The Top 25 Social Media Marketing Tools (2019)

In my experience of 10 plus years as a digital marketer (and now as an entrepreneur), I’ve come down to realize that time is my most precious resource. My role and profession as a blogger and the founder of a marketing agency demand me to change many hats. I need to be at myriad places on the web at the same time, be attentive to all the gaps, needs and respond at each of the places. While doing so, I also need to be really prompt in my approach and workflow as thriving (and not just surviving!) on digital mediums …

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How I Grew My Facebook Page to 236,582 Likes

As of writing this blog post, my Facebook fan page has 236,582 Likes. Apart from my email list, articles on my blog & the search rankings, this Facebook page is one of my best assets. In this blog post, I want to tell you how I took it to this level, and the benefits I get from my Facebook page.

Before we dive into the strategies to grow a Facebook page, a word of warning: Do not put too much energy into building a Facebook Page and a following because end of the day it is a shared asset with Facebook. And Facebook has the power to reduce the organic reach so much that it is worth nothing. And there is nothing we can do about it.

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20 Social Media Marketing Tips For Social Media Success

It’s time for some social media marketing tips to get you started and lead you on the right path. Most marketers and businesses start social media marketing, run with it for a while, and then get stuck. Because, they don’t see the extraordinary results the social media gurus out there promised and aren’t sure what to do next or how to proceed further.

In this blog post, I’m sharing 20 social media marketing tips that’ll help you during such difficult times.

Let’s start.

1. Have a Plan Before You Begin

I know it sounds cliche. You might be bored of hearing me say it more than a few occasions. As I said above, many marketers start social media marketing and abandon it even quicker than they began to just because they didn’t have a plan. They thought starting is good enough to get the results. Unfortunately, it isn’t. You need to know where you want to go to choose the right path to travel.

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11 Reasons Why You Need To Take Social Media Marketing Seriously

I love social media, and social media marketing is my favorite marketing channel. I would credit my entire success to social media. I believe social media is a wonderful opportunity not only to grow a business but also to build a brand and build a relationship with your audience.

I’ve seen businesses and people struggle with social media marketing, and when they don’t get the desired results, they question the power of social media marketing. Does it really work?

The worst part is at this social age few businesses even have the doubt – why should I use social media. In this blog post, we’ll see why businesses should use social media.

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How To Set up Facebook Instant Articles For WordPress

Facebook Instant Articles was made to fix the problem users faced while browsing slow loading pages on the mobile. Once you publish an instant article on to Facebook the thumbnail will appear with bolt icon. The URL structure of the article is same as your regular website URL. When the article is seen and clicked on Facebook Mobile App, the article will load instantly and the content will be hosted on Facebook.

90% of Facebook users access it on a mobile device. Setting up instant articles for your WordPress blog will give you an advantage of capturing Facebook’s huge mobile audience.

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