The Top 5 SEO Tools for Digital Marketers

SEO is one of the most mysterious areas of Digital Marketing. Most of the digital marketing verticals like paid advertising, email marketing and analytics are straight forward. You can always go back and refer to a document to understand how to do things. When it comes to SEO, there is a bit of mystery in it. Google doesn’t always tell you why they are ranking certain sites above you and when they change the algorithms. If you want to survive in the SEO game, you need to have good intuition, think like a search engine and use SEO tools to …

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How to Become an SEO Expert by Thinking Like a Search Engine

How well do you know about SEO?

You know that it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

And you know that SEO is one of the most important areas of digital marketing.

The ability to optimize a website for the search engines and rank high for the keywords is regarded as one of the top skills a digital marketer can have.

SEO experts are one of the highest paid consultants and employees in the world.

You want to become an SEO expert?

How are you going to become an SEO expert?

You cannot start reading about the latest tactics that will help you rank better in the search engines.

In this post, I want to give a completely different approach to learning SEO.

A thought experiment.


Everyone who learns about SEO does it the wrong way.

And that’s one of the reasons why there are very less SEO experts in the country.

Most people who learn SEO learn about the tricks and tactics.

They learn that one needs to build backlinks, one needs to do on-page SEO and so on.

They don’t think deeply about why they are doing that.

Doing all the tactics would give some results in the short term.

Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn’t.

The true SEO experts in the world are the people who think like search engines.

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Long Tail SEO

When it comes to talking about the term SEO, there is a lot of preconceived notion in people’s minds about it being hard to carry out. The truth being, SEO is not as hard as people think it is. The results might not come quickly and it takes time to build traffic from search engines, but when it comes it comes in 100s and 1000s and the traffic flow is pretty consistent.

The truth about SEO is in simply putting content that people search for and want to read out there. All you are doing is fulfilling a demand that’s already there in the market.

The most basic knowledge we need to have to master the art of SEO is to know how google and other search engines work. Unlike before, search engines work with a lot more sophistication today. Backlinks work the best when it comes to SEO, but various backlinks carry different weight.

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A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

What is the first thing you do when you need an idea? Or you need help with some information? Faced with a problem, challenge or even a choice, these days the answer to it all is – Google.

And so, it is a cold harsh truth that every business needs a presence on the internet to survive. And since there are a million of options, it is important that a business practices good SEO to be visible to its potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most essential elements of Digital Marketing. It is the process of making your website visible to potential customers by making it appear high on search engine result pages.

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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering SEO in 2017 and Beyond

SEO is one of the essential components of digital marketing. If you are just getting started with learning digital marketing, SEO might look like a very complicated concept. But in reality, SEO is very simple. There is a lot to learn in SEO, but let’s first understand the fundamentals of SEO.

Think about why you use the search engines for in the first place. You enter “keywords” in a search engine looking for something. It could be for information (news & education), entertainment (movies & music) or transaction (buying products or services).

In all the above cases, you are searching for something that you know that it exists. Search engines are just an evolved form of yellow pages. You look for products and services that you already know about. That’s why the traffic from search engines are always of higher quality.

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