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7 Ways to Land Your Emails in the Primary Tab of Gmail

by Deepak Kanakaraju on October 28, 2017

Many people have asked me this question over the past few months. I’m writing this blog post to give a detailed answer on it. Gmail came up with multiple tabs and now, most of the emails from marketers land in Updates or Promotions tab which affects visibility and open rates.

Most of my emails to my 2,50,000+ subscribers land in the primary tab and I get open rates as high as 40%. There are a few tactics that I follow to achieve this.

Many have given up hope on email marketing due to deliverability issues and low CTRs. But that is also an advantage for marketers who can use it in the right way – because you have less competition in the inbox!

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I guess you remember that a few weeks back, I had announced the launch of my digital marketing agency called PixelTrack. I had two things in mind when I wanted to start the agency. One, to provide services to clients and make revenue. Two, to use this digital marketing experience to write blog posts and add more unique content to my courses.

I cannot keep teaching digital marketing without actually practicing digital marketing. Previously, I’ve worked as a digital marketing manager with leading startups such as Practo, Exotel, Instamojo and Razorpay. I had real experience. That’s what made me good with my blog and my digital marketing courses.

Now that I have become a full time entrepreneur focusing on training, I need to keep my axe sharp with digital marketing implementation and experience! Else, I will not be the best in the market.

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Browser Based Push Notifications Explained in Detail

by Deepak Kanakaraju on October 10, 2017

Web push notification helps website owners to push important notifications directly on subscriber’s desktop, mobile or tablet browser.


On a desktop, these notifications slide in at the top or bottom right-hand corner. On a mobile device, it resembles the push notifications delivered by apps.

Type of content received by subscribers include, but are not limited, the following:

  • Promotional: Trending deals, sales coupons, or limited time offers.
  • Information-Seeking: Feedbacks from subscribers or asking for reviews.
  • Introduction: Welcome new visitors or providing offers for first-time users.
  • Information-Provider: Latest blog posts, video, podcast episode or a product update.
  • Reminder: Scheduled flight details or reminding about the abandoned shopping cart.
  • Transaction: Verification about the purchase, delivery, or shipping details.

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W-8BEN Form: What, Why and How for Affiliate Marketers

by Deepak Kanakaraju on October 4, 2017

After sharing top Indian affiliate programs and the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing, I got several requests from readers regarding their confusion about W-8BEN form.

In this article, I’ll resolve all your queries by touching three important questions:

  • What is W-8BEN form?
  • Why do you need to submit this form to affiliate networks?
  • How to fill the form to receive a commission directly to your Indian bank account?

If you are new in the affiliate marketing space and can’t figure out the right source of income generation, web hosting affiliate programs are your best bet. You get a monthly payout of $2625 for sending 21 signups for Hostgator account. BlueHost has already paid $5 Million in commission last year alone to the affiliates. Now, I’m sure you won’t doubt the high-paying opportunities from hosting companies.

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How to Profit from Niche Websites with Affiliate Marketing

by Deepak Kanakaraju on September 15, 2017

Just like entrepreneurship, success in affiliate marketing is the combination of hard work and smart strategies. It doesn’t matter whether you are beginning your innings in the affiliate space or an experienced player, what matters most is your strength to capture the mood of your target audience.

What’s the secret sauce for making profits without worrying about your competitors?

Niche Websites!

These sites aim for a smaller set of audience in a big market. The motto is to select the limited competition markets, but there must be sufficient amount of online people searching for your desired topic.

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A Beginners Guide to Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

by Deepak Kanakaraju on September 13, 2017

The human attention span has fallen from 12 to 8 seconds. It’s not your fault because we are overloaded with lots of information at a given time.

How does this information overload affect your lead generation process? Before understanding the cause, I’ll share the meaning to help you understand the concept.

Lead Generation is a process of collecting email, phone number and other details which give you more information about the potential customer.

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How to Stand Out From the Crowd in the Digital Marketing Job Market

by Deepak Kanakaraju on September 11, 2017

Differentiating yourself is an important aspect of a long term successful career in digital marketing. If you are perceived as someone of the same skill set and ability as most candidates in the digital marketing industry chances are that you are playing a hit or miss with every job you apply for.

Differentiating yourself is not just about dressing better than the rest or getting an extra degree under your belt. Differentiating is more about how your skills, talent, and education makes you irreplaceable.

It is about bringing the best and the most real version of you and honing it until the whole digital industry sees your brilliance.

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How to Improve and Monitor Your Website’s Uptime

by Deepak Kanakaraju on September 1, 2017

Downtime affects reputation, revenue, search visibility, and ultimately your online business. In this post, we will understand the importance of uptime monitoring and how you can keep your visitors happy.

Uptime reflects the time or percentage for which your site is up and running. Whereas, downtime tells the time or percentage for which you won’t receive the services from your hosting provider.

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The Future of SEO: Long Tail Keywords

by Deepak Kanakaraju on July 31, 2017

Getting traffic from the search engines is a great way to scale website traffic, for free. The quality of the visitors are high and it doesn’t cost like paid ads. But the biggest challenge for marketers is getting good rankings on the search result pages.

Getting good rankings for competitive keywords is extremely hard. The website needs to have a good domain authority and relevant backlinks from trusted sources. That cannot be created overnight.

However, you need not wait forever to start tapping into high-quality search engine traffic for your relatively new website. Instead of trying to rank for short-tail keywords, rank for long-tail keywords. You will start ranking faster, because there is less competition in the long tail.

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A few years back I started a group on Facebook called Learn Digital Marketing. It started with a few members and grew to a few hundred in the first few weeks. Today it has 56,000+ members and is the largest digital marketing group in India.

The initial set of members were from my network. But instead of waiting for people to discover and join the group, I followed a few key promotional strategies to increase the membership.

In this article, I want to share some of the strategies that I used to grow this group. But before we dive into the promotional strategies, let’s look at the benefits of having a group on Facebook.

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