The Power of Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences (WCA)

Facebook has more than a billion people using their platform. It is also a great place to reach customers at a very low cost. However, I feel that Facebook is a double edged sword and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will end up losing your marketing dollars with Facebook Ads.


Many newbie Facebook marketers first get excited with the low cost of advertising on Facebook. They start their ads with very broad targeting and then they realize that their clicks are not converting into sales. That’s why targeting the right audiences is fundamental to make Facebook advertising work.

If you have a very broad target, for example, all the internet users from a specific country, then you will not get a positive ROI from your ads. You will achieve good vanity metrics such as clicks, likes, comments and shares but your bank account will be giving you a different story.

Vanity metrics may make it look like your efforts are yielding results but it will not bring you revenue. As a digital marketer, you need to focus on conversions and sales.

To make any advertising work, you need better targeting. With Facebook advertising, better targeting can be done with demographics, location and based on interest – but still it may not be enough. That’s when WCA comes to the rescue.

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How to Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job (eBook)

Today, I am launching my ebook officially. It was in pre-launch a while back and it has already crossed 500 downloads. The response for this ebook has been amazing!

dream job digital marketing

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In this ebook I have shared my digital marketing journey and how I was able to get digital marketing jobs in many leading startup companies in India.

The book also explores the demand for digital marketing skills in the market and how you can leverage it to get a high paying and exciting job.

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Unbounce Review – Create Beautiful Landing Pages without I.T.

I love landing pages. Landing pages is one of the top tools for a digital marketer. It helps you generate leads and make sales. If you don’t know much landing pages, read this article first: What are Landing Pages?


Landing pages have evolved in the past few years. One of the biggest changes has been that today’s landing pages are responsive. They fit a mobile, tablet, laptop or even a big desktop screen. It is the need of the hour because the internet audience uses multiple devices to access the world wide web.

Also landing pages used to be very minimalistic a while back. I used to build landing pages with simple HTML editors, and they worked. But if you want to have professionally designed pages it used to cost anywhere between $500 to $1,000 to design and code a very good looking landing page. But now, with tools like Unbounce, we can create beautiful landing pages without the help of a designer or coder.

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An Interview with Pradeep Kumar, Founder of Slashsquare Blog Network

pradeepToday, I had a chance to interview Pradeep Kumar is the CEO & Founder of Slashsquare, an Indian Blog Network and a Web Consulting Firm.

He is one of the top bloggers from India and I picked his brain to get some of his learnings and experience in blogging & digital marketing.

He has developed successful content brands like HellBound Bloggers (HBB), MoviesDrop and DeviceBAR, and he is in the process of creating upcoming brands like FoodGravy, BookWritten, GameThem, Photovity, MusicBooze, and more!

Deepak: When does a blogger become truly successful? What metrics according to you determine success? Is it traffic, branding, revenue or something else?

Pradeep: I always see a Blogger as a Teacher, as someone who teaches millions or even billions. You can be a Blogger or even a Businessman, your success shouldn’t be tagged by money, sales or popularity, it should be your readers/customers.

Your focus should be on helping them or solving their problems. See what they want, analyse their needs, provide them suitable answers. Their satisfaction should be your success.

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What are Landing Pages?

What are Landing Pages? There are some confusing definitions around the web, so I decided to write this short post explaining what Landing Pages really are. In this post, you will also learn about some of the top landing page building tools in the market.

landing pages

Landing page – as the name suggests, is a web page that the user lands on. It is different than a website, a blog or an article because landing pages are mostly linked to from other places and is almost never the home page of a website.

Landing pages have one major difference from other types of web pages – landing pages have a very simple and unique action oriented goal.

When you look at the home page of a website – there are too many links and there are different actions the user can take on the page.

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