The Invisible Trainer – How to Build an Automated Coaching Business

Teaching is one of the oldest professions on planet earth.

If you take a look at the top 5 professions that dominate the human race, it would be agriculture, health & medical care, construction, cloth making and Training.

Since the olden days we’ve had Gurus where young people went to learn from them.

In every profession of work, there is a mentor and a student.

Out of the 5 professions I told you about, every profession involves teaching.

Transferring skills from an experienced person to an unskilled person is the very fabric of the human race that keeps us together.

Before we invented written language and printed books, knowledge and experience was transferred from one generation to another using stories.

During the tribal times where groups of 100-500 people lived in forests, the elders of the tribe would tell stories to the younger generation and they would pass on moral values.

Then there were people who hunted, gathered, people who grew crops, people who did carpentry and people who built huts. In every category, the expert will teach the novice.

People realized that sometimes you have to pass on information which transcends time. The trainer cannot always be present in flesh and blood and hence they started painting inside cave walls.

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Free Startup Course: Learn How to Build and Grow a Startup

In the past 10 years of running several freelancing projects, blogging projects, having worked in various startups and finally building my own digital marketing training company and agency, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to build a startup from scratch and make it sustainable.

And I observed that a lot of my readers including you want to learn about how to build startups. And there is no course that is made to teach this in the Indian context. If you dream of having your own company with a good product / service that makes consistent healthy revenues and profits, this series is for you.

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7 Awesome Things You’re Losing Because You Aren’t Blogging

Have you ever wanted to become a successful blogger? Or have you started a blog and didn’t continue growing it? In either case, this post will motivate you to start blogging again.


Blogging has a lot of rewards. But blogging is not easy and it is definitely not something that will give you quick results. Blogging is like running a marathon. It is like raising a baby, or growing a tree. It is not a one day task.

You have to do something to grow your blog everyday, in spite of not seeing results immediately. But once it grows to a certain stage, it takes a life of its own and then it keeps growing. I am a living proof of that. And there are many such successful bloggers in the world.

When I started this blog in 2013, it was only a small blog with a few articles, started mainly for the purpose of enhancing my digital marketing resume. But I kept working on it whenever I had time and eventually it has grown to become one of the top marketing blogs in India.

This blog DigitalDeepak has given rise to two 1Cr+ a year businesses. One is the digital marketing training company and the other one is the digital marketing agency PixelTrack. I have spoken about my blogging journey on my TEDx talk. In fact, the TEDx opportunity also came because of my blogging efforts.

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Predictive Analytics: The Future of Digital Marketing

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why they call it present.” – Master Oogway

Human beings have always been fascinated by Tomorrow. We have astrologers, psychics and palm readers trying to predict what will happen tomorrow using “super-natural” powers.

Until recently, most of such prediction efforts have not been positive or consistent, and if someone had predicted something accurate, it has always been more of luck than science. If prediction using super-natural powers were true, most of the millionaires in our world would be the astrologers.

However, as technology impacts every aspect of our lives, it is also creating an impact in predicting the future, with reasonable accuracy. With mathematics, big data and predictive analytics, predictions can be made on the foundation of science. No one can predict the future with 100% accuracy, but a hazy view of what’s going to come is better than blindness any day.

In this article, let us look at how much predictive analytics has evolved and if it has a role to play in the field of digital marketing. Before we dive into predictive analytics for digital marketing, we need to understand how prediction works in the first place, the tools and data we need, and most importantly, its limitations.

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7 Golden Rules for Writing Effective Ads

Ads are an integral part of marketing. Ads are the first touch point between a business and a potential customer. Writing an effective ad is an art and a science. A good ad is a result of understanding of the target customers, creativity from the ad copywriter and most importantly, the ad man needs to understand the fundamentals of advertising.

Having a strong foundation in advertising is an asset for any marketer or businessman. To build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of advertising we need to look at history.

Advertising came into existence when there was a possibility of sending the same message to multiple people at once – using technology. The first form of this technology was printing press. Then came the radio, then the TV and then the internet.

The mass media revolution is what has given birth to the concept of advertising. Before that, the only way was to sell at a market place or sell door to door.

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