The 4-step Creative Writing Process for Professional Bloggers

Writing is creative and its a form of art. Writing helps you organize your thoughts and flexes your creative muscles. Writing also helps you grow in your career, irrespective of your area of expertise. The best way to write in today’s day and age is to be a blogger. Though the title of this post suggests that this is for professional bloggers, anyone who loves writing and blogging will gain immense value from this post. This blog post is an answer to the question that most of the bloggers have, including me: How Do I Write Great Blog Posts?  My …

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3 Tips for Professional Bloggers to Write More, Write Better

Being a full-time professional blogger is no easy task.

Most of the people around us do not understand what we do.

It’s hard for my Dad to explain what I do to his friends.

Most of my uncle’s sons and daughters are employed in “real” jobs.

For them, I am still someone who is dabbling with something new.

I don’t think I have a solution for that, and it’s OK.

They don’t need to know exactly what I do and how my business operates.

Apart from making others understand what we do for a living, we need to constantly fight to create an environment where we can thrive as a blogger.

Friends and family do not always understand the needs of a blogger to support us in our blogging journey.

So here are some tips from my experience on how to support and fuel yourself as a full time blogger.

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Is it OK to Start an Anonymous Blog Under a Pen Name?

If you want to become a successful blogger…

There is probably one big hesitation you have…

And that is…

Will people like my posts?

Will I add enough value for people?

Or will they hate me?

Will they ignore me?

These are some issues that every blogger faces when he starts his blogging journey.

I faced these issues a lot.

And to make sure that my content is loved and well received, I would often edit the articles several times.

And sometimes I would edit it so many times and still wouldn’t be satisfied.

And I would end up just saving the article and many articles like that have never seen the light of the day.

It has taken a long time for me to get comfortable with writing and publishing articles fast.

I have finally come to a stage where I can write an article and hit publish without editing it again.

This article has been published like that. No edits. No revisions.

This kind of confidence comes with years of writing practice.

And not just writing, but actually publishing it and distributing it to an audience.

Your first work might not get much traction.

You might get 100 readers if you are lucky.

You can spread your article on social media and within your personal network.

Out of 100 readers, may be 2 will leave comments on the article.

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5 Tips To Write Your Awesome About Me Page

Do you know which is the most important page on your blog?

One of the most visited page?

It’s the “about me” page.


It’s surprising, isn’t it?

Do you know why?

When someone lands on your blog, they will have questions:

Is this right blog for me?

Can this [person/blog] help me with my problem?

What is in it for me? Is it worth the time?

And they’ll look for the ‘about page.’

The about page tells the reader about you – who you are, what you do, what your blog is all about, and what it does to the reader.

It’s the foundation of your blog.

It helps you build a relationship with your reader because people want to connect with real people.

It builds trust and authority. When you explain your experience, expertise

But still, it is the one page most people don’t give attention.

It’s a huge mistake…

Because when people couldn’t find more about you or the blog, they bolt.

They aren’t interested in hearing from anonymous people they don’t know.

They don’t come back.

You don’t want to make that mistake.

That’s why I want you to write your about page first.

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The Two Best Ways to Make Revenue from Blogging

I have been blogging for 10 years.

In these 10 years, I have read every possible book, training material, blog post, webinar and forum discussions on how to make revenue from blogging.

People talk about 100 different ways to earn from a blog.

They make a list of so many items and post it on their blogs.

But I realized something.

There are only 2 REAL ways to make revenue from your blogging efforts.

Only 2 major ways.

If you follow these 2 ways, you can become a full time professional blogger. And a financially successful one.

These 2 methods can help you make more than 95% revenue from the blog.

Everything else is just nice to have sources of income.

But these 2 ways are must have sources.

What are those 2 ways?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Launches

99% of my blog’s income in the past 1 year has come from these two categories.

Many people think that blogging is a way to make money.


Blogging is not a business model by itself.

Blogging is a marketing method.

It is a tool to attract people to you.

These people can be potential customers.

Blogging will attract customers for your products.

If you have been to my blog because you searched something online, then I am attracting you to my blog. You might be a potential customer for my courses.

People first “pay” attention to your content.

That happens when you have good content published on your blog.

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