How to Write Better Content?

The written word is powerful. Isn’t it? In the age of social media, we might be distracted and sometimes we forget how powerful words are. There are memes, short videos, animations, and so many types of media. But words are still powerful. It connects. On a deep level. This blog is read by more … Read more

The Power of Content Marketing

Well, content is the centre of the marketing-verse. Without content, you can’t do marketing on any channel. Content forms the foundation of every marketing campaign. Humans are much more advanced than other species because we can communicate. Everyone does one-to-one communication but one-to-many communication is a skill that you can develop and that’s what makes … Read more

Scaring the lions with automation

This is a true story.

In Nairobi, Kenya, 1000s of families live in villages.

The villages are very close to the Nairobi national park.

Unlike many national parks, Nairobi national park doesn’t have any fencing.

Sometimes, wild animals like Zebras stray into the villages.

And when they stray into the villages, they bring lions with them.

The lions sometimes kill the cows in the villages.

Many families have been living under the constant threat of lions attacking their cows.

Richard, a small 12 year old boy was put in charge of protecting his dad’s farm which had a few cows.

His responsibility was to protect the cows and scare the lions.

He tried various methods.

He tried lighting a fire, but the lions were not scared.

He tried putting up a scare crow, but he later discovered that lions are a bit smart. They can differentiate a scare crow from a real human.

One day, he noticed that the lions would keep away if he was moving around the farm with a torch.

And then it struck him!

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7 Ways to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

I have been in the business of content creation for the past 10 years. My first startup, a motorcycle publication ( succeeded because of content marketing. My current startup, a performance marketing company, also gets its best customers and clients from content marketing.

In this article, I want to talk about how you can grow your business using content marketing. We will discuss about the different types of content and the marketing strategies you can use to promote the content.

Let’s first understand why “Content” is very important.

It might look like a bold claim, but it is true: “If the world cannot live without the internet, the internet cannot live without content.”

Content is the source of all attention, online or offline. If you think about all the different channels of digital marketing, you will be able to realize that content is the foundation for every channel.

  • People search for content in the search engines.
  • People share content on social media, without which platforms like Facebook will not exist.
  • We send content via email, without which email marketing wouldn’t exist.

Even if you think about pre-internet marketing channels like TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines – they got the attention from the audience because of the content they created.

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