How to Avoid Service Tax for Online Ads in India (Legally)

If you spend money on online advertising in India, you have to pay 14.5% service tax on your ad spends. Because “online advertising” is a service and all services attract a service tax in India. This is an indirect tax, a tax on consumption unlike a tax on income.

avoid service tax india online ads

Online advertising was exempt from service tax for a while from 2012 to 2014 but it has come back again to give digital marketers in India a pain in the __.

So if you are spending Rs.100 on online ads and earning Rs.100 in sales, you are breaking even, right? Actually no. Because you are going to end up spending Rs.114.5 with the taxes on online advertising.

For example, when you spend money on Google AdWords or any other website in India, they will levy you extra 14.5% service tax on your bill.

This number is not shown in your ads dashboard in Google AdWords. You may be thinking that you are spending Rs.100 per conversion but in the end you will pay Rs.114.5 per conversion. (More about Google AdWords payments later in this article).

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An Interview with Kulwant Nagi on Email Marketing

Kulwant Nagi is a blogger and an internet marketer. He blogs at and he owns a few more blogs on niche topics. He is an expert in a lot of areas but he understands email marketing very well, more than anything else.

Kulwant Nagi

He has grown his blog and income in a very short time using email marketing. He has experimented with many tools and strategies. He knows what works and what doesn’t.

He is a fellow blogger and a good friend. I decided to pick his brain on email marketing and he has shared his knowledge and experience without any second thoughts. So, here we go:

Deepak: How has building an email list helped you with the growth of your blog?

Kulwant: Building an email list was one of the best decisions I have taken in my online business. I started building my email list in 2013, so with time I have grown to 8,000+ subscribers till now.

Email is a medium to have a personal touch with your readers. They feel super special when they receive your email teaching them some special skills in your industry. Email marketing has helped me to build my brand by building strong bonding with my readers.

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How to Pay for Facebook Ads in India (Payment Options)

I have seen this question come up more than a few times. How can you pay for Facebook ads in India? What are the payment options available?

fb ads india payment

I use Facebook ads to drive traffic to my websites and generate leads. I am using PayPal to pay Facebook. There is a billing agreement on my PayPal account which allows Facebook to charge my credit card via PayPal automatically from time to time.

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How to Run Facebook Lead Ads on Desktop (A Workaround)

Facebook launched Lead Ads recently which enables advertisers to generate leads within Facebook. No landing pages and no need for the users to fill up forms. However, the lead ads are only enabled for mobile right now.

lead ads desktop

In my experience, the quality of traffic and leads from desktop users have always been higher than mobile. Mobile users sign up on impulse and sometimes they forget what they signed up for. But I did not want to wait until Facebook launches Lead Ads for desktop.

I discovered a small work around to run lead ads on desktop. All you need to do is pick out the permalink of your Lead Ads post in your page. This is not very obvious because the permalink to this post is hidden from your “published posts” area.

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How to Make Money from YouTube Videos (A Complete Guide)

With increasing bandwidth and access to devices, video content consumption on the internet is on the rise. Even TV channels and media companies are uploading video content to YouTube and earning revenue from advertising.

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Now anyone can create video content and distribute it online for the whole world to see. No need of huge investments or approvals from government organizations! The good thing about technology is that it breaks the barriers of entry for individuals like us.

Now you and me have a chance to compete with the big boys and all that is required of us is create something of value. In this case, good quality video content. We can also earn revenue on par with what the big boys. The playing field has been levelled.

The opportunities and possibilities with online videos are so vast that many people still find it hard to believe that – can this be this easy? This post is going to answer that question.

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