100 Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks Series

100 Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks Series

I am planning to create a new series of blog posts related to digital marketing tips and tricks. Digital Marketing is a very wide topic, and it is almost impossible to learn one subject at a time and keep progressing in a linear fashion.

The best way to learn digital marketing is to keep learning and practicing. Fundamentals are important, but you should also keep yourself updated with the latest changes happening in the industry.

Every aspect of digital marketing is growing and changing on a monthly basis. SEO keeps changing because the search engine algorithms keep changing.

Email marketing keeps changing because the ESPs evolve on how they tread mass emails and automated emails. Rules around opt-in subscription and user consent keeps changing as new laws come into effect for privacy, data collection and spam emails.

Search engine marketing keeps changing as Google Ads and other platforms bring AI and machine learning into the platform. They are increasingly becoming goal oriented and will do the optimization without human interference.

Social media marketing keeps changing because the social media platforms keep changing their algorithms from time to time. Organic reach is at an all time low and you cannot win in social media without having an advertising strategy.

In this series of blog posts, I will be covering many tips and tricks in no specific order. As of now I plan to publish 100 tips over the period of next few months. I will be discussing about fundamentals, tools, latest techniques, tricks and anything that is related to digital marketing.

After I publish all the 100 tips on my blog, I might also publish it as a book with 100 digital marketing tips and tricks. Each tip will be a chapter in the book, and there might be no specific order to it. The book will be free to download for my readers, and it will be available as a print book on Amazon and other online e-commerce destinations.

One of the reasons I am going to publish these tips as blog posts first and then as a book is because I am looking for continuous feedback you (my reader) on what you want to read. The No.1 rule of digital marketing is to find out the needs of the audience and then deliver it to them. It would be ironic to publish a book first and then discover that my audience wants something else.

Some of these tips will also contain short 5-10 minute video tutorials. If I am explaining a concept that is theoretical, I might have illustrations.

If I am explaining on how to use a specific digital marketing tool, I might be making a screen cast video that goes over the functionality if the tool. These videos will also be published on my YouTube Channel.

Thanks for tuning into this series, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Let me know what tips and tricks you want to learn in Digital Marketing and let me start writing as soon as I get my initial set of ideas.

I will also be updating the links to all the tips on this page over time as they keep getting published.