email, does he/she ever add a design template to it? Obviously not. HTML emails de-personalize the whole message. Good designs are important for websites, landing pages, apps, brochures and in the product itself, but it is counter intuitive to use in emails. So always, try to send plain text emails than HTML emails.

If you are sending out corporate communication and if you are sure that your subscribers want to read such a message, you can use HTML mails. For example, if you are getting order status updates from Amazon, you would expect a certain level of branding and design to make the message more readable and easy to consume.

When sending messages trying to communicate something new with your subscriber list, plain text emails will help you get the message across without distractions and noise.

2. Convert Prospects into Customers

Sending an email to a prospect is seen as a promotion or an unsolicited message. Sending an email to a customer is seen as a transactional communication.

In most of the email marketing tools, if you select a message to be transactional, they will send it from emails servers and IP addresses that have better deliverability.

Here’s the message shown by Drip.com when I select the messages as transactional.

That’s why I try to get as many prospects convert into customers, even if the transactional value is very low and doesn’t yield a profit.

I sell ebooks for as low as $1 or ₹99. And I sell 1000s of them. And sometimes I spend money on ads to convert these prospects into customers – even if I am losing money on every sale. I might spend $2 for every $1 ebook sold.

No customer would unsubscribe from a seller’s communication, unless the permission is abused. I send updates on the ebooks and blog posts related to the topic of the ebook to my customers – and it gets an open rate of as high as 60%.

As this happens, my subscribers are getting used to opening my emails: because they are not just subscribers, they are paying customers. When I send a promotional email promoting a product (which is usually 1 out of 5 emails), I get good open rates and good sales. Because they are used to opening my emails.

3. Request Subscribers to Whitelist Your Email ID

If someone adds your email ID to their contacts list, your email will never land in spam or any other promotional folder. However, not everyone will add your email ID to their contacts. You have to request them explicitly, in multiple instances.

First, request as soon as they sign up for your newsletter, then mention about it in the first welcome email. Request them to whitelist your email ID on every email in the footer.

Around 2-3% of the subscribers will add you to their contacts list. This might look like a small number, but there are the people who will end up becoming your buyers and brand evangelists.

Final Words

I hope this blog post has given you ideas on how to increase deliverability of your email campaigns. I will be writing more on email marketing in the coming days! Stay tuned!

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  3. This is exactly what I needed to read.
    I have been facing this issue with my email list.
    The open rate is very low, and I doubt it is most probably my emails are landing on the promotion tab.
    I have tried the 3rd option, will try the first 2 today.

    Thank you for sharing the awesome tips.

  4. Hello Deepak sir, your new article is always inspiring me to learn and get something new I love reading your blog Thanks this really fantastic article.

  5. I love it. I am read some Articals of your blog. All are awesome.Are you write any Artical for high cpc keyword research ? If yes then please give me link. I want read about it more

  6. Wowwww Amazing tips…. I was searching this information from other sites but now i found this useful information on your site… Thanks for sharing us this useful knowledge… Thank you sooooo much

  7. Great article.. E-mail marketing is not dead even today in the world of social media. E-mails do give good results if done with proper approach.

  8. sir really helpful article.
    i research this article for many websites but now i finally find out.
    Email marketing is very essential for growing blog traffic.
    so by your article now i am sure why my emails are not land in my user inbox.
    heartfully thank you!!!

  9. Deepak, I love the short actionable tips on Inbox Placement.

    I know Email Marketing is a long-term strategy, but people should always run tests to see what works best for their target audience.

    I would also recommend couple of pointers; after all you want your best work to be available in your user’s inbox.
    Inbox Placement Checklist:
    1. Content Verification (Text)
    The body or subject of the email should not have any spam words or spam links to misguide users.
    2. Html Coding
    Email template should be designed using plain HTML codes only.
    3. Campaign Platform
    No matter what is the size of your database, your email service provider or the platform from where you want to execute the campaign should be a genuine and with a good reputation.
    4. Setting-up campaign platform with the Authentication process
    You should have a proper domain and IP reputation setup in place.
    5. Reputation Check
    You should have a neat and clean background with no %spam complaints and blacklisting. If you do, fix that before you execute your next email campaign.
    6. Database Hygiene check (Validation)
    Gone are the days when users used to stick with one emails of Hotmail or Yahoo, Now since Google offering so many flexibilities with emails, It has become quite challenging to make sure your database is clean with all effective emails.
    You need to run a proper validation check on your email database every 90 days from acquisition. If you have any complain of hard bounces or dead emails above 10%, it might affect your campaigns badly.

    Look at https://digitallyup.in for step by step guide to plan Email Campaign that hits your user’s Inbox.


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