The Best Way to Learn Digital Marketing and Become an Expert

If you want to learn digital marketing, you have to practice it. You cannot read a book about digital marketing and call yourself an expert. Taking part in a digital marketing training program and getting a certification also doesn’t make you an expert.

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The technology and tools available in digital marketing is changing so fast that the only way to stay ahead in the game is to learn constantly and practice digital marketing.

If you are working as a digital marketer in a company, staying updated with the latest in digital marketing will happen naturally. But if you are not, then there is only one way that I know which works well for keeping yourself updated: and that’s, running an online project of your own and implementing digital marketing.

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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts in India

Being in the digital marketing field since 2007, I have come in contact with many people in the industry. However there have been a few people who have inspired me with their knowledge, experience and their work in digital marketing.

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Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry today. A research by Adobe and CMO council has revealed that 96% of the Indian marketers have confidence in the ability of digital marketing for staying ahead in the competitive race.

Today, I don’t think any business can survive without digital marketing. You know that digital marketing talent is rare. You should check the results of our digital marketing talent survey.

In this article I have listed the top digital marketing experts in India along with their profiles. And obviously, I haven’t writing about the people I don’t know, so let me know about other digital marketers that I may have missed.

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An Interview with Pradeep Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO of

PradeepChopra-DigitalVidya-PhotoPradeep Chopra is the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Vidya, one of the top digital marketing training institutes in India.

I got a chance to pick his brain and I asked him questions about how he started his journey, how he made Digital Vidya the best in its class and some other questions about digital marketing in general.

Deepak: How did you learn digital marketing? How did you get into the digital marketing field?

Pradeep: It was by chance vs by choice. For our 1st venture, Whizlabs Software, while none of the conventional marketing channels worked in our favor, we happened to sell our first product through SEO without actually knowing it.

That too in the year 2001. We could then scale Whizlabs really fast and could create a global brand for us. Since then we’ve not looked back and have been actively using digital marketing in all our ventures.

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Facebook Lead Ads – How to Create Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the primary responsibilities of a digital marketer. Leads are contact information of potential customers, and they are called leads because they can lead to a sale.

fb lead ads

A digital marketer generates leads via landing pages and gets the visitor to leave their contact information in return for something else. But there has been one big problem with landing pages. After someone clicks on an ad and lands on a landing page, they have to fill a form to become a lead for the business.

Nobody likes filling forms! And that’s why not all the people who visited the landing page become leads. If 20% of the people who visit the landing page enter their contact information, it is considered as a good conversion ratio.

What if this step can be removed? What if 100% of the people who click on the ads have the opportunity to become a lead without having to enter their contact information again on a landing page? Facebook has made that a reality with Facebook Lead Ads.

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The Power of Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences (WCA)

Facebook has more than a billion people using their platform. It is also a great place to reach customers at a very low cost. However, I feel that Facebook is a double edged sword and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will end up losing your marketing dollars with Facebook Ads.


Many newbie Facebook marketers first get excited with the low cost of advertising on Facebook. They start their ads with very broad targeting and then they realize that their clicks are not converting into sales. That’s why targeting the right audiences is fundamental to make Facebook advertising work.

If you have a very broad target, for example, all the internet users from a specific country, then you will not get a positive ROI from your ads. You will achieve good vanity metrics such as clicks, likes, comments and shares but your bank account will be giving you a different story.

Vanity metrics may make it look like your efforts are yielding results but it will not bring you revenue. As a digital marketer, you need to focus on conversions and sales.

To make any advertising work, you need better targeting. With Facebook advertising, better targeting can be done with demographics, location and based on interest – but still it may not be enough. That’s when WCA comes to the rescue.

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