Facebook Live Videos Using DSLR Cameras and Wirecast: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever tried doing a Facebook Live video? Live videos get high engagement on Facebook compared to other posts. We’re also wired to pay attention to something that is going on Live right now. Whenever I get a notification that someone is Live, I cannot resist checking out what’s going on the other side.

We’ve come a long way from the initial days of content replication. We started with written words on cave walls. Now we have the power to stream live videos, for free!

I’ve been doing some professional live videos on my FB page and the response has been great so far. A lot of research has gone into finding out the best possible, portable and affordable pro live-video setup.

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How to Use YouTube Cards to Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube is also the biggest review search engine. People come to YouTube directly and search for video product reviews instead of searching it on Google. And it is said that one out of every two internet users use YouTube! That’s 50% of the internet population!

I can keep going on with the numbers but I will stop here. I just want to make this clear: YouTube can be a great source of traffic and leads when used properly.

Today, we will learn what is YouTube Cards and how you can use YouTube cards to drive traffic back to your website.

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YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine, Are You Leveraging it?

It is normal to think of YouTube as a video hosting website and may be a social network built around videos. But many of us often forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Yes, a lot of people come to YouTube and search for video content. The traffic and search queries are more than Yahoo and Bing combined together. And when it comes to reviews, many experts unanimously agree that YouTube is the No.1 review search engine.

yt logoSome interesting statistics about YouTube include:

  1. YouTube has more than 1 billion users
  2. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  3. Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices

I have started publishing YouTube videos for DigitalDeepak.com only recently but for other blogs I leverage YouTube massively. It is easier to rank on YouTube because creating a video is harder than writing articles and not many people would have published quality videos on the same topic.

Another added advantage with YouTube videos is that your videos will also rank on Google search engine apart from YouTube. YouTube is Google’s property and they are more likely to rank a video from YouTube than an article on some other website who’s authority is not yet established.

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How to Get More Views for Your Videos in Your Video Marketing Campaign

Key & keyhole with lightEarning views with video marketing might be tough the first time if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s about as easy as getting views and readers with any other type of marketing.

Before your first video is made, you should concentrate on building up a list. You can do this through forums, a squeeze page and many other mediums. This article will show you how to make your number of views explode with just a few simple steps.

1. Tell Your Followers

This step involves just telling anyone following you or interested in you about the video. You should send an email to your YouTube friends, to your mailing list, through your social media accounts and you should also embed the video into your blog for the most exposure.

This is the most basic step because you really aren’t doing that much. You don’t have to do any link building at this point, you’re just telling people about your new video.

2. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking might not be as good for articles as it was in the past, but it does a wonderful job with video marketing. Just go to about 20 different bookmarking sites or more and add your video URL. This also helps other people share your video because these websites are made for sharing.

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How to Create Animated and Professional Videos Using Apple Keynote

keynote-150x150This is a comprehensive and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create presentation style words-and-pictures video using Keynote. Videos like these are becoming popular nowadays because they are more engaging than reading an article.

The Keynote software is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, but has more features and capabilities for video creation than PowerPoint. Keynote is available in the App Store at a very affordable price of $19.99 for the Mac Operating system.

Keynote is not being advertised as a video creation software. Keynote is supposed to be a software for creating presentations but for more than 90% of the time I use Keynote to create amazing videos for my business.

The big advantage of Keynote is that it is can be a stand-alone software for creating videos. Which means that you need not combine the entire process with other video editing softwares such as a Camtasia or Screenflow (both are great screencast/screen recorders with editing features) to create the final video. The entire video can be made just using Keynote and the results will be spectacular.

Also the process is quick and simple. You may not be able to customise some parts of the video as much as you would like to but if you want to create a lot of informative videos quickly then Keynote is the software of my choice.

What Kind of Videos Can You Create with Keynote?

Before we start discussing about how to make videos with keynote, first let us define what kind of videos we will be creating using Keynote.

With Keynote you can create infomovies. Infomovie is a term that I coined which means an informative video. Just like infographics which is defined as the visual representation of data and information, an infomovie is an audio visual representation of information. An infomovie is basically a presentation style video with a voice over. It is a better way to read an article online. It is engaging and easy to learn the concepts which is attempted to communicate by the author.

Whether people call it by this name or not, most of the video sales letters are infomovies because there is no camera footage in the “video”. Video sales letters are usually the text in the sales letters with voice over and slides – which means, according to our definition, are infomovies!

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Your Video Marketing Doesn’t Need to be Viral

video-marketing“Viral” is perhaps the most overused words associated with video marketing. Everyone wants to go viral because everyone thinks that this is where the real money is.

While a viral video will probably make you a lot of money in display ads, you can’t say for sure that it helps increase your brand image or sales. It’s like trying to make a AAA blockbuster movie. Even those that follow the Hollywood formula and have an ensemble cast might fall on their face. This article will show you why video marketing doesn’t need to be viral, it needs to engage.

Engage the Viewer

The main thing that your video marketing needs to do is engage. Making a miscellaneous funny video might go viral for a short time, but will it be able to build your brand? Will it make people trust you? While there are some viral videos that have been able to really increase a business’s sales, the fact is that engaging videos are always the most dependable.

Video marketing is about making a series of videos. You can’t rely on one to lay the golden egg. You should make every video dependable, engaging and useful for your business. You can try making a viral video every now and then, but your main content should just try to engage.

Views are Earned, Not Granted

If you have tried video marketing before, then chances are that you probably didn’t have much success with your first video. This isn’t because the video is bad. It might actually be your best one. The fact is that most people don’t understand that they also need to market their video marketing.

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YouTube TrueView Video Ads – What are They and How to Setup

youtube true view adsIt is a known fact that Google is the No.1 search engine and almost all online businesses either have advertised or know about ads on Google. But there is another big website which people often forget about. YouTube. YouTube is not just the world’s No.1 video hosting platform but also the world’s No.2 search engine. A lot of people go to YouTube directly and search for video content instead of going to Google.

So I guess it is time to start exploring video marketing on YouTube and YouTube ads. There are different types of ads on YouTube and it may be a little confusing at first, but the very purpose of this article is to bring clarity about the whole YouTube advertising process and possibilities. Mostly the focus of this post is on one type of ad called the TrueView ads.

YouTube advertising can be ineffective and one can get into the trap of treating it as just another website where you put up the ads and bring traffic to your website. But the best use of ad dollars spent in YouTube advertising would be to push video content that is already hosted on YouTube so that it creates a snowball effect. Hence the first step would be:

Step 1: Start with Video Content Marketing on YouTube

Before you start exploring how to setup YouTube ads, my recommendation would be start using YouTube as a video content distribution channel first. Setup a YouTube channel, publish some quality videos on the channel, spread the links through social media and your own website. The types of videos may be customer testimonials of your product or service or a how-to video demonstrating your product in action.

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