An Interview with Mustaqh Ali Shaik from Moschip

Mustaqh has spent almost seven-plus years working as a Digital Marketing professional with companies like OdigMa, Trinity and Elmeasure India Pvt Ltd. He currently takes care of marketing and branding activities for Moschip Technologies as Associate Manager, Digital Marketing. Student for a lifetime, strong-willed about his ideas, social media savvy and a movie buff. Further, … Read more

An Interview with Sarath Patro Marketing Manager RegenOrthoSport

Sarath Patro is a Digital Marketing Professional and helps small and medium enterprises to grow on Digital Platforms. Having worked as Channel Sales Manager for Vodafone India, he shifted his domain to Digital Marketing. He has worked with Startups like Shootorder and is now with RegenOrthosport, a leading stem cell treatment centre in Mumbai and … Read more

An Interview with Anand, Blogger at

Anand, a student of the 100-day blogging course is sharing his journey of cycling and blogging in this interview. I hope this interview inspires you to start your own blog!

DigitalDeepak: Hi Anand, Please Introduce Yourself

Since May last year, I have been working on writing a book with short stories and parallely also found a penchant for riding bicycle, purely from recreational perspective.

Taking up blogging on my cycling experience was a perfect recourse for me to engage in both the activities.

I always thought making a website and starting a blog was little intricate and required specific skill sets but when I came across which offered free digital marketing basic course, it gave me an insight of fundamental elements like getting a domain name, hosting the website, setting up WordPress blog, installing relevant plugins etc which can be independently performed without any experts help.

Later, the 100 days blogging course made everything easy and things started falling in place.

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