Does SEO still work?

Does it work? Does SEO still work? You have the question somewhere in the back of your mind, right? Most people think it’s dead. It doesn’t work. Google doesn’t want to send traffic to other websites. They are tweaking their algorithm to keep traffic inside their business sites. Is it worth to invest in SEO … Read more

How to Find Backlinks to Your Blog or Website

Finding and analyzing inbound links to your blog or website is an important SEO activity that every digital marketer should do regularly. Backlinks are the foundation on which websites get discovered in the web of pages online. Having more backlinks also helps you get more traffic from the search engines because backlinks are the No.1 … Read more

5 Ways to Learn SEO

“SEO is dead.” That’s a frequent statement from marketers out there all around the globe. At least once a year, someone proclaims, “SEO is dead.” The next one is Google is slowly keeping all the traffic it gets and is sending less and less traffic to the websites. And a lot of us hate Google … Read more

The Top 5 SEO Tools for Digital Marketers

SEO is one of the most mysterious areas of Digital Marketing. Most of the digital marketing verticals like paid advertising, email marketing and analytics are straight forward. You can always go back and refer to a document to understand how to do things. When it comes to SEO, there is a bit of mystery in … Read more