Do you think about me?

In today’s blog post, I want to talk about branding. You opened this blogpost because I asked if you think about me. But I didn’t ask on a personal level. I asked it from the angle of branding and business. Let me explain… What comes to mind when you think about the following things? Online … Read more

The Art of Creating Good Deals

Many people approach me and ask me: “Deepak, suggest me a way to make money using the internet.” I honestly do not know how to answer the question. Many people think that there is a secret way and if they know that secret, all the income problems in their life will be solved. Their mindset … Read more

The Paradox of Hard Work

A lot of people have a very misplaced idea about the word “hard work”. It has been repeated time and time again that to succeed, you need to work hard. Every successful person agrees that they did not get where they are without hard work. So people think they need to push themselves to work … Read more

Your Failure is Inevitable

Are you afraid you will fail? I am. I have the fear of failure. Everyday. I am afraid that I might fail in my career. I am afraid that I might fail in my fitness and health. I am afraid that I might fail in my relationships. And I am afraid because… Failure is inevitable. … Read more

How to Build a Brand without Advertising

Building a great brand from scratch is the dream of every startup entrepreneur. If you are starting up, I’m pretty sure you want to build a brand that is friendly, well-known and stands for something beyond profits. In most of the cases, companies try to build a brand with advertising. They just pour money into … Read more